Monday, April 13, 2015

Deputy charged in Tulsa

You can get the details HERE

This is good.  This guy is a reserve deputy and obviously well past the time he should be on the street.  This is not his real job, he sells insurance and I guess plays cop when he can. . .

Sorry to put it that way but that is what I get from the film. . . . "sorry I shot him"

Folks, there are a number of things wrong here. . .

1 - He confuses his taser with his gun
2 - He has his taser in a place he can grab his gun instead under pressure
3 - He aims and fires without seeing the difference. . .

This is crazy.

A taser does not look or feel like a real gun.  It is wider, and shaped differently.  A cop should be able to tell the difference by the feel of the grip at a minimum.  He still pulled it under pressure, and did not notice it until he shot and killed someone.

Nope, this is not good.  He should not be carrying a gun in public with this kind of judgement.

I am glad he is being charged, but I am more interested in seeing what they will do to prevent this from happening again.  You can't bring this guy back from the dead, but you can stop letting folks play cop.  Obviously he needed more training at a minimum.  More likely he should have been pulled off the street due to his bad judgement a while ago and now someone paid with their life for it.

How do you prevent a repeat?

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