Monday, June 17, 2013

Bloomberg Bus Tour

You can read about it HERE

The basic game is the gun grabbers/anti gun folks know they are only a very small percent of the people in this country.

They want you to think they are 90% not the 1% they are. . .

How do you do this??? have a bus tour that no one knows about.  Email your supporters at the last minute to show up with your friends in the news media and hope the other side can't get together fast enough.

This way they can pretend they have all the support and the pro gun folks don't have a chance to counter the protests. . . which is what they want because when the pro side shows up they vastly outnumber the anti gun folks and they know it.

It is all a game folks, don't let them fool you.  This is just another lie from the Anti Gun folks to make them look important. . .

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