Saturday, March 17, 2012

Solar Power

The quest continues. . . .

Been to two home shows now and have had a few folks out to look over the house and see about solar power.

So far Home Depot showed no interest.  5 min look at the house and they were gone.

Have had two others come by, one looking at putting it on the roof and one at a ground mount.  So far the roof is not looking so good.  It is getting quoted at 40% coverage and he has not looked at the tree cover. . . probably won't get even 40%.

The ground mount may get us to 90% coverage of our electric needs. . . and the measurements he took show the roof is not really an option.

So the quest goes on.  We will see where it goes.

Anyone out there have Solar?  Here in MA we have lots of government credits to help pay for it.  Between tax credits and SRECs for what is produced it is a bit of a mess to figure out but I am getting there slowly. . . .

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