Thursday, April 2, 2015

Clear Channel's attack on your rights

So it looks like Clear Channel has tossed in with the anti-rights crowd and is giving free billboard to the anti-gun nut of Massachusetts Mr, Rosenthal.  This is the same guy who has pushed most of the bad gun laws in this state, you know driving us from way below the New England average for violent crime to well above it?. . . .

He loves to spread the lies and propaganda of gun control even as it fails across our country.   The basic facts show he is wrong which can easily be seen when you look at areas with lots of gun control vs little or no gun control.  More control = more crime.  You really want proof of the lie look at how violent crime has dropped in DC and Chicago now that they have some access to guns, imagine if they had full access as is their right?  Gun control only helps the criminals. 

Contact Clear Channel and let them know you are paying attention.  Let them know you support lawful citizens right to self defense.  Better yet contact any merchant you see on their billboards and let them know you won't buy from them because they are supporting this insanity. .  ..
Everyone has the right to defend themselves - men, women, minority, handicapped it does not matter it is YOUR RIGHT to be safe and defend yourself from criminals.  Don't give that up.

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