Wednesday, August 29, 2018

When will we wake up?

Was disappointed today to read a post from a friend in fear of what is going on in our nation and blaming Trump.  Her fear was they would go back to outlawing interracial marriage. . .

Folks, Stop falling for the fake news.  Look at the data and turn off the TV.  Obama did a ton of damage to race relations, but we can and are fixing that.  Thanks to Trump black unemployment is at a low we have not seen in years.  The hate groups that you see in the news are from the left, not the right – Antif and Black lives are leftist group’s folks.  No one is going to go back to separate but equal or any other outdated racial laws.  No one is going to overturn Roe V. Wade either so get over it.

Then I had a friend say the parties switched after the civil war so she could blame the right for the KKK and such.  Sorry, no they didn’t.  The KKK was started by the Dems, and some of their favorite Senators were high ranking members. . .You want proof you need look no further than any Dem controlled city – Chicago, Boston, Detroit, etc. . . and you can see the Dems still have their slaves, but now they keep they keep them in place with forced dependence on the state to live.  You want your welfare check do what we say.  You want a good education and to break out of poverty you better get out of those cities.

You want to fix this stop letting the pols divide us and stop playing the race card.  We had 8 years under Obama when all we heard about was race.  Anything against Obama was race-based and if you did not like him you were racist.  No, I am not racist (I have friends of all races and religions) but I am getting sick of being called one because I don’t agree with socialists.

Now folks complain about the government power.  Again thank Obama.  He spent the last 8 years ruling by executive order and building up the power of the office of President way beyond what it should be.  Sure Bush II started it, but Obama cranked things up to 11.  Both were wrong to do it.
And now we have folks openly calling to turn our nation socialist.  Even as we watch it fail AGAIN in Venezuela.  Socialism has never worked ANYWHERE.  Stop thinking it will work if we just try it one more time. . . . get an education, learn some history, and admit that too good to be true is what it is and move on.

Then we move on to open borders.  We have illegals killing folks, taking our tax money in welfare they are not owed, and even getting tax returns. . . WTF?  Add to that these nice open borders are only making it harder to deal with the drug issues facing our nation.  You will never stop drugs with the drug war, but Open Borders is just insane.  There are terrorists who will use our open borders against us folks.  They already do. . . this can be seen by the training camp found recently where they were teaching kids to attack schools.  . . . ya, news media dropped that one quick.

Now look at gun deaths . . . actually down by almost a full percent, but the news folks ignore that.  Overall they have been going down for over 20 years now but the media wants you to think they are going up. . . Why?

Then I look around, the folks I see full of hate are not the gun owners.

You should be afraid of those who would disarm you.  Ask why they want you to be helpless?

Gun owners are not the danger or the racists the news media portrays to push a political agenda.  After each of these mass shootings (in gun free zones) it has been gun owners who come forward to fix things.  It is gun owners who offered to train folks after the Pulse attack so LGBT folks would not have to live in fear.  It is gun owners who have offered to train folks at churches to keep them safe.  It is gun folks who continue to offer solutions that are ignored.

Look at the data.  We did not have this problem before the gun grabbers and the politically correct BS got so popular.  The more gun control we have passed the more shootings we have had. . . .

Wake up folks.  The left is not helping anyone.  They are the problem, not the solution.