Thursday, April 16, 2015

DC Lack of Security

Wow the mail man got them all upset in DC. .

This is too funny.  Sorry folk but many of us have been saying for years now that all this security BS is just that, BS and infringing on our rights for no good.

Now it is all over the national news how easy it was for this guy to fly into DC and land on the capital lawn and they never saw it coming. . .  even though he published his plans, emailed the .gov the plan and told a reporter.  Some of the worst operational security I have every heard of but he still got through.

Will this help us wake up to the security theater we are living and how useless it is?  Will we wake up and fix this?

Or will we continue to give up our rights to the .gov lies that they are keeping us safe.

They can't keep themselves safe.  God help us all if someone really wanted to do something.  Based on our Mail mans flight they won't have to work hard to do it.

Security is a joke in this country, and now we all know it.  THAT is what they are upset about.

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