Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dems are running scared. . .

The Dems are scared of Herman Cain. . . . and you can tell as they try
the Clarence Thomas attack on him.

They know that Obama is toast, and to have another black man running
wonl't help him if it splits the black vote. Being the party of Jim
Crow they are going to do all they can to make Cain look bad, and
don't let the facts get in the way.

This will be a story to watch. I hope he has good advisors to get out
in front of this and put an end to it. If not they will use it to
beat him out of the race. They want Romney the RINO if they can get

Things are getting interesting if they are this scared so early in the
election. . . . We will need to watch what they do and don't let them
steal our election on us.


Hope you all have a great and safe Samhain . . . That would be Halloween folks, by it's old name = )

The family has big plans to go out and about tonight but my son (who is 4) does not want to get dressed up.  I don't think he quite gets it yet.  We will see.  No point forcing him if he is not going to have fun.

And after all the trick or treat is done please take a moment and remember what the night is really all about. . . remember those loved ones who have gone before us as they may be back to check in on you tonight.  Say Hi, and let them know you still think about them!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey Hillary let's see if Libya becomes a radical Muslim state like it looks to be headed before we get excited on our "win" there ok?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pulling out of Iraq. . .

OK, so all the troops are coming home from Iraq. . .


Thank you Obama for so weakening us that the Iraqi people don’t see any advantage to letting us keep a base there. We lost the chance to have a few troops stay there to keep an eye on things because of Obama and his failed policies. . .

To add insult to injury he has been unable to show Iraq the advantage of being our friend over Iran . . . so Iran has more pull there than we do. . . that is why we are out, that is why Iran will call this a win, and that is why we are weaker now than we were before Obama. . .

Thanks for the change, I hope the rest of the country see the danger you have put us all in.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

American Guns Show II

OK, this show seems to be more about how much it all costs and how much Dad can spend and less about the guns. . .  And I am not sure what the show is rated, but if the wife's shirt gets any lower cut it wil have to be pay per view.

I don't know, I can't pin it down exactly but the show just does not due enough on the guns and stuff, it is too much about the business.  Seems like Dad wants the world to know how rich he is. . . see I play like the rich and famous. . .  . Dad is all about bets, and giving away money. . . see I can afford it!

Just not liking this.

I think the problem is that I can see myself shooting with the folks from Son's of Gun's.  They come across as cool folks the would shoot a blogger shoot with ya and enjoy it - folks you just would love to sit and talk guns with. . . . .

The folks at American Gun's just don't fit that mold.  Dad seems like a used car salesmen, they are just not folks I would want to sit down and swap stories, and shoot guns with. . . .

American Guns

Watching the first show for American Guns. .  .

I gotta say I had high hopes for the show after watching what they did with Sons of Guns. . . . not going there. . . .

So far the guns are fun, but they seem more interested in showing off his wife's rack and putting the daughter in tight cloths than doing the show.  They just come across as blow hard's.  The Dad talks too much and wants to tell everyone how to do their jobs. ..  if they can't do the job why did he hire them?  He also seems like a show off.  I don't really want to be talked down to.  I know guns, don't talk to me like I am an idiot. . . and what the heck are the motor cycles all about????? I thought this was a gun show. 

He does go out to do a deal buying guns from a rancher. . . seemed OK, and a bit of long range shooting but just not that interesting.  Really turned me off when he is lecturing (that is how it came across) the guy about his own guns. . .  if he is a real gun nut I be he already knows all about the history of his guns. . . you want to educate the viewer why not both talk about them?  Again, just not that likable - he seems a show off, he is the guy that has to brag and show how he is better than you or has better toys. . . like the helicopter ride to the ranch. . . .

As for the kids, the son seems OK, but the daughter seems like a Paris Hilton want to be walking around with her dog.  Don't get me started on her sales. . . she seems to sell on looks, not skill. .  .  If this show is going to be about tight clothes and boobs it ain't gonna last.  Spoiled kids don' tmake a great show either. . .

The show seems OK so far but the folks are not likable.  I hope it gets better.  I am going to give it one more show and see how it goes.  I gotta say, I love Son's of Guns and was hopping this show would tide me over to the next season but I am just not sure. . . . .

Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupods under attack

So today NY City will move against Occupy Wall Street to try and clean up the mess they have made . . . And will move them off the spot.

Of course they say "NO"

This will get interesting.   Here comes the violence folks, we all knew it would.  I think it will be fun to watch the  old hippies and their foolish college kids get worked over by the cops.  Sorry, but it is about time someone stood up to them and said "you have to obey the law like the rest of us".

In Boston we need to do the same thing, but the Mayor has no guts to do it.  He likes them so they don't have to have permits and such to march.  I think every group that payed for a permit in the last year should sue the city for their money back.  Obviously you no longer need permits in Boston right?   We are all equal under the law RIGHT?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Boston. . . .

And the debate and protests go on. . . .

Many cities still have occupy XYZ folks in their cities taking up space. I personally don’t get it. From all the reports I have seen on this we have two real groups here.

The first is the college kids who are blindly following the leaders and having fun playing 1960’s hippy all over again. They are calling for shit - $20 minimum wage, guaranteed work even though they aren’t qualified, forgiveness of all debit and the destruction of democracy (yes, that was what LA called for on Facebook). These kids are acting like what they are, spoiled products of the give me generations. They want it all handed to them, don’t you dare ask that they work for it or get their hands dirty, you owe them. . . . And their leaders want nothing less than the end to our way of life. Welcome to the new world comrade! Socialism is the way! These kids have fallen for it all the way. They have never worked a day in their lives that meant anything. Mom and Dad always bailed them out yet they think they are adults and are in control. . . . . how easily they are lead by the unions and leftists.

Then we have the second group. They want the government changed to be more responsive to the people instead of special interest. They want to get rid of government pay outs and offs to big business and Wall Street.

This second group makes sense in what they want. What doesn’t make sense about them is that there is already a group calling for the same thing that is well established and making progress –The Tea Party.

Why won’t they join the Tea Party and help us move this country back to the Constitution and rule of law?

And when will the cities like Boston wake up and treat everyone the same like our Constitution calls for? You see since they are lefties and the Mayor here is a socialist too they are letting these protests go on even though they have broken multiple laws. They have no permits, they are setting up camps and staying overnight where it is illegal to do so. . . . What do you think would happen if the Tea Party or any other group tried this. . . . Ya, mass arrests.

I think the best way to end this and bring us all back under the rule of law is for any group that had to pay for a protest permit in say the last year should sue Boston for their money back. They were not treated equally under the law. They should have been, lets fix that by making Boston pay them back. . . I bet that would get the Mayor’s attention – especially because it costs him $$$$.

We are all supposed to be equal under the law, that means you treat all groups the same no matter what Boston! We don’t care if you like them or not, we all have the same First Amendment rights and if you won’t enforce them equally we will make you!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Your City

I hate to say this folks but this may be the start. 

We now have bunches of kids who don't know shit protesting in the cities and trying to take over.  They demand foolish things they can't get like lifetime jobs, minimum wage of $20 an hour, all debt paid off. . .

And now that it is on, the unions are getting into it.  Once they get in like a tick you won't get them out.  I fear soon the union thugs will introduce violence to the protests then were will it go??? That is the questions isn't it?

In Boston the city and cops are not enforcing the laws and are letting them protest without permits, sleep overnight on the green way where it is prohibited. . . . it goes on.

We are quickly getting to the point were we are looking at some people being more equal than the rest of us.  They are now above the law.

If this keeps going this thing will go violent at some point, then the fun part is putting the genie back into the bottle. . .  if we can.  If we can't then the left and right will pick their sides and our next civil war will be on.  The USA rests in the balance. . . we will either be a republic or a communist country when it is over and our kids will have to deal with it. 

Don't even get me started as to what this will do to the world economy.  .  . . . .  going to be a hell of a ride folks.