Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dear Mass Speaker of the House

An Open Letter. . .

Dear Speaker DeLeo

I am writing you to ask what is being done to fix this mess?  Our Attorney General has again gone and written her own laws.  And just like the "Approved Gun Lists" this is another over reach that attacks our rights.  The AWB has been on the books for 18 or so years and works fine.  How can anyone justify a sudden back room rewrite of the law and what it says?  Did the Legislature update this law and I missed it?

The part of this that terrifies me the most is one person is usurping the power of the Legislature to pass a politically driven agenda.  It is this action ignoring the will of the people that has lead to the rise of Trump and those like him.  People are losing faith in our elected leaders to do the will of the people and to work openly and transparently.

Laws are supposed to be written and passed by the Legislature as the voice of the people.  The Courts interpret the law and the AG enforces and that is it.

With a stroke of her pen she has made thousands of lawful gun owners in this state possible felons, and denied access to the most popular guns in the country to gun owners in MA.

We do not have a problem with "Assault Weapons" in this state. Murders by ALL RIFLES over the last 10 years in the USA is in the single digits with the excption of terror attacks.  When the nation ban sunset data showed it had done NOTHING to make a difference in safety or anything else.  Terrorist will get what they need to attack us (they don't care about our laws) and disarming the lawful citizens of our state will not help.  It only makes it easier for those who would attack us. . . If you don't believe this then just ask yourself how well our drug laws have prevented drug use. . . .

This must be fixed and fixed NOW! Access to these guns by LAWFUL LICENCED GUN OWNERS needs to be restored and the AG needs to be brought back under control.

As a Mass Gun Instructor I can tell you I see full classes for permits at my gun club every month.  We have been forced to add on classes due to demand.  People would not be running out to get gun permits if they wanted more gun control.

I look forward to hearing how you will fix this.  I for one will be thinking about this over reach when I vote in November.