Saturday, March 31, 2012

Permit Renewal

Still waiting on my new permit. . .  been almost 2 months now and no news yet. . . . How anyone can say this is right is beyond me.  You should not need a permit to exercise a right. . . owning a gun should be no more difficult than voting folks. . . . . they are both recognized rights by our Constitution.

Update - not 20 min after I posted this I got a call from the local police, my permit is in and I now have it in hand. . . . Felt weird not having a current permit for the day, even if I was covered by the renewal.  . . .  I have had a permit to carry for over 20 years, feels weird without it. . . even for a day

Friday, March 30, 2012

Done with Trayvon Marton

That is it, I am done

I am tired of the hype and starting to think we bloggers are part of the problem with pushing this story.

All we really know is Trayvon is dead, Zimmeman admits to shooting him, and two families are now suffering for it.

And now the standard lowlife are using this story to stir up the racial hate and noise that gets them news time, and I won't name them but you know who these "men of God" are among others including the media who just want to sell the story, and the hate groups like the Panthers who use this to grow.

No, it is time to stop pushing this story and let our legal system do it's job.  I don't know if this was an accident, a defensive shooting or murder. . .  and I bet you don't either if you are big enough to admit that to yourself.  So stop the hate, stop the noise, and stop trying to turn this into mob rule.

We say we are a nation of equals under the law. . . lets all prove it by letting the law do it's job, and living with it's findings even if we don't like the answer.  Because in every case, one side won't like the outcome. . . I ask both sides to deal with it like adults and stop pushing the hate mobs.  This one story, which should have stayed local to FLA has gone national, doing more damage to our relations with each other than anything I can remember in a long time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Marton

Folks am I the only one who is disgusted with how the news media is bitterly clinging to this story?

They are determined to paint Trayvon as a choir boy who was on his way home when Zimmerman jumped him and shot him in cold blood as he begged for his life. . . .

Sorry folks, that is what the news wants but that is not what happened.  We don't yet KNOW what happened. . . .

But don't let that stop you from stirring up the hate. . . case in point:

  • The news folks have inveneted the term White Hispanic so they can keep saying it was a white shooting a black
  • They keep posting old photos of both men, one that makes Treyvor look like he is 12 and one to make Zimmerman look evil
  • Witnesses put Trayvor on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the ground while Zimmerman called for help but the media says Trayvor was calling for help
  • New photos of Trayvor show him flashing gang signs
  • Trayvor's own twitter account show him as a violent person
  • Trayvor was on a 10 day suspension
    • he has been suspended for having stolen goods and burglar tools
    • he has been suspended for having drugs or remains of drugs on him
    • he may have been dealing pot
  • There have been a rash of burglaries in the area lately by black youth
  • The 911 tapes
    • show Zimmerman was not running
    • show Trayvor fled the area
    • show Zimmerman was talking to the cops and did what they asked
    • show Trayvor may have come back after fleeing to jump Zimmerman
  • Zimmerman did not call 911 40 time this year, it has been over 6 years as a neighborhood watch 
Now we have Congressman acting like thugs on the house floor and Schools in MA making Trayvor out as a hero and having days to Honor him. . . also pushing that he was murdered.  He was killed yes, we don't know yet if it was murder folks. . .  self defense is not murder sorry. . .

Add to that the Black Panthers putting out a bounty on Zimmerman, and Fools in Hollywood tweeting out Zimmermans address (ya, what good will come of that) and getting it wrong.  Now a retired couple has had to move out of their house due to fear.  

We have LAWS folks!  You don't throw away the law because it moves too slow or you disagree with the findings.  We are not a land of mob rule yet, but it looks like we are heading that way.  I would bet these folks calling for Zimmermans head would be calling for calm and a jury trial if it were them on the receiving end. . . love the double standard in play here.

All of this makes me sick.  We have a bunch of folks dancing in the blood to get news time and their face on TV when all we really know for sure is a kid is dead and they are still investigating.  If it turns out Zimmerman broke the law and murdered Trayvor then I hope they throw the book at him.  But if not, if Zimmerman is cleared then what?  He has been tried and sentenced in the media and so many of us buy right into it. . .  Has our country really fallen that far?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin. . . more to it than we know

More news is coming out on the Florida shooting and it is not looking good for the kid.  Two stories to look at are HERE and HERE.   This is turning in to more than just the media using old photos to swing public thought on who this kid was. . . they may be covering up too. . . .

It is starting to look like Travon was trouble to start with. . .
He was on a 10 day suspension from school, they won't say why
He may have hit the school bus driver
He may have been dealing drugs
There may be one or two witnesses that report seeing him beating the shooter and smashing his head into the ground
911 tapes may show that Zimmerman stopped following when told to and was going back to his car when Trayvon came back to start the fight. . .

All this is still coming out which leads me to stand by my statement that we don't have all the facts yet.  Before we rush to convict this guy lets get the facts and let the grand jury do it's job.

They may just find it really was self defense folks. . . . . we will see

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day at the Range with the new guy

Had a nice day down at the range with a couple of Brothers from the lodge. One is an NRA instructor and the other was looking at starting to carry.   At the last lodge meeting one of them mentioned that he had his carry permit and was going to start looking into a carry gun.  (I think he works in the jewelry business)  There have been a few issues in the news that got him thinking he really needed to have something for safety.

Anyway things went well.  We not only went over the basics of shooting but had him try a few different guns.  I think I am lucky with access to the Northeast Gun Bloggers as I have had a chance to try a number of different guns without having to buy them. . . so I wanted to pass on the advantage.  All together we had a .22 semi, .22 revolver,  92F 9mm, Makarov .380, M&P 9mm, and 1911 .45. 

We had him try them all, starting with the .22.  Figured that was best so he could get a bit of a feel for each cartridge and how it shot a bit.  Also went over the importance of holsters, and some other issues I have dealt with when carrying.

It was a great day, and I think he enjoyed it.  He was very happy to have the chance to test the guns out and to ask questions as it is all new to him.  I don’t know if he will carry, but I think we have got him pointed in the right direction so he has an idea of what he is getting into and where to get more info.  He is definitely going to remember a good day at the range and commented on how nice the folks were.  I think that is why more folks are taking up shooting for whatever reason.  Gunnies are good folks and with the exception of some fools on You Tube they make it a positive experience for the new folks.

A great day, and always a good time at the range.  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama on FLA shooting

This really pisses me off. . .

You can read about it HERE or HERE

Please tell my why Obama is getting involved in this?  Who cares if his kid would look like the dead kid?  How does what he looks like factor into whether this was a self defense shooting or a murder???? IT DOESN'T!  If we truly are a nation of laws your looks, color, race or whatever should not factor into a situation like this from a legal point of view folks.  If it does then you are a racist.

Once again I will say it - WE DON'T HAVE ALL THE FACTS. . . . yet Obama will weigh in on things he knows nothing about.

Folks there is a reason this guy is still walking around.   The cops don't think they have enough to arrest him. . . so the facts look like self defense no matter how much you like or don't like that fact.  The investigation is ongoing. . .

Weer'd has a good wrap up of what has been released so far for facts HERE

It is time for the news media to stop, the only thing Obama should have done is called for calm while the investigation goes forward and that is it.

This is quickly turning into a race issue and a way for the gun grabbers to play on emotion instead of fact and spread their lies on the FL Stand Your Ground law. This law does not let you kill anyone you want, does not let you execute people.  It allows self defense and you will be investigated.  If it is found it was not self defense then you go to trial and probably jail.

This use to be a land of law, but not any more.  This man and his family are in hiding due to death threats.  It was wrong for him to kill the kid but it is ok to kill him?  You are telling me that it is bad to be a vigilante but you can be one to kill him and that is ok, it is different???  No, it is no different.  If the kid was murdered that does not make it OK for you to murder the shooter.  We have laws and courts for a reason why aren't the news folks and Obama reminding us of that????

Florida Shooting

This crap scares the shit out of me

The typical race baiters are down there stirring things up and pushing not for justice but for mob rule.  I am sorry this kid is dead.  I am sorry the gunman is still walking around free.  That is the LAW folks.  They call it due process.

Every telling of this story the facts change yet the media and Al Sharpton want this guy in jail, permits pulled and all that.  There is an ongoing investigation.  He probably will get arrested but we will see.  We don't know all the facts yet so many of us want to convict him already.  They keep pushing this as white on black violence when the shooter is a dark Hispanic.  They keep saying he had no reason to shoot, it was not self defense but the Police report says he had a bloody nose and back of he head when they got there. . . . We don't know all the facts yet.

Personally once Al Sharpton is on your side you have problems.  This guy has no need or use for facts if he can push the race card.  Look at the other cases he has been involved in. . ..

This is a tricky thing folks, you give up due process with him, what happens when it is your turn?  If you ever run afoul of the law will  you mind if we just try you in the press and toss you in jail?

Laws are not there to support what we like, they are there to make us do the right thing when we don't like it.  You don't have to like him possibly walking away from this but you do have to give him his due process and day in court.

As an example I will toss out OJ Simpson.  He looks guilty as hell of killing his wife.  Lost a civil suit over it.  But the courts let him off so he is free.  That is the law, the jury spoke, we live with it.  We can and will do it again.  Color of skin should not matter, you get your day in court.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Iran meets the USMC

Shamelessly stolen from the Gunslinger's Journal. . . .

Iranian Air Defense Site: 'Unknown aircraft you are in Iranian airspace. Identify yourself.' 

Aircraft: 'This is a United States aircraft. I am in Iraqi airspace.' 

Air Defense Site: 'You are in Iranian airspace. If you do not depart our airspace we will launch interceptor aircraft!' 

Aircraft: 'This is a United States Marine Corps FA-18 fighter. Send 'em up, I'll wait!' 

Air Defense Site: (... total silence)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rick Santorum

HELP ME!  Someone please explain to me what the stupid party is doing with this fool?

Not only does he say stupid things but he does not even seem to get what is going on with this country. . . I am starting to wonder what color the sky is in his world.

Case in point. . . this fool is actually a contender for the Republican Presidential nomination.  Now given that this is only because they also have Mitt Romney who is one hell of a RINO but that is another story.  Anyway how can it be he got this far?  Lets look at the points he is pushing. . . Gay marriage, stopping porn. . . .Bible thumping. . . Where the hell is he from?  What kind of clueless fool does it take to get tied up on this crap when the country is facing all it is today?  How can he ignore Iran, Afghanistan, Terrorism, the TSA, gunrunning by the ATF, JOBS JOBS JOBS!! And illegal’s in this country.

If this is the best the Republicans can do they are screwed. . . and us along with them

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MA Permit Renewal. . .

OK folks, how long has it taken you to get a permit renewed this year if you live in MA???

I am going on 6-8 weeks now and I think it may still be tied up at the state level.  My local Police are great to work with, I doubt the problem is there.  I have a call in to them but am being told it could still take a few weeks. . . .

Gotta love permits in MA, just another way Beacon Hill can hold up your rights. . . .

Interesting ride in this morning. . . .

Going down 44 I got to the Middleboro rotoray. . . now for those of you not in New England you may not have run into one of these. . . the rotary or round about is a mess that I have only really seen in the northeast.

This one has five roads that dump into the circle, and we take our turn getting on it to go to the other side. . 

Anyway as I was saying.  I am sitting there and was about to go when the car in the rotary sped up (God forbid someone else gets ahead of him) so I had to stop, the guy in the rotary has right of way here.  Then traffic would not let me in for a bit.  I am not cutting off a semi thank you very much. . .  I wait a bit longer and then get a bump from the back. . . the guy behind me gave a bit of a push.  Not a hard bump and I could tell there was little or no damage without even looking.  I have been bumped here before and we stopped to look things over no issue but something did not feel right this time. 

Now not knowing if it was on purpose or not, and one to go with my gut feeling which sensed problems I let it go.  I got in the rotary and then kept going.  The guy who bumped me followed me all the way to work.  Now this is about three - four miles so along the way I am thinking “what the heck to I do if he follows into the parking lot?  What do I have on me???”  (answer, a knife and a tac pen, not too much. . . going to work after all which limits my options here)

Luckily (I think) he did not follow me into the lot.  Not wanting problems I did call the Middleboro cops and report it as a bump and no damage beyond a bit of paint.  Nothing to get upset over and they now have my phone number if needed.  I didn’t want to get accused of leaving the scene or such you never know in MA. . .
To me this was worth letting go.  Was it road rage?  I don’t know.  But I do know my gut said don’t chance this one.  This is the first time I have been in a fender bender or such and not stopped.  This is also the first time my gut said “don’t stop, trouble”.  When you commute the distances I have for so many years you get a bump or two on the car.  I hope I read this wrong, and the guy in the dark SUV was trying to do the right thing but who knows.

Maybe I am a chicken, but to me it was better to avoid things this time.  It just is not worth getting into it over a bit of scratched paint. 

Florida Shooting

This whole thing is turning into a mess and a great way for the left to push the race card yet again. . .

The only real facts we have so far:

There was a 911 call
A boy was shot and killed
All of this is under investigations at multiple state and Fed levels. . .

What the news is pushing - white guy shot black guy with no provocation and the law protects him. . . ( if it does then why is he under investigation???)
Also not discussed is the shooter is Hispanic and also a dark skin color (as if that matters) but white shoots black sounds better don't it?

This whole thing disgusts me and shows what is wrong with our media and the anti-gun crowed.  The media is going nuts stirring up this thing so they can get a good news story.  Hey, if a shooting is good, a riot would be great!  And the Anti-Rights folks are lying and telling everyone that the shooter will go free because of the self defense laws. . . not likely at least not until he has been probed so much he won't need a colonoscopy for a few years.  He is far from off the hook in all this.  I expect he will do some time or at least see inside a court.

Add in that they are pushing the race card.  I am sorry, someone was killed and there needs to be a complete investigation of the incident no matter who got killed.  The law is not protecting this guy, he still may face charges over this folks.  And now the national race baiters like Al Sharpton are getting in on it.  Can't have the news cover this and not get their face on the small screen somehow. . . The facts are quickly becoming irrelevant to the news folks and many of the race card fans.  This can be fanned into a mess that gets TV time and to hell with the facts.

Folks don't fall for this crap.  We all need to take a step back and let the investigation and courts do their job.  I was not there and I bet you weren't either.  So how we can say what  happened without knowing the facts is beyond me.  The News Media is in this for the shock value, they won't give you the facts either, only what plays good at 6 and 11. . . . Did you know the shooter was a dark Hispanic man?  I didn't until yesterday. . . again, not good for the story so they don't report it.

This is going to get messy, and it is all the media's fault for fanning the flames for their ratings instead of reporting the facts and sticking to what is known so far.

No wonder we can't get past race . . . it's not good for the news cycle. . . .

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Solar Power

The quest continues. . . .

Been to two home shows now and have had a few folks out to look over the house and see about solar power.

So far Home Depot showed no interest.  5 min look at the house and they were gone.

Have had two others come by, one looking at putting it on the roof and one at a ground mount.  So far the roof is not looking so good.  It is getting quoted at 40% coverage and he has not looked at the tree cover. . . probably won't get even 40%.

The ground mount may get us to 90% coverage of our electric needs. . . and the measurements he took show the roof is not really an option.

So the quest goes on.  We will see where it goes.

Anyone out there have Solar?  Here in MA we have lots of government credits to help pay for it.  Between tax credits and SRECs for what is produced it is a bit of a mess to figure out but I am getting there slowly. . . .

Karate Update

OK, I got off my ass and back into my karate with my younger daughter this time.  I have been away from my Uechi Ryu for about two years and now I am back!  Been at it since the start of the year and it is coming back to me.

I had a brown belt with two stripes. . . I still do but have to relearn a bit.

So far so good.  I have all five of my katas going again.  Just started working on the fifth one this week and it came back quick.  Now I have to relearn a bunch of the preset sparing type stuff . .  ..

I hope I will be going for my black belt within a year. . . we will see. . .

The best part of this is my daughter is enjoying it.  She has two kata down and is doing well.  It has been great to be able to take classes with her.  Good for Dad/Kid time and all that = )

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama and our troops

Once again the Obama administration has shown how little they care about our troops.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visited with troops at a base in Afghanistan and because there were Afgans there that had been disarmed, our troops were told to go out and leave your guns outside the room before he comes in.

Um, NO!

If they want photo ops, do it in the USA.  Asking our troops to disarm in a war zone with Afgans present is stupid and foolish.  These are the people that are shooting our troops.  We can't trust them but you will disarm our troops around them for a photo op?  You have got to be kidding me.

The only other option is they feel the troops are a threat to Panetta.  These same troops that put their lives on the line to protect us?  Again I say NO!  this is stupid.

Obama has only one use for anyone and anything. To get himself re-elected so he can finish off our country.  Our troops should have walked out and stayed out.  Let Penetta talk to a room full of disarmed Afgans if he wants to but not disarmed US Marines.  Obama does not care about them or if they are harmed as long as it looks good for his sound bite at 6. . . . 

We have got to get rid of these fools in November folks. . . ..

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

Watching this guy on TV that wants us to remove him from power in Uganda. . . .

what is it with the liberals that they hate war so much that they want another one?

Please tell my why we in the USA should spend money we don't have, send our troops where they are not wanted to fight a war we don't want and get nothing from?

This guy is the Pied Piper all over.  He is selling this to our kids, the ap he sells them is paying for it, and even putting his own 4 yr old on the film on YouTube to say we should stop him.  Sure, as long as you send someone else's kid to do it right?

Folks, it is not the job of the USA to police the world.  You yelled and screamed when Bush went into Iraq after Sadam who also was killing his own folks, but since that was Bush that was bad. . . .

Let the UN fix this on their own.  WITHOUT US!  It is time for the UN to prove it is actually capable of doing something other than talking and putting fools into power.

Keep the USA out of this mess.  There is nothing for us to gain here and no reason to risk one American life over this.

We are not the world's Police, we don't belong fighting in other countries and it is blatantly Un-Constitutional for us to do so unless they are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the USA.  They are not.

We cannot fix the world.  Most of it does not want to be fixed.  If they want change it is up to them to stand up and make it happen.  For us to do it for them and hand it over to them is meaningless.  Freedom must be earned by them or it will only be temporary at best.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ATF doing Damage Control

THIS is a joke.

Go give it a read.  The ATF had gotten caught selling guns to the drug lords in Mexico so they can use the carnage to push for more restrictions on guns in the USA.  This project was approved from the TOP as in Eric Holder and Obama.

Now that it is election time and the main stream media have been unable to make this problem go away they will try a new tact.

Just remember that these guns they were running to the bad guys have killed at least one Boarder Patrol agent, possibly more, and are showing up at crime scenes on both sides of the border.  The folks that pulled this foolishness are criminals and should be treated accordingly.

Can you imagine the screaming if this had happened with Bush in the White House???

Please take note.  This is one heck of a cover up they are trying.  Thanks to bloggers and the net it is not covering very well. . . spread the word

New Phone to Break In

OK, just switched from an HTC Aria to a Motorola Atrix 2. . ..

Kinda forced to change since the Aria kept telling  me it was almost out of memory even though I had moved a all I could of the Apps to the SD card. . . .

So far so good.  Both run Android but HTC and Motorola have set things up a bit different.  I like the bigger screen and dual processors so far, and the extra memory is good too.  Even though the Atix is bigger, it is not much heaver so that has not been an issue yet.  I am waiting on an Otterbox for it, I need a good case and that will add a bit to size/weight on the phone.

More on this in a week or so after I get a good test drive in. . .

Saturday, March 3, 2012

V for Vendetta

Finally saw V for Vendetta last night. . . .

I have to say it was a great movie.  I had to laugh as I though of the Occupods wearing the mask.  The don't get it.  V was against everything the Occupods were fighting for.

This was a great if scary movie about what happens when the government takes over your life.  The scary part is you can see the same things happening here in the real world right now thanks to Obama and the Fed.

Overall the movie has a good story, good acting and enough actions to keep things moving.  It has a couple of nice twists in it, especially if you watch the faces in the crowed at the end to see if you know anyone. . . . very well done.  I am kind of surprised it got made since it was a very Libertarian leaning film against government control.  We need more of these please. . . .

If you haven't seen it then go get a copy or rent it.  Well worth the time!

Gun Blog Black List

Well I hit the big time!  I am now listed on the Gun Blog Black List!

I wish I was half as good at this as the others listed on that page. . .  go give them a read, there are some really great bloggers on that list and I am thrilled to be in their company.

Friday, March 2, 2012


EFAD - free Kindal Book project

Folks this is a link to a free book that we all should read.  I got my copy, did you get yours?

It is all about government conspericy, and it is fiction although after all the news on Gun Running by the government in the Fast and Fureious program it may not be far off. . .

GO, read then get the book on Amazon!


TSA Failure

HERE is a great post by an experienced FBI agent that takes apart the TSA and shows us many reasons it needs to be eliminated.  The TSA does nothing to help us but employ a bunch of under trained screeners.  There has been no gain in safety compared to before 9/11.

Thanks to Say Uncle for the link!

Go and Read