Sunday, February 28, 2010


Obama seems to be losing his cool over things.  He was never ready for the job, and now can't handle it when folks don't agree with him.. . . .

Watch this video from CNN on his reactions to the facts of the bill. . .

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nuke Option

SO now that the Dems are in charge the so called Nucler Opton is OK to use if you are going to pass health care?

Read it HERE

These folks want to pass this no matter what the will of the people is.  Make sure you write them to let them know what you think. . . . and how you will vote this year based on this crap they are pulling. .  .

Our government is out of control folks. . . . drop them a note, and cast your vote in November to remind them who they work for in DC!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Healthcare - not dead yet. .But we are. . .

Health Care, Obama is at it again. . .

He has a new plan, same as the old plan, but with some minor tweaks to fix the problems people complained about, like the free ride for Nebraska. . . and keeping the high end insurance free of extra taxes for the rich folks.

What does all this cost? $900+ BILLION over 10 years. Where does it come from? More taxes – which will hurt the economy folks. And this will cost the Dems dearly in November. Most now expect that they will lose control of the house and seats in the Senate.

And what about the majority of people that don’t want this big government take over? Well Obama says SCREW YOU. If they can’t get the votes then they will pull some procedural games and push it through.

All of this is being done by the guy that promised to listen to the people, and have an open administration, no more back room deals. . .. Ya right, I have a bridge to sell you if you fell for that one. . .

The Democrats have less than a year to push the country left and destroy it. . . Obama seems set to do just that. He won’t learn that people don’t want what he is selling, or he just doesn’t care.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

School Spys on you at home

Story HERE

Further proof that we need to get the schools and their unions under control. This school supplied laptops to kids, then used the built in cameras to spy on the kids at home. They then reoported one kid to his parents for something he did at home. . . .

I hope that they can prosecute whoever was involved in this to the full extent of the law. That has to be considered a wire tab or bugging of the home somehow without the parents’ permission.

And they wonder why we don't trust them. . . . why do teachers and staff think they run the world? Folks, you run the school, and only at our pleasure at that. You work for us the parents. Get you head out of your ass and wake up to that fact.

One more story to show the kids and explain that you don't trust the state or anyone that works for it. . . . way to go folks.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plane Crash in TX

I can’t help but wonder if this is how it begins. . .

Today a man was pushed to the point of killing himself in a statement against the government. I hope Obama is proud of how far he pushed this person. Mr. Stack burned his home, then stole an airplane and crashed it into an IRS office as I am sure you have heard.

He left behind a note railing against the government they say. He was pushed to the point that he could not see any way out but death. He felt he had to do it to make a statement and strike against the government he saw as out of control. And that same government says it was not a terrorist attack. I think it was.

It leaves me with the question of how many more are out there? How many more have had their lives ruined by our open boarders, high taxes, and welfare state? How many more are on the edge of having nothing to lose as Obama and the big government folks spend money hand over fist to support their special interest and ignore the pain of the average American trying to make ends meet. How many more will be finished off with the new taxes Obama and the Dems want to put in place?

We are at a tipping point in this country. We don’t need these nuts crashing into government buildings and pushing our country closer to the edge. We need to stop the Socialists, stop Obama, and go back to our Constitution. I think we are waking up and starting to do that. I think we will vote many of them out of office this year and take another step back. We can still take back our country at the ballot box, but only if work at it. We need to put the right people in to Congress to stop Obama, and get our country back on track. Then we will have to focus on what is important, and that means cut foreign aid, cut spending all over except what is Constitutional. It means shrinking the government and letting business rebuild our economy so that people can afford a home and to feed their family. It means lots of work for us and getting rid of our addiction to big government hand outs.

I think we can still do it. We MUST do it for the alternative is a dark time like this country has not seen since the Civil War. And this time it will be a lot harder to climb back out of that dark hole. Folks, wake up, write your elected officials and tell them to stop the madness. Vote for small government and pro Constitution people. GET ACTIVE – you don’t want to try the alternative. . . .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alabama shooting

As more and more info comes out about the Professor that shot up her fellow teachers after not getting tenure. Lets look at the facts:

  • She is a Harvard educated liberal
  • She talked to the kids about socialist politics after class
  • She shot and killed her own brother in an argument in 1986 and got off
  • She shot three other professors in a GUN FREE ZONE
  • She is on TV saying it didn’t happen and they are alive
So she got away with it before because it was Massachusetts were the right phone call will get you off . . . and they have lost all the records here so no one can prove anything. How convenient for her eh? We don’t prosecute the beautiful people here I guess. The right person calls the Chief and she walks out as a accidental shooting even though the rest of the reports tell of multiple shots, only one seems to have hit her brother. . . in the chest . . . with a shot gun blast. . . ..
I guess she just had an anger management problem so we should let her go right??? A few classes and she will be fine. . . .

So she goes off to liberal Harvard to become a professor and we hear that preaches socialism to the kids after school. . . Now she works at the school, so HAS to know it is a gun free zone right?

When she gets upset about not getting tenure what does she do? Shoots three other professors. So how is that GUN FREE ZONE working for you now? You think it works? Go ask the families of the victims in all this how they feel about it.

The only good thing about this is that it is not in MA. I hope she gets a quick and fair trial. Once all the facts are in I think it will be easy to convict her and execute her. At least she won’t hurt anyone else. . . .


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Support the Troops!

My daughter and I spent the morning down at the Masons Lodge putting together 70+ care packs for our troops.

The National Guard have a unit that is based right next to us. We get along well with them and they let us park in their lot during our meetings and they use our lot when needed. We usually do a breakfast for them before they deploy too when we can.

Anyway, so since they got shipped overseas a month or so ago we figured it was time that they got something from their friends at home. . . we put together care packs with a cigar, candy, some Kool Aid, baby wipes, nuts, dry soups, phone cards and other good stuff form them and sent them off. We also had letters from the kids in the local school to put in the packages for the guys.

We had a good time putting it together, and I hope the troops will enjoy it. Lets them know we are thinking of them! Good luck and come home safe folks!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Great Day!

From the Boston Globe

Patrick Kennedy is OUT!

This low life party drunk has seen the light. . . Or at least the polls and has dropped out of the race!  This is great news, another socialist Kennedy is out of government!

I don't know what made him do it but I am psyched!!!!!

America is finally free of the Kennedys!  WOO HOOO

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mass has a new law

Hey, we are all safe now, at least in Massachusetts. . . they made a new law so you can get a restraining order against anyone, not just family. . . .

What is it with these fools.  Do you really think if someone wants to kill you a piece of paper signed by some judge will make any difference?  If you do, good luck with that.

All a court order is is paper, it will make you feel good, and make the news when the abuser kills you anyway.  If you have the paper, you better have a back up plan. . . .

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The most clueless POTUS Ever?

What is with Obama? He really does not get it or is he just that self centered? I just watched part of a recent speech on the news and he is pushing his fellow Democrats to forget politics, forget polls, forget everything and pull together with him to get Health Care passed. . . .

He seems totally out of it. . . or he thinks that the Democratic party is a bunch of Lemmings that will follow him over the cliff. While most people have snapped out of his mind control, he does not seem to have noticed, or he is still so blinded by his own ego that he does not care. . .

Obama, this is an election year, one of the few times the folks in DC will listen to the people. Scott Brown told them loud and clear that the people don't like where you are taking this country in no uncertain terms. Now it is up to the Democrats that have followed you down the primrose path to figure out how they can get re-elected. You see they don't want to become part of the un-employment problem. What you are calling on them to do is throw away their career for yours.

I guess we now get to see how deep the cult of Obama goes. Will the Democrats throw themselves out of office for their holy one? Does Obama still have that much control over the O-bots? And are the congressmen of the United States men or Obots? We shall soon see, and many of them will be out of work the day after elections in November. . . . .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scott Brown

Finally!  Today they should be finally getting around to doing the peoples will and swearing in Scott Brown to the US Senate!

This is a great day for the people, and a sad day for Obama and the socialist.  They have delayed as long as they can since they know this is the end for them.  Now the people will have a say, and after November they are done!


Here is to stopping the Obama agenda!!!!!!

More from CNN HERE

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

All I can say to the Republicans is don't go for the bait!

The Democrats are failing in all respects, so they have thrown out there the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy for the military in an attempt to shatter the Republican and Independent alliance and keep control in November.  This is all they got.

Folks this is simple, let them rant and rave about it and keep your eyes on November.  No matter what you think of it this policy is small time and should be dumped.  Either way, if enough folks want it then they can fix it after we take back Congress.  Don't let Obama and the Socialists use this to keep power - there are MUCH bigger things riding on this election that we can't afford to lose. . . .

So stay focused, keep your eye on the important stuff - we need to kick them out of power!  fracturing the Republican and Independent vote will not do that. . . . .


LOST lived up to expectations and then some last night!

Once again they have taken a turn you didn't expect and are running with it.  I am going to watch it again tonight to see if I can figure out what they are doing. . . . it is going to be a heck of a ride since they have to clean this all up this season and end this. . . .


What the heck is this?  Two of everyone?  Jacob is dead but still haunting the place?  Smoke monster wants out as Lock? Juliet says it worked from the grave??? more others or the same others and now they are the good guys?

Going to be a great season!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Karate Problems

Well, it has been two months since I hit karate class. . . December was nuts with T working so many hours and all. We didn’t want to have the kids and grandmoms doing too much babysitting. . . they can only do so much before he runs them ragged. . .

Got a call from one of my friends from class wondering if I had quit or not. Said I don’t really know myself. I do want to get back into it but with all the hours T had been working it was just easier to stay home. I think I needed a break too – my knees seem much better after the break . . . .

I really need to get back into it though. This is the only real exercise I get and it is fun when I am there. . . And it is good on the self defense side of things. . . not too bad with the facebook stalker I picked up too. . . . can’t carry everywhere so. . . .

I have to admit the Masons has been taking some time too. And I totally love that! I have met a bunch of great guys there and it has been lots of fun. The one down side has been that I end up spending a few nights a week out, and the my wife is out the other few nights a week working and so we don’t see much of each other at the moment. . . .

I need a good way to snap out of this and get back into things. I am a year or so away from testing for my black belt. Seems nuts to quit now. . . .


UN at it again

I don’t know how much this is just hype to stir up the pot or what but it sounds like the UN is back at trying to kill our Second Amendment rights.  Don't fool yourself, the UN is our enemy.  We should shut it down but

If we have a government that actually did its job then this would be dead already, with a sure veto from the US that would prevent it ever seeing the light of day. . . . but we don’t we have a traitor as POTUS and his friends running things.

Take a moment please and write your Senator and Congressman and let them know that you don’t want them to give up our sovereignty to the UN. Tell him or her that you won’t stand for it and you will remember it in November.

This is just another attempt by Obama to strip us of any way to fight his big government and to disarm us. The best part is he does nothing and lets the UN take the hit.

Think about it. . . gun control in Europe and third world countries has lead to death and government control of the people with no defense. Those who beat their swords into plows will plow for those that don’t. America has stayed strong and free because we are a free people! And free people do not give up their rights to arms folks. If you give up your right to defend yourself against criminals or the government than you are no longer free, you are a serf of the government and live only as long as those in power wish.

Keep an eye on this one folks, and be ready to do whatever you need to get Washington’s attention and let them know we will not be serfs of the UN clowns!