Monday, June 17, 2013

Bloomberg Bus Tour

You can read about it HERE

The basic game is the gun grabbers/anti gun folks know they are only a very small percent of the people in this country.

They want you to think they are 90% not the 1% they are. . .

How do you do this??? have a bus tour that no one knows about.  Email your supporters at the last minute to show up with your friends in the news media and hope the other side can't get together fast enough.

This way they can pretend they have all the support and the pro gun folks don't have a chance to counter the protests. . . which is what they want because when the pro side shows up they vastly outnumber the anti gun folks and they know it.

It is all a game folks, don't let them fool you.  This is just another lie from the Anti Gun folks to make them look important. . .

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dream Act

The vote today is simple. . .

They want to reward criminals and let them stay in our country.

Oh sure, they will show you old folks, kids and anything else they can to play on your emotions so you will ignore the facts. . .

FACT - They BROKE IN to our country
FACT - They stayed here and got welfare and other assistance they were nor eligible for.  They stole tax payer money
FACT - they took up resources our own people need - jobs, health care, schooling - that we pay for with our taxes and used a system already stressed by our own folks.
FACT - by coming here illegally they broke our laws from day 1 and show they do not respect our country or our laws

This is a game to get more folks to vote for the Dems and nothing more.  If they know who these illegals are why are they not deporting them?  Why are they not upholding the law as the swore to do when taking office????

Why should they get preferential treatment over those immigrants that came here legally and followed our laws to do it, sometimes waiting YEARS to get here?  What do you tell those legal immigrants?  That they were fools for respecting our laws and doing it by the book???  No, deport the illegals and uphold our laws.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Shooting in California at College

OK, let’s see if we have all the bases covered for the latest shooting:

Gun Free Zone?  YES
State that won’t let folks protect themselves?  YES
State with massive gun control already on the books?  YES
Bad guy gets gun anyway?  YES
Students defenseless?  YES

See folks, gun control does not work, and does not make you safe.  The mad men love it because it gives them a place to go where they know no law abiding folks can fight back. . .  great plan if you are the bad guy.

So far only one down based on the news.  If this turns into a drug deal gone bad, gangs or a lovers attack I bet it will be out of the news by Sunday. . .

More news as it breaks. . . 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6th. . .

The day that changed it all. . . twice. . . .

Remember folks this was D-Day in 1944, and the start of the Battle of Midway in 1942. . . . both pivotal in our winning WWII

Thank you Vets for all you have done for our country.