Thursday, November 25, 2010

1911 A1 questions

Looking for info on the NEW Auto Ordnance 1911 A1 guns.  Sounds like they are good for the money so I am thinking about getting one.  Does anyone have experence with these?  How did they work out?  How is the gun and the factory mags?


North Korea

Well according to CNN they are at it again. . . .

The North Koreans need a wall built around them that we can seal like any other nut house.  What is with those crazies?

I suspect that things have taken a turn for the worst in NK and now to distract the masses from the fool in charge they are going to try to start a war with the south. 

Where the HELL is China to reign in their nut case friend??? They should be all over this fool putting him back in line.

And remember we have a bunch of troops sitting over there that will be a speed bump should Dear Nutcase invade the south.  That and we will have a third war on our hands with Obama the Helpless in the White House.

Not a good way to start the Holiday Season.  Now we get to wait and see how this effects the world economy. . . . .

Happpy Thanksgiving

Folks I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving where ever you are at! 

And a special thank you to all the troops so far from home on this day.  Thank you for keeping us all safe!  Come home safe and soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Korea - War Take 2?

Is it just me or does it look like we are headed for Korean war part 2?

And we have Obama - that part scares the shit out of me.  This fool could not find his way out of a paper bag with a flashlight and a map. . .  and he may get a shooting war to deal with. . . .

We need to get our troops out of harms way.  What do we get out of this other than dead Americans?  Does anyone really thing Obama had the balls or the brains to get us through a Korean war??? ya, I don't either.

We need to get our troops and our equipment out of there so the North does not get our equipment. They are a backwards bunch of fools, we don't need to give them the head start our equipment would on the science and tech front.  Can you imagine what they would learn taking apart our equipment?

This is a fools game and we have a fool in charge. . . . not a good thing. . . .

On the bright side, if we are smart enough to stay out of this manpower wise we can let the South take care of the North and we are all better off.  Or someone could come to their senses and just take out the North Korean leader like we should have years ago. . . . .

Guess we will see what happens. . . Happy Holidays folks. . . .

Monday, November 22, 2010

We got the TSA's attention

Looks like we got their attention with the National Opt Out day. . . Obama's news media is now trying to tell us to opt in since all you will do it make it harder on yourself if you take part in National Opt Out Day. . . .

I say screw you!  We are done getting our rights walked all over and this politically correct BS.  Put real security in place and we can talk.  I don't want some TSA jerk who could not get a job flipping burgers to be feeling up my wife and daughters, or looking at them on the TV.  Enough is enough!

Until then I say don't fly or opt out.  Make it hurt the airlines and they will change things.

Time for DC to listen to the people . . . .

The Quest continues

Well I am still saving up for my next gun. .  . almost there I think. 

I am looking to get my hands on a 1911.  With a bit of luck it will be a basic government type gun.  I am not looking for anything special like stainless steal or anything.  I want it to look as government issue as I can get.

It will also mean I have the basic calibers that I have been looking for.  I already have a .380 and a 9mm, this would get me a .45.  That will leave me with just an auto loading .22 that I am missing.  May just get a conversion kit for the 1911 when I can get it.  They still don't make one for the M&P 9mm which I wish they would.  If I am going to practice with a gun it would be nice to be a carry piece and not a separate .22.

Well anyway, I hope to have a new piece in a few months with a bit of luck. . . . .

HTC Aria

Well I have had my new HTC Aria for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I love it!

Had a few hiccups at the beginning but got them worked out with a few calls to support.  The real problem was I had downloaded the latest version of the sync software and it does not work with my phone in the USA.  So if you have sync problems check out the Aria site and download the program on that page which is revision or two back.

Beyond that it is a great phone.  The size is nice and small, the screen works well and looks good.  The camera has been great to use at work and with the wi fi option I can play games at home without chewing up my data time on the phone.

I have downloaded a few of the apps for it and they have worked well.  The GPS seems to be very accurate but I have had some issues with the compass but that may be my house interfearing with it.

I have to say I love the phone.  Now if they would just make the unlimited data plan more affordable I would be thrilled but even with the limited one it has worked out great for me.

TSA Agents are upset at public

Seems the TSA folks are posting on the net that they are upset with being called perverts, molesters, and worse by the public. . . .

Well, if the shoe fits folks. . . .

You want respect, treat us with respect, you work for US remember? 

The best one was the one that said " I shouldn't go home to cry after honorably serving my country" or something close to that. . . .


The TSA is not honorably serving our country folks,. they are living proof that the Fed is spitting on our Fourth Amendment!  They are failing in their oat to support and defend our Constitution.  There is no honor in groping a nun, or a six year old while you let all those boxes from the middle east get loaded onto the plane without checking them. . . .

The TSA is an embarrassment to us all and needs to go.

MASS - most dangerous state in the North East

Next time someone tells you Gun Control works remind them that Massachusetts is the most dangerous state in the Northeast.   . . .  Including New York and Pennsylvania.

You can read more on our latest shootings here

More proof that gun control only helps the criminals. . . ..

TSA Foolishness goes on - Pat Downs for everyone!

The people are upset, and we saw it during the last election and it is still going on, see HERE

This is insane!  The TSA is past it's time and we should de-fund, and abolish it to save money.  Folks the TSA has done nothing to keep us safe that we had not already been doing before 9/11.  They still don't stop the bombers from getting on board, they still don't check the packages loaded in cargo. . . ..

When will we wake up and do something?  This feel good crap is going to get someone killed.  We have been lucky so far that the plans ok and the terrorists were screw ups and didn't work.  One of these days the plan will be good and the terrorist will do it right . . . . .

Obama loves it, it keeps us in our place.  Another screw up by Obama, there is a surprise for ya.  He wouldn't know a good way to keep us safe if it hit him in the head. .  . he is a fool and way out of his league.

The government is supposed to be by the people and for the people, not to grope and molest the people. 

Congress it is up to you!  You have been told what we want, now act on it and show us all you learned something from the last election PLEASE!

If we want safety in the air then go to Israel and learn how they do it.  Stop trying to be politically correct and use profiling - IT WORKS!  Show us you are really trying to keep us safe and stop the foolishness that is the TSA.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


For those of you living in the free world who can mail order ammo check this out . . . . Wish I could order by mail to save a few bucks but I live in the Peoples Republic of MA, the most dangerous state in the NE and we can't do that. . . .

Here is the link. . . .

I personally like Sportsmans guide, just wish I could buy things like Mags and ammo from them. . . .

and ya in the interest of open info I did get paid for the link . . .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ron Paul takes on the TSA

This is a great start. . . . I have also heard it suggested that we just cut all their funding, which also sounds like a good idea.  They have no oversite, this is a bad thing folks. . . .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Screening

I have to put in my two cents on the new TSA security game. . .  Folks, none of this stuff is doing a thing but making you FEEL safe.

As was mentioned on another blog, what do we do when they start using body cavities to store the explosives?  This search will not find it and we will lose a plane.  So what then?  Are we all going to get a free body cavity search with every flight?  Will we put up with it?

Folks, we are only marginally safer flying now than we were on 9/10/01.  The idea of arming pilots and reinforcing the cockpit door are great and work.  The rest is all for show.

We will not be safe until:

1 – We admit we are at war and act like it

2 – We learn from countries like Israel and use their procedures – and PROFILE

3 – Every able bodied person takes responsibility for their own safety

For number 3 I am not saying we let everyone on a plane have a gun.  But I do mean that if you are fit enough then you should know how to handle yourself in a fight.  Even if it is only the basics.  9/11 worked because most of the people had been trained to give in and no one gets hurt. . . . those days are over.  We need to know how to fight, and how to win.  A handful of attackers cannot win against a plane full of determined defenders.

And what comes next in the Security Theater?  I use myself as an example, sure, you have take away my "weapons" but I still have hands and feet and many years of martial arts training in multiple styles.  I am by no means disarmed.  When will I be deemed a threat by the powers that be and not allowed on a plane?  How will you know if you can let me on or not???

This whole thing is a no win game for us.  The Terrorists have won by making it impossible for us to travel, and costing us billions for no gain.  This is how we bankrupted the USSR folks with an arms race they could not win. . . . now the cave dwelling terrorists are bringing us down the same way.

It is time to wake up and admit that most of the money we throw at this is a waste and stop it.  Pay for better training in screening people and I mean PROFILING for trouble.  Also take some of the money you save on the BS and put more Air Marshals on the planes.  That will make us safer.  Then we can start looking at how to screen that luggage in the belly of the plane.  They tried to hit us there once and luck stopped them. . . they will try again

Most of all we need to admit life is only as safe as we can make it for ourselves.  We can't rely on others to keep us safe, and we are never 100% safe, it just won't ever be 100% - get over it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

What else can you say on a day like this but "THANK YOU"
If you like your country and way of life, thank a Vet
If you feel safe thank a Vet
If your family is safe, thank a Vet
For all I have I want to say Thank You to the Vets out there for keeping me and my family safe.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day! II

Well once again MA proved that we are the stupid state.  I am ashamed to live here.  We actually had a good shot at getting a two party system here, lowering our taxes, and replacing a number of hacks. . . . .

And the sheep blew it.   Baa Baa Baa. . . .

We sent Barny Frank, one of the key players in our countries melt down back to DC. . . . never mind all the crap we did in our own state like keep the governor who raises taxes every six months. . .  yep, 8 tax increases in his first four years, can't wait to see what he has planned next.  And he is soft on crime and illegals too. . . .

I hate this state, but thanks to our governor our housing market sucks, taxes keep going up, and jobs are still hard to find no matter what they say about recovery.  I would love to move but can't.  I can't sell if I want to here. . . .  

Trapped like a rat on a sinking Democrat ship. . . .

But on the good side Obama is done with the Republicans control of the house.  Now they need to prove they learned to listen to the people by 2012. . . .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting is HOT

Folks, the polls here in MA are PACKED!  even the poll workers say they have not seen this kind of turn out in years. . .  The official answer is we expect the biggest turn out since 1990 or so. . .
This is great!  Folks are waking up and getting involved which is always a good thing!

Election Day!

Go vote folks, vote out every socialist you can.  anyone incumbent must go!  Time to dump the Dems and the RINOs and start over.  Time to end tax and spend.  Time to close the borders.  Time to tell Obama we screwed up electing you and we will fix that now with real  hope and change. . . . . 

If you want America back for your kids then stand up now and vote them all out!  Obama and the gang hate us and our way of life.  He actually called us the enemy!!!  Time to tell him it is over, we want our country back!

Go show them you don't listen to their lies on the TV.  Keep your eyes out for the voter fraud that they will use to try to hold onto power and go VOTE!

And in Massachusetts, it is time to turn this state purple for a change. . . Vote out Barny and Deval and all their friends who have screwed us on every level.   TAX TAX TAX is all they do.  No more charge cards for the welfare set to buy TVs with, no more!  No more attacks on our rights!  Vote out Martha too and we can actually go after the corruption in the state house without her using the AG office to protect them. 

VOTE!  All our futures depend on it!