Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

Watching this guy on TV that wants us to remove him from power in Uganda. . . .

what is it with the liberals that they hate war so much that they want another one?

Please tell my why we in the USA should spend money we don't have, send our troops where they are not wanted to fight a war we don't want and get nothing from?

This guy is the Pied Piper all over.  He is selling this to our kids, the ap he sells them is paying for it, and even putting his own 4 yr old on the film on YouTube to say we should stop him.  Sure, as long as you send someone else's kid to do it right?

Folks, it is not the job of the USA to police the world.  You yelled and screamed when Bush went into Iraq after Sadam who also was killing his own folks, but since that was Bush that was bad. . . .

Let the UN fix this on their own.  WITHOUT US!  It is time for the UN to prove it is actually capable of doing something other than talking and putting fools into power.

Keep the USA out of this mess.  There is nothing for us to gain here and no reason to risk one American life over this.

We are not the world's Police, we don't belong fighting in other countries and it is blatantly Un-Constitutional for us to do so unless they are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the USA.  They are not.

We cannot fix the world.  Most of it does not want to be fixed.  If they want change it is up to them to stand up and make it happen.  For us to do it for them and hand it over to them is meaningless.  Freedom must be earned by them or it will only be temporary at best.

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