Friday, December 25, 2015

Rights for me and not for you

I have been poking the trolls on Facebook in regards to Kim Davis and them taking her name off the marriage licenses.

While I agree Kentucky did a good thing taking her name off the license but to listen to folks she was having her First Amendment rights trampled by being forced to do her job.

I am sorry but if you work for the Government then you are the one forcing your views on folks by denying a lawful license to marry because of YOUR religion.  If cannot do the job then you need to step down.

I am amazed at the number of folks that tell me I am a fool for this.  They see her as a hero for standing up against gay marriage and not issuing the licenses.  If she is using the power of her GOVERNMENT office to deny folks a marriage license isn't she the one denying folks their First Amendment rights by imposing her religion on them with the power of her office?  What am I missing???

I continue to be stunned at the number of folks who will scream every time Obama ignores our Constitution but are perfectly fine with it if someone "on their side"does it to impose something they agree with like banning gay marriage.

Folks the law is the law and it does not matter which side is shredding our Constitution it is BAD OK?  I don't care if you have an R or a D after your name if you violate our Constitution you suck and should be removed from office.

Someone please tell me how Davis is the injured party in all of this. . . . the people of Kentucky where she refused to do her job and fulfill her legal obligation seem to be the injured ones here.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

No Fly LIst

The next move by the Anti Rights crowd seems to be to attack at the state level and use the No Fly List to deny you your rights.

So far Conn and Mass are looking to use it to deny gun permits and I am sure other states are watching the outcome.  You want to see if you are on it?  Go take a look.

Folks the Do Not Fly list needs to go.
  • There are up to 40% innocent folks on this list. 
  • Children and babies are on this list
  • State and Federal reps are on this list (Sen Kennedy was on it)
  • Folks who's names are close to someone they want are on the list
There is NO due process with this list.  Folks are not reviewed by a court or anyone elected before being added to the list.  Very little is know about how you get put on, (here are some ideas on how you get on it) how they make sure you should be on it, and how innocent folks can get off.  Folks have been put on this list for being part of protests . . . imagine that, you lose your rights for speaking out. . . 

This should disgust every American that we have hit the point where secret lists will strip people of a Constitutional right without due process.  

And once they get you to accept this for one right what will come next in their push for power?  No voting for folks on the list?  Free speech or your employment?  What will stop them from putting politically rivals on this list or political groups they don't like such as the Move On or Tea Party folks?

Folks the No Fly List was a bad idea that did not work and was never meant to be used to do things like this.  Time to get rid of it.

If they have enough info to say you should not have a right then they should be able to go to a judge to prove you should be stripped of your right. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Muslim Ban. . .

I find this hugely amusing that folks are flipping out over a common sense move during a war - YES A WAR.

At this point the FBI admits that the terrorists who attacked in CA were radicals, and the wife was a radial before she passed the screening and was let into our country.  And they MISSED IT.

So we know our screening does not work. . . .

Why would we keep letting in high risk people until we have it fixed????

What Trump is calling for is a ban on Muslim immigration until we fix the system to screen them and this will keep us safe. .  . Just like Jimmy Carter banned Iranians during the hostage crisis with Iran. . . SAME THING!!

Folks we need to start facing some hard facts here and the left is not going to like it.  Their little world is crashing and they are not dealing well with it. . .

  • Immigration screening is not working
  • The terrorists were not even on the FBI radar
  • Gun free zones and gun control is being exploited by terrorists to attack us
  • CA has the harshest gun laws around including one hell of an assault weapon ban and it DID NOTHING !
  • The best way to keep us safe is to get rid of gun free zones and gun control
  • Gun sales have been breaking records for years yet homicides have dropped 49% from their record high IN 1993
  • The cops do not get to these shootings until someone calls them. . . The first responders to an attack are the folks being attack. . . the cops are second.
And what do the gun grabbers want to do in the face of these facts?  Take the guns from law abiding citizens who only want to protect themselves.

Obama(and some in MA) want to strip folks of their right to bear arms if you are on the no fly list. . . You know that great secret list that they can put anyone on without any trial or due process?  That list that has kids, babies, and even had Congressmen and other pols on it. . . like Sen Ted Kennedy from MA.  So if we know the list is full of innocent people and we won't tell them they are on it, how to get off it why would any American want to use it to take one's rights?  What happened to our day in court?  what happened to due process????

We are told not to judge all Muslims by the terrorists but it is OK to judge all legal gun owners by them?  No folks it's not.  Let your reps know you are sick of the BS and to stop pushing for more meaningless gun control.  You want safety not lies.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obama Speech

Well got about what I expected. . .

Lots of pull together, this was not terrorism, and push for gun control.

On the bad side it was basically more of the same crap that won't work and we know it.  Also talking about more attacks on ISIS and we know he does not have the heart to really do anything to them.

I love how he wants to cut off their money. . . Dude they have their own oil wells . . . this should be interesting.

As for gun control he called for nothing unexpected. . .
He wants to use the no fly list to prevent folks from buying guns - already voted down in the Senate and the list itself is being challenged in court as unconstitutional
Wants a new assault weapons ban - we all know that is not going to happen since the just voted down two gun control measures AFTER the shooting so basically nothing will change on that front.

So lots of talk and fancy words out of Obama and I must admit some nice ideas.  Too bad I have NO faith in him to actually do any of the stuff that may work, and most of the stuff that won't.

Obama is way out of his league, has been for a long time now.  It is time we impeach him and put someone in place that can actually do something and wants to win.

It is also time we get involved.  Make sure you write your rep and let them know you don't want things like the No Fly list that have no oversight or due process used to strip folks of their rights.  Let them know that you want your Second Amendment rights since the cops can't be everywhere and we need to protect ourselves.  Let them know we don't want more refugees let in until they can tell us how the last terrorist got through their screening.

Speak up folks, if you see or hear something don't act like the neighbors of the CA terrorists, say something!

We need to stick together, stand together, and watch each others backs.  We are Americans, time to start acting like it and win this.

Terror Attack

Now it is official.  The FBI is calling it a terror attack as one of the attackers has pledged allegiance to ISIS before the attack.

Did one radicalize the other?  Maybe.  Honestly I don't care as either way they attacked and innocent Americans were killed.  No one the knew them claimed to know a thing.  Not sure I am buying that either but I might.

Now as far as the guns and ammo I can see that this may not raise a flag.  As much as the media likes to play that they had SO MUCH AMMO AND SO MANY GUNS it just is not a big deal.  Many folks in the US have multiple guns and a few thousand rounds of ammo is nothing.  Even in MA as long as you have less than 5000 rounds of .22 and less than 5000 rounds of center fire ammo you are within the law.  Add to this the recent shortage of ammo and if you are a serious shooter or pro shooter this is not much ammo to have on hand.  Now the pipe bombs is something else. . . . It sounds like they had a bit of a production line set up.  Could you hide this from folks?  Not sure.  I guess you might if you had no surprise visits from the family. . . .

Now our useless POTUS Obama will get on the TV tonight to discuss it.  Personally I am betting that he will lie to us and push that this was not a terror attack but something else like workplace violence.  More crape because he won't admit we have been attacked.  It just does not fit his world view or his needs right now.

And today we lean that there was another attack, this time with a machete and knives in London UK.  He was captured and witnesses say he was calling out "this is for Syria" as they took him away.

We are now at war and have been for a while with RADICAL Islam.  . . . . . . we need to fact that fact but we also need to be very careful what we do next.  If we start attacking anyone who follows Islam we are no better than the terrorists.  We need to act based on facts not feelings or hunches.  We are Americans, we need to act like it.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Go Pro at the shooting in CA?

Now seeing reports that they both had Go Pro cameras on them. . .

If true this further supports the terror attack theory and that they wanted to upload the attack later to various sites.

Yet Obama and the cast of regulars still ignore or refuse to admit (or probably want to hide for their own reasons) that the attack is a terror attack and not workplace violence.

Thank God it looks like America is waking up to his lies.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Is Gun Control Finally Dead?

So now that dust is starting to settle where do you think we are on gun control?

The news is now pushing for it but personally I think it is now dead for the foreseeable future. . .

I have been watching the news articles calling for gun control and the overwhelming feedback has been very pro gun and anti-gun control in the comments section.  Sure you get the tired old liberal talking points from a few folks but the overwhelming majority are pro gun and not buying the BS of the gun grabbers.  Even on the web sites of the Boston MA news papers and on CNN (when they permit comments).

News story I am watching now has one person they asked telling them that gun control does not work. . . . even the news is starting to ask that question.

They just voted down using the terror watch list to prevent folks from buying a gun - YESTERDAY.  Had that passed just being on the terror watch list would strip you of your rights to buy a gun with no due process for you to defend yourself.  Think about that - they could have taking your basic right to self defense for no reason beyond they put you on a list.  No trial, no judge, nothing. . . Can you imagine the screaming if folks were told they would be striped of their right to vote or to free speech if they were on the secret list and without due process?
Gun control is not only not gaining any traction with this latest shooting but folks seem to be waking up to the fact that it is making them less safe as criminals do not follow the laws.  Gun sales on Black Friday were at a record - one description was that enough guns were sold to equip the US Marine Corp and two Army division. . . in ONE DAY.  After the events of last week I expect sales to stay strong.

We need to act now to keep this going and help people wake up.  Answer their gun questions, help them learn to shoot and pick out a first gun, get them to realize that the cops get there after the shooting and they alone are responsible for their own safety.

I think we are at a major tipping point.  We may have already gone over the edge from what I am reading on line.  The calls for gun control now sound silly and more and more folks ares seeing it as a joke when they look at the terror attack.  Obama is looking like Baghdad Bob as he calls for more gun control to protect us and says the terror attack was work related.  No one is buying it any more.  Calling for gun control now is like the Titanic trying to save itself by hitting the iceberg again and folks can see it.

I think we have rounded the bend but it is still on us to win or lose this.  Gun control is dying and we need to keep up the pressure.  If we want to save ourselves and our families from this violence we need to make sure we keep our right to defend ourselves and our communities from evil.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gun Control Insanity

Folks lets face it gun control don't work.

Be it Sen. Feinstein telling us little people that the shooter will give up when they see we are unarmed or the idiot Obama telling us that the terrorist will not attack if we pass more gun control all they are doing is showing how either stupid or corrupt they are.

Folks no one had guns in all those schools and other gun free zones that all these mass murders take place in. . . . Paris was a gun free zone with plenty of gun control - terrorist seemed ok with shooting it up anyway.

California was both a gun free zone and had lots of gun control in place yet we still had the shooting yesterday with 14 dead and 21 wounded. . . .

Gun control is a failure.  You want to fix this get rid of all of the damn gun control BS.

To put it simply - Gun control is like the captain of the Titanic deciding he can save the boat by hitting the iceberg again. . . . .

Shooting in CA

Now for the spin. . . . .

Facts so far:

  • two folks named of middle eastern decent - at least by names reported
  • one did work there and was at the party
  • three folks involved - two men one woman
  • Well planned out - multiple guns, lots of ammo, possible armor used, pipe bombs
  • guns legally purchased in CA
  • pipe bombs used but did not go off (update looks like they had 12)
  • Only got 2 miles in a few hours before standoff with cops (hours later. . .)
  • Cops got lucky and were doing training only a few miles away so had quicker than normal response time
  • Still waiting on the religion of the attackers - it was a Christmass party for what that is worth
My personal take away from all this:

I won't name them or give them fame. . . .

They will spin it as work place violence because one of them left the party before coming back shooting and will totally ignore the planning involved with the number of folks, guns and bombs and that they did escape for a while. . . . I think they were thinking they had a better chance to kill more cops on the road than in the building which they wanted to blow up anyway.  They literally had hours to get away or change cars and didn't.  They wanted to be caught.

This all happened with guns purchased legally in CA which has some of the harshest gun laws in the country.  And not one of them prevented this or the attackers from making BOMBS!

Obama will now scream for more gun control like in CA and ignore the fact that it totally failed here and does not work.  Folks they want the guns so they have control it has nothing to do with crime or safety. . .

This was a real terror attack but they will be slow to admit it if they even do ever admit it.  This was thought out and well run. . . this was not someone that got pissed off at the party and came back to shoot up the place.  You don't just pick up pipe bombs at 7-11. . .

Now for the news folks and the Obama crowd. . . how do they spin this to keep the sheep from panicking?  They will want more gun control and more folks disarmed.  They want the sheep to ignore the fact that nothing they offer works and it was just show to everyone that gun control is a failure.

If you really want to end this crap then it is time to end gun control, end gun free zones, and let folks who want to carry responsibly do so.   

No I am not calling for everyone to have a gun.
No I am not calling for folks to be forced to buy a gun

What I am saying is if you let folks who want to carry a gun do so we will all be safer.  You will do two things 
  1. the bad guys won't know who is armed but will know most likely someone is
  2. the chances are a good guy will be close when there is an attack and can stop it or at least slow them down until help can get there. - armed everyday citizens are the militia our founders talk about . . . .
Right now these attacks have always been in gun free zones.  That is not by luck folks.  They want to rack up a body count before getting killed or now escaping to safety.  The best way to do that is to attack unarmed folks so you have time until the cops get there.  Why won't any of the gun grabbers admit this fact? - easy it destroys their arguments and they know it.

It is time we each asked ourselves a few questions:
  • Will you get a gun?  
  • Are you willing to learn the laws on using it? 
  • Are you willing to use it?
  • Are you going to wake up to the lies of the Media and Gun Grabbers?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Colorado Shooting

OK, it is sickening to see the anti gun folks at work here immediately blaming guns and the GOP for this one along with everything conservative.

A shame that once again the facts don't fit again.

This guy had issues and a small criminal record
the attack on Planned Parenthood was an accident of location - he is not pro life or against Planed Parenthood.  So far it looks like he may have tried to rob a bank or such down the road and ran off to hide from the cops and their number was up.
He listed himself as a SHE on official paperwork.

So can we stop the BS blame game and admit again that a nut case did something and folks got killed.  This has NOTHING to do with the 80+ million legal gun owners in the USA or the NRA or anything to do with our Second Amendment.

Maybe we can wait for the facts to come out since they have him. . .  but I am sure that won't work for the gun grabbers because I highly doubt it will fit into their story. . . .

Thursday, November 19, 2015

No More Refugees. . . .

I for one am getting sick of hearing about how we should be letting 10,000 Syrian refugees into our country. . . . for a number of reasons.
  • Let’s look at the data from Europe.  So far after a number of attacks, some successful some not it looks like a number of the terrorists came into the country as refugees.
  •  Explain to me why no Middle Eastern countries will take them?  They have the room and it would be much easier due to culture and location.
  • Look at the images of who they are . . . where are the women and children?  Most are men of military age in good shape. . . this is an invasion not refugees folks
  • How do we vet them?  You cannot get reliable access to any way to show who they are – they are coming from a failed state and how can we trust any records they give us?

Then please tell me what we will do with them?  The UN admits that due to lack of documentation and such it takes most refugees it places 15-20 years to recover.  They have no proof of education or training so we are talking 10,000 folks that will be starting at minimum wage jobs with no proof they have a degree or training or whatever to get a better job.  They are starting from scratch and we would be footing the bill with money we don’t have.

Where will the money come to house them?  We are told we cannot help our own homeless and poor due to lack of funds. . . . yet we have money to pay for them?????  Our elderly can’t get a raise in Social Security (that they paid into) and we have cash for refugees????

I don’t want to see ANY new refugees in our country folks.  We need to fix a few things for our own citizens first:
  •  Get unemployment under control (not just cook the books in DC)
  •  We need to fix our health care system and get rid of the costly Obamacare
  •  We need to deal with our own homeless
  • We need to deal with our vet who need jobs and homes also
  • We need to fix our roads and infrastructure

We have too many critical things to spend out tax dollar now . . . more things than we have tax dollars to spend. . . . We DO NOT have the money for refugees from anywhere.

Go ahead and call me racist if you want.  I am not picking who can come in based on anything – I don’t want any of them until we fix things – I don’t care where they come from.

And yes, I think we should put a hold on work visas too.  We have plenty of folks at all levels looking for work we don’t need to bring in non-citizens to compete for the jobs.

It is past time we put our own citizens first.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Attacks

So I am writing this the next morning when we know a bit more. . .

ISIS claims they did it
Hundred twenty plus dead and hundreds wounded
One attacker was French with terror ties and one had a Syrian passport

Folks they hit multiple locations at the same time in PARIS.

With automatic weapons. . . .

All that gun control did nothing but help them attack.

We need to wake up.  We have fallen asleep again it has been so long since 9/11.

This is just the start.  When the photos started to come out of all the Syrian refugees streaming into Europe many of us pointed out that most were men of military age coming from areas of ISIS control and no one wanted to hear it. . .  .

France shut its borders. . . . too late. . . . ISIS has it's troops already in Europe all over the place.  Now all you can do is try to find them and wait for the rest of their plan to unfold.

We in the US need to wake up and see what is going on.  DC has been lying to us and we need to do something about it.  We are just as at risk as Paris was as we blindly go about our days and ignore the fact that we are at war with ISIS and there kind and they will do anything to get here and attack us.


Time to start paying attention.  Write you reps to do something real about this stuff, pay attention to who you are voting for and stop voting for the idiots that want us disarmed and lead to the slaughter as they refuse to admit we are at war with Radical Islam.

Time to train.  Learn to shoot, learn to defend yourself.  Pay attention to what is going on around you and be the eyes and ears we need to detect where these terrorists are training or getting ready to hit.  Listen to your gut and get out of the area if things look funny. . .

Time to admit we are all in this one, not just our troops.  We live on the front line of this one.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What comes next?

My Mom passes away yesterday.

While I sit here thinking about Mom I realize that my grief is selfish at best.  I am grieving over my loss when I should be focused on her. 

What I am upset over is a temporary thing. . .  we will meet again wherever we go next, Heaven, the Summer Lands, or Valhalla – whatever you want to call it. 

She is now better.  The pain of the last year and her battle will illness is over.  She has shed the broken body that has let her down and has moved on.  She is now with the loved ones who have gone before, her parents, her brothers, and my Dad.  I am sure there were many happy faces waiting to see her again when she arrived.

Yes I will continue to cry for me but I know it is for me, she is probably rejoicing at being whole again and with those she loves watching over those of us still here and looking after us.  I bet she is busy catching up with all those who went before.

This sharp pain will turn dull, and one day we will meet again.

I love you Mom  . . . say HI to Dad for me.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Another School Shooting

So here we go again. . . another school shooting and Obama is pushing up gun sales.
Despite the BS on line this was again a gun free zone. . . .

The school has a policy of no guns on campus and did not feel the need for an armed security presence, Umpqua Community College interim President Rita Cavin said.

So sorry liberals you blew it again and set up another bunch of folks for the bad guy.  It is past time that the folks that put these gun free zones in place be held accountable for the damage they have done.  I would love to see someone sue them for damages because they could not defend themselves legally due to this BS.

I look forward to more background on the shooter coming out although I am sure they will whitewash it.  Already it looks like his friends were pro jihad based on their on line presents but nothing about the shooter yet.  I also find it strange he singled out Christians to kill. . .

When will we wake up and realize that gun free zones are killing us?  Every mass shooting over the last almost 50 years (except 1) has been a gun free zone.  NO ONE CAN FIGHT BACK and they know it.

The movie theater shooter from the Batman movie?  Ya he drove by other theaters to get to the one he attacked. . . Which was a gun free zone unlike the others.

Mall shooters - again gun free zones. . .

Schools and colleges – yep gun free. . .

And the think I really want to know is why CNN is covering this with the same old disproven gun control BS yet ignoring the 50+ folks shot in Chicago last weekend for the second weekend in a row. . . Oh Ya, they don’t want you to see the failure of all those gun laws in Chicago.

Well we can now add another shooting, and we can also add in that they just increased the background checks out there and it did nothing to stop this.  Folks a law is not going to stop them.  Murder is already illegal and that doesn’t stop them why would another gun law?  Criminals, gangs and felons already illegally get guns, the laws preventing a felon from having a gun has yet to stop any of them that want a gun – just look at the gang shootings.  Bringing the gun on campus was against school rules, ya that worked. . . .

Time to wake up folks, and I think we are slowly waking up.  CNN is screaming but here in Boston the  Boston Herald paper has nothing about this on the front page of its web site and the Boston Globe has a short story in small print.  Even in liberal MA they know this is not news and folks won’t buy more gun control as the answer.

But now we will have to watch for another push to strip us of our rights because prohibition works so well.  Just look at history to see:

Alcohol prohibition – lead to the rise of the mob to new unprecedented levels and folks still got their booze
The war on drugs we are still fighting – please show me one high school where the kids can’t get any drug they want and again it has led to a rise in gangs and violence

Taking guns from law abiding folks will do nothing to stop criminals.  But it will make it easier and safer for them. . . . Get ready to push back again.  We must keep our rights if we want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.  We need to force the politicians to move past the failure of gun control and start to look for the real cause and prevention of these attacks, because guns are not it.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Amazed in MA

Once again it is that time. . . the gun club has started up classes again.

Now we do them for two reasons.  1 - everyone needs to take the class to join.  That way we make sure every one in the club can safely handle a gun. 2 - we do it to get folks to get their license and hope they join our club.

Now most classes are full at 24 folks per class. . . . yesterday we had 25.  In most classes the majority have their permit already and are looking to join the club. . . yesterday was different.  Out of that 25 only 7 or so had permits.  The rest will hopefully be new shooters and new permit holders soon.  They all did great on the class and at the shooting part of the class.

Folks just when you think you have seen it all.  Over the last two years MA has been changing.  I think it is going to take a while to get to our leaders, but it is changing.  we have defeated a major anti - gun bill and turned it into a pro gun bill setting the anti folks up for some serious legal issues in a few years over permits. . . our classes have been full the two years I have taught at the club and the number of folks going for their first permits keeps going up.  And now yesterdays class was majority new folks.

I hope we keep that trend going.  I would love to see us getting 10-15 new folks to get permits every month. . .  and I hope other clubs are doing this too.

Nationally Gun Control is dead with the majority of folks saying we have enough or too many laws on guns.  The pro gun numbers keep growing while the news folks keep pushing the gun grabbers side and losing.  Anti gun stories are all over the news and folks ignore them or see right through the BS.

We are winning!  Folks have started to wake up to the loss of their rights and I think they are looking to turn it around.  Now we need to see what we can do in 2016 to push things forward.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Theater Shooting - GUN FREE ZONE AGAIN

So here we go again. . .

Crazy person shoots up movie theater
  • Movie theater he chooses to shoot up is a gun free zone
  • No one can fight back.
  • Folks you can add to this reports that he was a loaner, drifter and was a prohibited person so could not legally own a gun. . .

The part that scares me the most is that there will be folks out there that will continue to keep their heads in the sand and call for more gun laws. . .

No law would stop this.  Again we are shown that the criminal ignores the laws to do his damage.  He had a gun he could not legally own in a gun free zone where he killed people. . . how many laws did he break already?  Do you really think one more would make any difference?  If you do you are part of the problem.

Folks the world is not a safe place.  To fall for the myth of gun control and gun free zones is to be a dreamer who is totally disconnected from the real world.  Gun control is a fantasy and we need to realize that and admit it DOES NOT WORK!  The folks calling for disarming us are not living in the real world and won't admit it!

What is crazy?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  . . .  over and over we have tried to prohibit criminals from doing things by passing laws alone. . . and the criminals keep ignoring the laws and doing the crime anyway. Prohibition has never worked and all you have to do is look at history to see that: 
  •       1930’s alcohol prohibition – folks still got booze and crime went up
  •       Today’s drug wars – folks still get drugs and crime goes up
  •       No gun zones – folks still get shot by criminals. . . .

Time for this to end.  Time we tell our elected officials that we are sick of them turning us into easy targets for madmen.  Time to repeal gun control on all levels folks IT DOES NOT WORK!

I don’t know about you but the lives of my family are worth it.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gun Facts the Anti's don't like

It is spelled out HERE

But lets face it folks. . . you don't get mass shootings at a gun range, gun show, or the local cop shop. . .

But you do at schools, churches, and one at a political rally. . .

What is different?  Well, many schools, churches and political rallies are GUN FREE ZONES and the nut case knows it.  Same for many work places.

So the mass killer goes to a place he knows there are no guns and kills many people. . .

And what to the politicians want?  MORE GUN FREE ZONES. . . . . how does that help????

Time to end gun control folks.


Time to wake up and admit to the facts in evidence. . . . gun control loses every time you do.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Church Shooting

So here we go again. . .

A gun free zone where 9 folks were killed by a bad guy with a gun. . .

The ironic thing is the pastor who was killed voted against letting folks carry concealed.  His own vote put people at risk and he has now paid the ultimate price for pushing gun free zones. . . a bad guy does not care if you have a gun free zone or not, and he will still bring his gun into your gun free zone. . . hell they prefer it since they know you can't fight back.

Over and over again we see this and the idiots in charge have the same failing answer - more gun control.   Gun control is how we got into this mess folks.

If we didn't have gun free zones and many of the other idiotic laws these control freaks want is why we have these shootings.

Bad folks know the good folks have been disarmed.  They know the idiots in charge are on their side keeping us at a disadvantage by disarming us.  Bad folks are the problem, not the hunk of metal called a gun.

Bad folks use guns, they also use knives, gas, bombs . . . you name it.  They want to kill and will find a way.  We need to be armed to stop them.  Cops can't be everywhere and they can't stop them.  Cops job is to show up after the fact, investigate and catch the bad guy, not prevent the attack in the first place - remember the Supreme Court has ruled they have no requirement to protect anyone. . .

So lets stay awake folks and let DC know we will not let them use this as an excuse to strip us of our rights or let them set us up for the next attack.

Folks our gun rights are critical to our safety.  We need to be able to defend ourselves from not only criminals and politicians, but from terrorists. . . they are coming here and we all know it.  ISIS claims to already be here.  With our open borders they probably are already here.  Heck the attack in  Boston on the cops was an ISIS supporter.

Don't let them use this failure of gun control to push more gun control. . . . .

Friday, May 29, 2015

Patriot Act

Looks like we are closer now than we have been in years to end the Patriot Act. .  . We need to keep up the pressure on DC to end this foolishness.

Once again DC has taken a law that was passed in the heat of the moment in the name of making us safer and tuned it around on us so they can spy on us. . .  not the bad guys.

Obama is screaming for it.  That alone should be enough for every sane person to call, write or email DC to scrap this invasion of our privacy.

Folks it has done little to nothing to keep us safe when compared to the MASSIVE invasion of our lives by the .gov thanks to this law.

Time for it to end.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

ISIS in the USA

Well as the Texas attack has shown ISIS is here.

They don't need to have recruits going to them any more.  Now with social media and our sickening political correctness here ISIS is getting the word out right here in the USA.

So what does that mean?  Well to look at the most basic facts it means that we have folks sucking up the ISIS info here and becoming radicalized but no heads up since the new terrorist never left the USA for training.  Sure the cops may get a heads up like they did in Texas but it is not going to happen ever time.

It is time we wake up America.  Folks we need to stop letting the liberals leave us open for these attacks.  It is time we go back to our roots, respect our Constitution and see that our founders planned for problems like this.  They gave us our Second Amendment for a reason and it is not HUNTING!

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Folk ISIS is here at least in spirit.  They will get other nut jobs to follow their call and attack us.  Some who follow Islam and some that just want to be famous.  Stop letting them infringe on your right to be safe, your right to defend yourself, your kids, and your nation.  Learn to shoot, learn the law, learn how to carry properly.  If not a gun, learn a martial art, you never know what may save you when it hits.  Being fat dumb and stupid thinking the Government will save you is a sure path to failure.

We need to stay awake and be ready.  Sure we need to report what we see, but it is more important to be ready to take the fight to them if they show up.  We cannot depend on the cops or the Feds to be there when they attack.  Lets face it they screwed up attacking in Texas where folks are armed and they know it.  They will try again and this time they will attack where they have a much better shot to win - CA, MA, NY, NJ, CT. . . . state that have strong gun control and thus make it very hard to defend themselves from anyone.  You can whine about gun control making us safer all you want, but the facts don't lie and they prove you wrong.

Be ready, they will hit us again.  They are Evil, not stupid.  I am sure they learned from this one. . . .

Monday, May 4, 2015

Shooting in Texas

I have to admit this is an interesting one.

They held an event to draw cartoons of Mohamed, and you know how that sets off the radicals. . .

Well anyway was it in poor taste, sure, but folks this is America and we have rights here.  You have the right to say and do things in poor taste - we call it freedom of speech and the First Amendment.

But after hearing what happened I have to say a few thoughts ran through my head:

  • Really?  you idiots showed up in Texas and tried a drive by?
  • Isn't it illegal to bait your prey when hunting?
  • Wow those idiots walked right into that ambush. . .
I love the fact that both attackers are dead, and the only defender hurt was a minor injury being shot in the foot.

I also love Texas.  They evacuate the people for a bomb threat and they start singing patriotic songs.  LOVE TEXAS!

We need more of this in our country.  Folks that push for their rights, and will defend them.  Folks that will sing patriotic songs in the face of danger and tell these terrorists to go screw we won't stop because of you.

It is said at least one of the attackers was tied some way to ISIS.  Not a direct member but a supporter.  

Folks this is only the start.  We need to make sure the next attack is met as well, and the one after that . . . and after that.  They need to learn we will not give an inch, we will not break, and we will win.

Time to be American again!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cops on the news. . .

Sitting here listening to the cops on the news get interviewed and they feel they are not trusted by people any more and getting a bad rap. . . .

I am sorry for that but a few bad apples have done that to you.  It is time that the thin blue wall come down and they stand up and turn in those in the ranks that commit crime, abuse their badge and take advantage of of their status.  It is time they remember that they are just citizen too, one of us that we grant special legal power to in order to keep us all safe.  They are no better or worse than us, they ARE US

I admit at this point I don't trust them half as much as I use to.

Why?  I blame the cops and the government for this.  Because of the laws they are now enforcing on us passed by our government that ignores the Constitution, the courts that uphold unconstitutional laws, and the cops that abuse their position for their own gain either through crime or pay off, or just the way they act like they are above the citizens and better than us.  Because I have seen the news and watched them abuse folks that were in custody and no longer a threat to anyone.

Is this every cop?  HELL NO.  There are only a very few bad cops and I truly believe that.  The problem is that they do enough damage to put us all at risk and boy do they get the news time now.  I think the spotlight is good if it fixes things, but I admit it puts some at risk too.  Sorry about that but we need to have this openness so we can fix the problem and growth is painful, but needed.

We need to work on this for all of our safety.  As things stand the danger is just getting worse and worse.

Think of where this goes if we don't fix it

  • folks don't trust the cop so won't help them
  • Folk won't give them tips
  • Criminals know they have nothing to lose if they fight back since cops ignore their rights 
  • Violent reactions to cops become the norm.  why would a thug give up if he know he will be cuffed and beaten possibly killed if he gives up. .  may as well fight and try to get away.
  • Bystanders will not only not lend the cops a hand (lawful gun owners or others) but may be injured/killed in the ensuing fire fight
  • Lather, rinse, repeat the spiral out of control. . . .

I think it is critical that we change the attitude that Cops are somehow above the citizens.

  • They should not get special treatment on what guns they can buy
  • They should not get military gear.  They are not the Army they are peace officers
  • Every town does not need an armored tank and a SWAT team
  • They need to be transparent in their actions and investigations.  
  • They need to stop acting like it is them against us and covering up when one of them breaks the law.
  • Those that break the law need to be held accountable and it needs to be visible that they are
  • Every cop on the beat should have a body cam so everyone can see an unbiased video of what happened.  This protects the citizen and the cops
We need to rebuild the trust - to do this we need to go back to the cop being part of the community not above it or outside it as a special protected class.

Then we can start to heal the rift.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore is Burning.

We the progressives really did it this time. . . .

Instead of cracking down at the start when they had some control of the city they had to "give the rioters room for their first amendment rights and room to destroy things"

Then they lost it.

The animals are now in charge there and the citizens are disarmed so can do nothing about it.

Folks there is no good end to this mess.  Folks will die, the cops and National Guard will be thrown at the animals and will have to kill some before they take back the city.

The Mayor should be removed from office right now!  She has shown she cannot deal with this or make the hard calls to save this city.

It is all but over for them.  Baltimore is burning and they are looting for all they can.

None of this crap has anything to do with the dead black man that they talk about.  That was just the excuse they used to start the fight.  Now it is all about taking all they can, running free like animals and doing as much damage as they can.  None of this has anything to do with civil rights or the cops - This is about thugs running the city and doing whatever they want.
I hope the liberals are proud of their creation.  It has come back to roost.  God help the good citizens that are trapped there.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

And Gun Rights continues to win

You can read the details HERE 

But in a nutshell the Dem in charge of Missouri had veto'd a pro gun bill to expand open carry and carry in schools.

They just overrode his veto to protect the rights of folks in MO.

Well done folks well done.

Good to see another win on the pro rights side.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gun Class Time. . . And good news on the gun front!

Had a great day at the gun club today teaching our monthly safety class.  Most of the folks were going for their MA permits, but a few were there just to join the club.

Had a full house of 23 people, which we seem to have every month.  I bet we could do two classes a month if we had the people and still fill it.

Another great thing was of the 23, 10 were women from young to older.  I love to see women getting into shooting.  For way to long the anti gun folks have pushed that women don't shoot and used that against our rights. . . . glad to see that is ending and more and more of them are seeing that shooting is a great sport, fun, and a good way to learn self defense.

To top it all off, I also saw these two things today:

  1. As reported in the Patriot Ledger gun permits in southeastern MA continues to go up up up. More and more folks are getting permits in MA.....
  2. And gun clubs are getting up scale here and accepted. . . a Guntry Club has opened up here.
The  gun control folks lost a big one last year here.  They passed a new gun laws, but before all was said and done the people had woken up and the law was gutted.  It went from a Second Amendment crippling bill to one that the gun folks supported and helped pass as it became pro gun. . . . the only minor win the anti folks got was a change to may issue for the FID card (lowest level of permit).  Of course to say no they need a court order agreeing to say no. .  and it all gets documented now.  They use to get to deny all other permits with no reason given. . . We also won an official appeals process for any denied permit and lots of other stuff.

In the end even the little bit they won helps us document for the courts the abuse of the system so in the long run it will be used against them to help further dismantle gun control here.  Their win will help end them.

Even in MA gun control is losing ground and you can see it.  We are wining hearts and minds folks.  Keep up the fight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where the next World War starts

Now ISIS is in Libya. . .

And pushing Jihad . . . then invasion of Europe and the US

Folks we have hit that point where if you are an honest person and know your history you can see we have been here before. . . ..

It is time to stop the appeasement of the radical Muslims in the world wherever they are.  We have crossed the line where they are no longer a mixed bunch.  With what ISIS has done I think we have hit the point where if you are not actively fighting them then you are supporting them.

Time to end this. . . .

Folks we need to look at a few things.

1 - our borders.  No more open borders and no more letting them in.  We are a secular country of laws, you can practice any religion but when you start to push for religious laws of any kind including Sharia law it is time to say NO - you want that go live someplace else.  Our laws are good enough and based on the proper morals of any good religion.  Deal with it.

2 - fighting the radical Muslims. . .  We need DC to stop playing political games and admit we are now in a war footing with them.  Time to start wiping out ISIS wholesale with air strikes or whatever else is needed.  And time for other countries to step up and help.

3 - getting rid of anyone in our government that supports them in any way.  If you support radical Islam you are not fit to be in our government.  End of story.  They are terrorists and animals and should be treated that way.  If you can't bring yourself to say it and call it what it is you are unfit for any .gov post.

This is what we need to do.  A darkness is coming folks no matter what religion or not you follow.  Time to stand up and fight while we still have light to fight for.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

DC Lack of Security

Wow the mail man got them all upset in DC. .

This is too funny.  Sorry folk but many of us have been saying for years now that all this security BS is just that, BS and infringing on our rights for no good.

Now it is all over the national news how easy it was for this guy to fly into DC and land on the capital lawn and they never saw it coming. . .  even though he published his plans, emailed the .gov the plan and told a reporter.  Some of the worst operational security I have every heard of but he still got through.

Will this help us wake up to the security theater we are living and how useless it is?  Will we wake up and fix this?

Or will we continue to give up our rights to the .gov lies that they are keeping us safe.

They can't keep themselves safe.  God help us all if someone really wanted to do something.  Based on our Mail mans flight they won't have to work hard to do it.

Security is a joke in this country, and now we all know it.  THAT is what they are upset about.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Deputy charged in Tulsa

You can get the details HERE

This is good.  This guy is a reserve deputy and obviously well past the time he should be on the street.  This is not his real job, he sells insurance and I guess plays cop when he can. . .

Sorry to put it that way but that is what I get from the film. . . . "sorry I shot him"

Folks, there are a number of things wrong here. . .

1 - He confuses his taser with his gun
2 - He has his taser in a place he can grab his gun instead under pressure
3 - He aims and fires without seeing the difference. . .

This is crazy.

A taser does not look or feel like a real gun.  It is wider, and shaped differently.  A cop should be able to tell the difference by the feel of the grip at a minimum.  He still pulled it under pressure, and did not notice it until he shot and killed someone.

Nope, this is not good.  He should not be carrying a gun in public with this kind of judgement.

I am glad he is being charged, but I am more interested in seeing what they will do to prevent this from happening again.  You can't bring this guy back from the dead, but you can stop letting folks play cop.  Obviously he needed more training at a minimum.  More likely he should have been pulled off the street due to his bad judgement a while ago and now someone paid with their life for it.

How do you prevent a repeat?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

End gun free Zones

Not that this bill will pass

and if it did Obozo would veto it in a second.

But that it is even getting this far is proof of how badly gun control has failed.  Folks are starting to wake up to the lie and see that no matter what the news folks tell them they are not safer.  The people are seeing the truth, that the places with all the gun laws are less safe . .  . and starting to question why is it that the places that are loosening up on gun laws are getting safer . .  ..

This is good, the facts are getting out.  Keep it up!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Cops behaving Badly

What the hell happened to Protect and Serve?

This is what happens when you militarize the cops and teach them that they are on one side and the rest of us are on the other. . .

So far this week we have one facing murder charges for killing a guy who ran from him. . . what was he after him for?  He had a broken tail light and he possibly knew he owed child support. . .  last I checked neither of these was a violent crime or worth killing over.  Had you or I done it they would lock us up and toss the key.  Now we get to see if they get the same or not. . .

Next we have a bunch of the sheriffs finest going after a horse thief HERE.  So once they get him on the ground they kick and beat him. . .  when he was already face down in the dirt spread eagle. . .

To me the trifector is when you toss in the report on the Boston Marathon events and see how they back up the cops.  These cops tossed the Constitution, invaded peoples homes and treated them as criminals.  Pulling them out of their own homes at gunpoint and folks had no problem with it.  What Fourth amendment rights?  You don't need any rights. . . .

Our cops seem out of control.  Maybe instead of going after lawful gun owners we should be talking about disarming our cops, or at least taking away the military grade toys they have.  I like to think these stories are a few bad apples . . . . but more and more of these are coming out in the media, and more and more often.

What is happening to our country. . . I am shocked by how far we have gone and lost our way. . .

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Guns Save Lives

Great story HERE

Car jacker tries to take off with woman on the hood of the car. . .Bystander with a gun stops him and holds him till cops get there.

Good guy with gun saves a life.

Job market still sucks

HERE is a great report on why.

Folks DC is having a great time lying to us on how well Obama has fixed the economy and how great it is doing. . . .

Problem is we didn't hit the numbers we should have in March, and they have now scaled down what we did in January and February but don't expect the media to tell you that either. . .

And to finish it off we have fewer people in the work force today.  . more folks have dropped out than ever before.  What that means is folks have given up and know they can't find a job so have given up looking.  This makes things better for DC since they don't count these folks so it makes unemployment look better than it really is. . . U-6 unemployment (which counts those who have given up looking for work as well as those who are underemployed) is 10.9 percent.

More lies to make us think Obama has done something right and yet again it is shown for what it is. .  .. smoke and mirrors folks.

Talking Heads

It is disgusting to see the morning talking heads. . .

I could only take a few moments of it as they continue to fawn all over Hillary and push how she is right and ready to be President.

I really don't get how anyone can look at the mess we are in, the damage and division done by Obama and honestly say they want 4 more years of this crap. . . .

Hillary has already broken the law in so may ways, most recently by wiping a server she knew the government investigation wanted to see as evidence.  She should be in jail not running for POTUS.

If we don't wake up our country will be damaged to the point I don't think we will be able to fix it.  Our kids already are looking at a life not as good as ours. . . what would our grand kids have to look forward to?

Dear idiot liberals, turning the USA into a third world country is not a good thing to do, stop drinking the kool aid and wake up.  Look around. . . .

Thanks to Obama and liberal law makers our border are open, unemployment is at record highs when you look at the real numbers and more folks than ever have given up and dropped out of the work force.  Our standing in the world SUCKS as our friends don't trust us and our enemies are laughing at us.  Obama and his gang turn everything into a race issue to divide our great country and have pushed back race relations by years.  Black unemployment is outrageous.  The welfare crowd is being trapped on government funds so the will vote for him instead of being helped to get off welfare and actually move ahead in the world.

And in this perfect storm the GOP is doing their best to lose again with fools like Chris Christie being put out there as real candidates.  Are you kidding me?  Christie is a liberal and no friend to small government or our rights.  You will find many independent conservatives such as myself will vote third party costing you the election before voting for him.

I have been told that if I vote third party I vote for Hillary. . . . but the way I see it if I vote in Christie I am voting in the same thing as Hillary, just with an R instead of a D at the end of her name and the same damage will be done.  Wake up GOP and give me a real candidate if you want me to vote for you.  I know what a conservative is so stop giving us RINOS and telling us they are conservatives.  We are not stupid and can see that the GOP and DEMs are not that different as it now stands.  Show me you really are different.

Maybe it really is time for a good strong third party with a real Constitutionalist as the candidate.  I think they could really win things.  Maybe it is time for the GOP to become the third rate party no one cares about.  Maybe the GOP should just admit they have become the Democrat lite party and join the Democrats. . . . and let us have a real choice as to who to vote for.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gun Billboard Win

Looks like the folks here in MA have had enough of the gun grabber lies and bull . . . .

More Here

Rosenthal the gun grabber and anti rights piece of crap lost his billboard on the Mass Pike so he talked a number of folks into giving him free billboards to promote "gun safety" when he really meant to say let me push anti civil rights crap. . .

Folks pushed back with emails, calls and posts and he has already lost the backing on his free billboards from the two main backers.  The others are holding on for now but the pressure is up.

The gun grabbers blame the NRA for bullying them when in reality GOAL the MA gun rights group put the word out and REAL grass roots kicked in and pushed back.

We won a big battle but need to keep pushing them to pull the rest.

Even here in MA gun control is dead . . . they just don't want to see that.

Clear Channel's attack on your rights

So it looks like Clear Channel has tossed in with the anti-rights crowd and is giving free billboard to the anti-gun nut of Massachusetts Mr, Rosenthal.  This is the same guy who has pushed most of the bad gun laws in this state, you know driving us from way below the New England average for violent crime to well above it?. . . .

He loves to spread the lies and propaganda of gun control even as it fails across our country.   The basic facts show he is wrong which can easily be seen when you look at areas with lots of gun control vs little or no gun control.  More control = more crime.  You really want proof of the lie look at how violent crime has dropped in DC and Chicago now that they have some access to guns, imagine if they had full access as is their right?  Gun control only helps the criminals. 

Contact Clear Channel and let them know you are paying attention.  Let them know you support lawful citizens right to self defense.  Better yet contact any merchant you see on their billboards and let them know you won't buy from them because they are supporting this insanity. .  ..
Everyone has the right to defend themselves - men, women, minority, handicapped it does not matter it is YOUR RIGHT to be safe and defend yourself from criminals.  Don't give that up.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The End of Federal Gun Control?

You can read about it HERE

Looks like a Senator is pushing a amendment to a bill that will end current gun control and make it much harder to pass future stuff. . .

Will it go anywhere?   Probably not because we have to many traitors in DC now that ignore our Constitution and Laws otherwise gun control would have been gone long ago.

But who would have thought a few years ago that this would even be discussed in DC?  This is still a big step forward.

We need to keep up the pressure and if you look at it that way this is a small win.

Gun Control is dying folks, slowly and painfully but it is dying.  We need to keep up the pressure and make sure we finish this.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hillary needs some jail time

So she knows there is an investigation going on focused on her

So she knows she broke the law as our Sec. of State

So she has her illegal email server wiped clean knowing it will be called evidence against her


She should be facing charges on this one folks.  Destruction of evidence, or interference in an ongoing investigation. . . something

Dear Toyota (or how to screw your customer)

I have to say I use to like the new Prius we got.  Rides nice and gets great mileage. . .

All that ended today. . .

You see we managed to lose the keys to the damn car.  Now I admit losing them is my fault and I am willing to pay a reasonable amount to replace them. . . . the problem is it is a very unreasonable amount that I will have to pay to replace them.

This is a sign of bad engineering or bad customer service, not sure which but both speak very poorly about Toyota.

Now as an Engineer who is involved in new product launches we do an in depth evaluation of what can go wrong as I am sure you do. . . . somewhere in that list MUST have been the customer looses the keys to the car.

Now is where I begin to see the flaw in Toyota.

Knowing that folks would lose the keys you can take steps to make replacement easy on your customer giving them good support.  In a customer focused world I would take ID, my registration and the VIN to the dealer, prove I own it and you would PROGRAM a new key for me . . . for say $100 or so.  Face it circuit boards are cheap and so are these keys. . . I know I make PCBs. . . .

But no, you took the other road.  Instead you make it extremely hard to get a new key.  I will have to have the car towed to the dealer where they need to pull and replace some of the electronics in the car then program two new keys. . . . for about $1000.

What a rip off.  I now see how little you care about the customer in a most painful way.  To think I stretched my ability to get a car so I could buy yours makes me feel like a fool.

Guess that won't happen again.  So congrats to you, you got my money, and soon you will get more for the new keys.  But for this one sale you have given up future sales.  I won't buy another Toyota after this.  I will give someone else a try to see if they support their customers instead.  And I will advise my friends to do the same.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Why I hate Cars

What a racket. . .

Lost the key to my wife's new Toyota. . . one of the fancy ones you don't put the key in to start. . . just push the button kind. . .

And now we can't find the spare so the dealer tells us to get us new keys they need to tow the car there and reprogram it and the keys . . . $650 or so to do.

You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!

Give me back the days of a simple key you cut at the hardware store to make the car work.

What a F'ing joke this is. .  ..

Update. still can't find the keys at home. . . and it looks like the overall cost to get this fixed on Monday will be just short of $1K. . . . yes, $1000 for new keys.

This is a major screw up on my part but also on the part of every engineer that looked at this and said "No problem, folks won't lose the keys so we don't need an easy way to make new ones. . . ."

A sad day for engineering.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Illegals showing why we need to deport DREAMERs NOW

Story is HERE

The start of it tells you all you need to know:

The illegal immigrant charged with killing an “America’s Next Top Model” contestant was only in the U.S. because the administration had granted him amnesty under President Obama’s 2012 policy for so-called Dreamers, two senators revealed Friday afternoon.

Thank You Obama for continuing to show us that your LAST priority is the safety of America and her legal citizens.  

I pray that all the data we collected on these "Dreamers" is used to quickly round up and deport every last one of them.

What is wrong with the liberal mind letting these criminals stay in our country.  The first thing they did here was break our laws. . . why are we even giving them a chance to talk?  Round them up and send them home, no questions asked, no shot at staying for any reason and we should add on a lifetime ban of ever coming here legally. . . 

There is now a push on in Congress to make it so those kids born to illegals here will not get citizenship and I pray that passes.  As long as one parent is a US citizen the child should be able to be a citizen, if both parents are not citizens then the child is not a citizen folks. . . . 

We need to start putting America first folks, all of us. . . including our businesses.  Only then can we get back to our roots, our Constitution, and once again be a great country.

Is Hillary Unstoppable?

Seems the news media thinks so and wants us to buy it. . . .

Love how the "unbiased" news folks who are ignoring Hillary's illegal activity as Secretary of State are pushing polls that show she is way out in front of everyone. . . .

I would love to see who they are talking to.  I don't see how she can win with all the baggage and the fact the voters seem to want someone new. . . No more Bush and no more Clinton.

Folks we have been there and done that and it didn't work.  Time to get new blood in DC, someone who will do the job and follow the Constitution and protect our rights. . .  Not Christie from NJ or most of the others running.

We need to fix things and protect our rights.  Hillary who is hiding emails, screwed up Bengazi in Libya and so many other things sure is not the right person.

We have a country to rebuild, and a reputation along with our military strength against enemies like ISIS and the like.  Again no Dem is going to do that.

Time for some TEA I think. . . .

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Love those Unions

Story is HERE

And you wonder why we have issues with education in this country.

Boston which has enough issues with it's schools has 72 teachers they can't fire. . . and no principal wants them in their school so they are paying $6 Mil to keep them on and have them "co teach" with a good teacher to train them.

Then they admit some will be on the list again next year. . .

Folks it is far past time we dumped unions and made folks accountable for their work.  If you suck at your job you get fired.  Works in the private sector, will work in the public too. . .  and improve service at the same time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Race in America

The news last night hit two things that got me thinking of race in this country. . .

1 - They are handing out awards to folks of color supporting their effort to end race-ism in the country. . . Isn't handing out awards based on skin color racist???

2 - Then we get to the cries of "if you don't support Obama you are racist"  but they ignore the fact that if you support or voted for him because of skin color you are racist. . .

Folks as long as we are doing ANYTHING based on skin color there will be racism.  Making decisions based on race or skin color is RACIST.

When will we stop this crap?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shootings in MA. . .

Good to see in the news today we had shootings in two parts of Boston and Worcester. . . .

Please note that these areas are some of the most dangerous in MA. . . .

And have the most restrictions on guns in the hands of LAWFUL citizens.

But remember we need more gun laws because lawful gun owners are the problem, not the gang banging criminals who got the gun illegally. . . . if that makes sense to you you may be a liberal. . .

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Constitutional Carry spreading

The more I watch the news the more I can see gun control is really dead.  It is in it's death throws and we will need to make sure they don't get anything passed on the way down, but it is dead - they just won't admit it yet.

Look at what is happening around our country.  Most states are lessening the gun control they have.

Now EVERY state has concealed carry.

But what gives me the most hope is Constitutional Carry and School Carry.  Just like Concealed Carry both of these have started with one or two states but are slowly spreading.  Folks see it, they see the lies that gun control freaks have pushed are lies.  .  .  crime is not going up, but goes down.  No gun fights in the streets and no problems from more freedom now that is a win.

I think we are seeing the same thing all over.  We need to stay active and keep pushing but eventually I can see this sweeping our country.  Eventually most states will have this freedom I think some day all will be forced to admit it and give back the rights they have taken from us.

But to get there we will need to keep fighting for all states, not just our own.  We need to keep DC from passing any new anti-gun laws, and we need to keep pushing on our own states to prevent more bull shit laws from passing.  CA, NY, NJ, CT will be the longest fights I think, with my home of MA right behind them but we won big last year stopping a big anti gun law from passing "for the kids" I think we can do it again.

Keep it up folks, we are winning this but if we get complacent and think it is over they will be back.  Don't let up until gun control is where it should be  - the distant dust bin of history. . . .

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary and Email

So it looks like Obama is done with Hillary and has tossed her under the bus now too. . .

You can read it HERE

Obama won't get in on here email scandal or help her out of it.  Not sure what she did to piss him off but he cut her lose on this one.

I hope the media rips her apart on it.  She is as crooked as they come and has been hiding things about the Benghazi attack.  Now we find out she had all her emails on a non- .gov server so we have to believe her when she says "I gave you everything". .. ya right.  I am sure you would have turned over emails that put you in jail or end your career plans right?

This is insane.

Time we make DC live up to the law just like we have to.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

French Terror Attack

This is a mess.

I hate to say this but we are rapidly heading into a war between Islam and the rest of us.  If you don't think so then I feel sorry for you - look at the facts:

This last attack was trained folks, not home grown armatures
The Muslim world does not speak up much against these attacks
Some even try to justify them. . . .
Radical Islam is getting bolder and bolder in attacking free people
They want us to all live under their version of Islam
They won't take NO for an answer,
Look at France, ISIS, Africa. . .  this cancer is spreading

Folks we are quickly getting to the point where the Radical Islam folks will be able to hit us any where they want and our own leaders are all talk no action.  It costs the Radicals nothing to do these attacks, they get all the press they want, they get to kill us, and they get martyrdom and we do nothing to hit back.

Until we can make this hurt enough that there own people start to question the value of the attacks we will keep seeing this over and over around the world.

It is also interesting in a sad way that folks IGNORE all the gun laws and restrictions in France that made this possible.  No citizen had a chance on this one - they are disarmed sheep waiting for the Radicals to kill them.  Even the cops are not armed all the time in France and look how that played out, they were running for their lives and lost.

This whole thing makes me sick, and makes me think another war is coming, one of us vs Islam to finally fix this issue.  They don't want peace and if we continue to sit back they will kill again and again. . . .

Time for Muslims to wake up and stop this crap- they are the only ones who can stop these Radicals with minimum blood shed- the alternative is they will be seen as supporting the Radicals, and the lines will be drawn. . . .