Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thank you Huckabee

You have no chance in this race, but yet you refuse to yield so you are splitting the vote and giving it to McCain. I wonder whose side you are on? You are going to insure we get a Clinton in the White House as sure as if you worked for her.
This is going to be a historic time. I think we are seeing the end of the Republican party as a conservative group. Unless they can turn this around, or win the congress back we are in for one hell of a bad ride. If you think Bush was bad you have not seen anything yet


John said...

Well Huckabee is just running for VP. After all in 2012 McCain will be 76 and Huckabee only 55.

JD said...

Maybe he is running for VP, but I would rather see him throw in with Romney than McCain and give us a real republican team to vote for. . . But I think he is too religious and won't get picked for VP, too much baggage. Of course there are times I think his was paid by the Clintons to be a spoiler for them. . . he does help them. Where is Ralph Nader when you need him. . ..