Thursday, August 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty

I hate to admit it folks but I am hooked. . .

I started watching it last night because nothing else was on and I wasn't looking to stay up long anyway. . . .

Two episodes later I am sucked in and still laughing my ass off at these guys.

I loved it!

I guess I have gone over to the dark side. . . .

Saturday, August 17, 2013

So You Want to be a Gun Instructor. . . .

With the way things are going in this country I only see one way for us to stay free. . .  and that is to start winning back our Second Amendment rights.  The Second Amendment was put there to insure the people kept all of their rights, and if we lose that one the rest is toast folks. . . we are starting to win, but to truly win back our rights and our country, we need to get more people on board with our rights and this means we need to counter the propaganda and lies of the media and anti-gun folks.

I have been trying to do my part in this, and the logical next step for me is to go from informally teaching a few folks about guns and spreading the word as much as I can to going active in my teaching.  And by active I mean get my certs so I can teach and folks can get their permits. . . see I live in MA where the People's Republic requires you to jump through hoops to get a permit, and a training class is one of those hoops.

I am hoping that by getting my NRA cert I will be able to bring others into the gun world and introduce them safely to the fun of the shooting sports and self defense.  I have met many great folks through going to blogger shoots and just normal range trips.

Gunnies are great folks!  They tend to be very friendly, willing to share their guns and knowledge with others so all have a great time.

So next month I will be taking my first NRA class to get the basics and get certified to teach others.  I will then be helping as an assistant teacher at my club to learn from the more experienced teachers how to do this right. . .

I will also be helping to bring the next generation into the gun world as we set up a class for younger shooters at the club so they can learn to safely use a gun and have fun target shooting.

We will see how this all goes and I will be documenting it here on the Blog.  I hope I can get others to jump in and get their certs too.  The rights you save may be your own. . . . . .

Friday, August 2, 2013

Guns in Massachusetts

Here is the start of my latest letter to our friends on Beacon Hill. . .

They are having meetings all over the state during the work day to discuss a mass of new gun laws, most of which should never be allowed to see the light of day in a free country. . . anyway I need to polish it a bit and get my list together to send it in.  As a working person I have been unable to get to these meetings but I will be heard. . . If you live in MA please write or call your reps to stop this madness.

I am writing you because as a working person I could not attend your hearings.  With a family to support in this poor economy I could not get the time off.  But let me assure you I am watching what is going on with our rights, and I vote in every election.

New gun laws must be based on FACT and our Constitution, not feelings.  The only laws passed based on emotion are bad laws.

New gun laws will not change things or make us safer.  There will be no effect on gun violence, or gangs who commit most of it.  Criminals will not be affected by the laws any more than they are by our drug laws.  They still get drugs to sell, they will still get guns, all we do is up the violence involved.

New gun laws will only impact those who are not the problem, lawful gun owners.  One gun a month, insurance, storage laws will not slow down the criminals.  What would you say if you needed insurance to vote or publish an editorial in the paper?  Then how can it be legal for our other Constitutional rights such as gun ownership?

Forced sale of magazines over 10 rounds?  Do you really think criminals will follow this?
Limit of 7 rounds in a gun?  Why?  There are no facts that show any mag limits have made ANY difference in crime.  All it will do is put the law abiding citizen at a disadvantage against the criminals. 
Insurance for gun owners?  Again what criminal will buy this?  This is a tax on a right nothing more
One gun a month?  Again where are the facts showing a criminal will be even slowed down by this? 
All you are doing is hurting law abiding citizens again
More background checks. . .  when the criminals are buying the guns out of car trunks illegally to start with why would this make any difference ?  All this does is cost more money when law abiding folks want to sell a gun or give a gun to a family member?

Let’s look at some of the facts of gun control:

At least two towns in MA have tried to pass new gun laws at the town level and failed. . . the townsfolk’s don’t want them.  IN OUR STATE

Almost all (all but one) mass shooting since 1950 were in gun free zones. . . do you think the criminal who is going to kill people cares about gun laws?

The shootings in Newtown and at Columbine high school both happened where there are “assault” weapon bans in place. . . they did not work.  Heck more people are killed every year in fist fights and by hammers than by “assault” weapons.  The most people killed in a school attack was in the early 1900’s by a bomb attack, not guns.  The most folks killed in a mass murder attack was by arson in NYC in the 1990’s

Gun control has failed to pass on a national level due to lack of support.   We don’t need it.  Please do the right thing morally and legally and let this go.  If you want to make a difference then fix the laws we have.  Massachusetts has a mass of confusing gun laws now not to mention a permit system that is unfair.  We need to make is simplified and respect the rights of law abiding citizens.  We also need to enforce the laws we have and make new laws to deter criminals from using guns or at a minim keeping them off our streets if they do get convicted of a violent crime.

States and areas that recognize our rights and have “loose” gun control laws have less violent crime than areas that have strict control or prohibit guns.  Guns are only a tool, it is the person that is the problem.

Gun sales, ownership and number of new gun owners has been taking off for months now.  People do not support gun control and vote with their money and by getting permits.  Permits in MA are so far behind it takes over 3 months to get your permit after approval.  Law says you should have it in 40 days.

Gun training classes are full all over the state.  My club is trying to get more folks trained and certified to teach to keep up with class demand.

Gun clubs are gaining new members every day here.  My club had nine new members last month alone, and two were women. . .