Monday, March 26, 2012

Day at the Range with the new guy

Had a nice day down at the range with a couple of Brothers from the lodge. One is an NRA instructor and the other was looking at starting to carry.   At the last lodge meeting one of them mentioned that he had his carry permit and was going to start looking into a carry gun.  (I think he works in the jewelry business)  There have been a few issues in the news that got him thinking he really needed to have something for safety.

Anyway things went well.  We not only went over the basics of shooting but had him try a few different guns.  I think I am lucky with access to the Northeast Gun Bloggers as I have had a chance to try a number of different guns without having to buy them. . . so I wanted to pass on the advantage.  All together we had a .22 semi, .22 revolver,  92F 9mm, Makarov .380, M&P 9mm, and 1911 .45. 

We had him try them all, starting with the .22.  Figured that was best so he could get a bit of a feel for each cartridge and how it shot a bit.  Also went over the importance of holsters, and some other issues I have dealt with when carrying.

It was a great day, and I think he enjoyed it.  He was very happy to have the chance to test the guns out and to ask questions as it is all new to him.  I don’t know if he will carry, but I think we have got him pointed in the right direction so he has an idea of what he is getting into and where to get more info.  He is definitely going to remember a good day at the range and commented on how nice the folks were.  I think that is why more folks are taking up shooting for whatever reason.  Gunnies are good folks and with the exception of some fools on You Tube they make it a positive experience for the new folks.

A great day, and always a good time at the range.  

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