Friday, September 28, 2007

You may be a gun nut. . .

if you see a box at work that says "Diamond Grip" and the first thing that pops in your head is the grips for a 1911 pistol. . . .

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jack Update

Well, Jack is growing fast. Last trip to the doc he is up to about 15lbs. He has also started to roll over onto his back from his stomach when he wants to. Now he is working on rolling from his back to his stomach with some success,. . . I will have to get some new pics posted of him and the house.

The older he gets the more he looks like my dad. I have a picture of dad just after he got in the Navy and boy can you see the resemblance between them.

Things are also moving forward on the house. The Plumbers have started to get the pluming roughed in. The connection between the houses is also done with the bridge on the second floor connecting Nana's to the loft is done too.

All in all things are going forward.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I am so old

Well, we went to King Richards Fare this weekend and man do I feel old. I use to go down there a lot in college, got all dressed up and everything. . . . had a great time, even got to know a bunch of the actors and merchants there. . . . . Should have left it alone.

Well going down there out of costume, with three kids (one a baby), and my mother really changed things a bit, along with the fact that we don't know anyone there any more and boy do the folks walking around in costume look young. . . .

To top it all off my older daughter kept pointing out folks in costume and telling me they were scary looking - they looked normal enough to me for fare goers. . . maybe I should show her some of the pics from when I use to go with my wife, that would probably scare the hell out of her. I think I will have to go see if I have any I can put my hands on =)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dog Days

well, today got off to a good start. 6:30 AM the guy shows up to swap out the dumpster that the builders are using. . . .Now I didn't know he was coming so as I get out of the shower the dog starts to go nuts and I hear banging outside.

Well, since the dog knows the workmen I let her out to go see what is up and say HI to them and to try to shut her up. Well, didn't go like that. next thing I know the pore sod is pounding on my door and here I am not dressed yet. . . .

Anyway so I throw on some pants and open the door to find this biker looking dude telling me the dog scared him and could I please move my car. Seems the dog which is harmless does do her best to keep up appearances and put on a good show barking at the guy. So out I go, moved the car and he did his thing swapping out the dumpsters. He was even nice enough to leave the porta potty he had to move right behind my truck so it couldn't move.

When the normal work crew got here they moved the porta potty for my wife and thought it rather silly that the dog scared him as they are all good friends with her. Hell of a way to start the day. Of course I thought I did good and he was lucky I could see what he was doing from the house. I am sure he would have needed new pants had I showed up at the door packing which I may have done had he surprised me and I thought some thug was at the door. . . . .

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Insane Quote of the Week

Our lovely governor Comrade Pactrick gave a stirring speech on 9/11 telling us how bad it was and that it basically was caused by us not understanding and loving the terrorists. . . . Dude, news flash they are trying to KILL us! They don't want to talk, and they sure don't want a hug.

All I can say is what nut house did he come from and how do we send him back before anything else hits the fan? With politicians like that running things I feel so much safer. . . NOT Talk about sticking your head in the sand. All I can say is Mass is in big trouble with this nut. . . . No idea why we voted him in.. . . I could see this nut coming, why couldn't the rest of the voters. . . I hope they didn't cause if they did and voted for him anyway we are really lost here. . .

House News

Well, they stared to break into the house from the addition today. They have the frame up for the bridge from Nana's apartment to the loft started and a hole in the wall. . . They also started the deck that will be the new entrance to the house, it looks good. All they have left on that is a support and the steps. It will be nice to not have to run up the ramp all the time. that got a bit slippery when wet and hard to deal with when bringing in the grocery's. . . I will try to get a few more pics of the work this weekend to post.

Photo Update

Hey I added a few new baby pics and a few Sci Fi model pics to the web page

Saturday, September 8, 2007

long time no blog

well, it has been a while, been very busy with starting a new job on Wednesday and trying to get up to speed. So far the new job is great! Lots to do and lots to learn but I got a great reception from folks at the new company and they seem really glad to have me on board.

Jack has been doing well. He is getting good at turning himself over an night onto his back and then screaming about being on his back. . . . we just turn him over again and he goes back to sleep no problem.

Been getting down to the range a lot over the last few weeks which was good. I have been trying to come up with a good brass catcher so that I can reload the brass from my .380 but still working on that. Did a test on one today and it worked ok but needs some improvement.

On the bad side there was someone down there with an AR-15 that they let me try. . . Now I have been saving up for one but this really got me hooked. It was great for accuracy and a bit lighter than my WASA 10 (AK-47 variant). Now I really want to get my hands on one, pre ban if I can. . . Maybe by Christmas I will have the cash (I hope)

Anyway, sorry for the gap, I will try to get on more often as I can but the new job may cause a bit of a slow down in the blogging. God knows I don't get to read all the blogs I use to as often as I did at the old job. . ...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Update on the Home Front

Well, things are moving forward on the home front. I hope that they will be getting ready to break into the main house from the addition by the end of the week. . .

The big news of the week is that Jack has been fine and he has started to flip himself onto his back a night. This is good and bad as it is good he can do it but he does not sleep on his back. . . He ended up waking me up last night at some ungodly hours complaining because he was on his back. I looked at him and though "Oh Crap" as I had put him to sleep on his stomach ( did I say he only sleeps more than 5 min when on his stomach?) so I rolled him over and we were good till morn.