Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ATF doing Damage Control

THIS is a joke.

Go give it a read.  The ATF had gotten caught selling guns to the drug lords in Mexico so they can use the carnage to push for more restrictions on guns in the USA.  This project was approved from the TOP as in Eric Holder and Obama.

Now that it is election time and the main stream media have been unable to make this problem go away they will try a new tact.

Just remember that these guns they were running to the bad guys have killed at least one Boarder Patrol agent, possibly more, and are showing up at crime scenes on both sides of the border.  The folks that pulled this foolishness are criminals and should be treated accordingly.

Can you imagine the screaming if this had happened with Bush in the White House???

Please take note.  This is one heck of a cover up they are trying.  Thanks to bloggers and the net it is not covering very well. . . spread the word

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