Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Carry Gun part 2

OK, so I am still looking and gathering info on a new carry gun.

So since I have time I have been all over the net looking and reading reviews on the Para LDA, S&W M&P, and a bit on Glocks. I have also read a bit on the generic 1911 comments for carry.

I am a bit concerned about the double hammer idea on the Para LDA. Seems there is an internal and external hammer on it. . . will have to go see one. Caleb at Gun Nuts Media likes them so that is in the + column for me but I need to handle the gun to see if it will fit my hand. . .

I like the idea of a Glock but I would have to get a used 17 or 19 or such. The plus here is the possibility I can get Hi Cap mags for it.

I am leaning towards the M&P though in 9mm. Seems the 9 is a bit cheaper to shoot and I don't see any reports of a huge difference in stopping power if you can aim. . . . I don't mind that it is not Hi Cap here in MA as it would be a new gun and I can get a couple of mags free from S&W with the purchase right now. . . . It is also about $500 for a new one so I may be able to pick up one of these and a used shot gun for the house too. . . .

Then to top it all off I have been wanting a 1911 for a while now. Just the history and background of the gun and the .45 cal gets my attention. I will get one, just not sure if now is the time. . . .

I am planning a road trip up to Four Seasons this Saturday to go pick their brains on what they have and handle a few of the guns. I expect to get one Saturday and maybe a holster for it too. . .

I will post pics of what I get. . .

Then I will have to beg some range time from a friend or two local to me so I can get in some trigger time with it. . . .

Should be a good weekend for me = )

PETA kills 95% of animals in it's care

The story is HERE

Now these folks are nuts, no argument on that . . .

But I would be most folks that have to give up a pet and go to PETA think they are a no-kill group based on all the media crap they put out. I know if I had to give up my pets I would not give them to anything but a no-kill shelter that would find them a new home. . .

PETA finds it easier to just put them down it seems. They don't appear to even try to find homes from them. Read the story and see the truth. PETA is not only nuts, they are liars and hypocrites.

This needs to be spread around. Folks need to know the truth about these folks that claim to care about animals. . .

Fed is now an Expert Auto Maker

Isn't it nice to know that the Fed is now backing Chrysler warranties? And they are telling GM's CEO it is time to go - they fired him.

These are the same folks that can't pass a budget without pork, and won't take the time to read a bail out bill that spends more money than we ever have . . . Then complain about what was in it.

We are supposed to trust them to run the American Auto Industry? Who are we kidding. All they are doing is trying to buy votes for the Dems in the next election by putting off the hard cuts that the auto makers are going to have to make to survive. They want to be seen as saving jobs so the unions will keep backing them. Forget the cost to us tax payers, and forget the fact that the unions make it so the American Auto Industry can not compete on wages with the foreign auto makers, even what they pay for workers in their AMERICAN plants!

The government is getting in to things they don't understand, have no Constitutional power to get into, and they are going to cost us dearly in doing it. These companies need to go bankrupt, and deal with the reorganization to become profitable that way. But Obama don't want to do that - that would mean union pay gets cut and jobs are lost. No, Obama wants to save the overpay and the hacks on the payroll (as long as they are not management) so he is getting into it.

Good luck to us all, he may have just killed our Auto Industry. . . not that it matters much, he is trying to kill the rest of the economy too. . . and it seems to be working. . . .

Monday, March 30, 2009

CA Gun Laws at Work

Seen here on CNN

Looks like all those gun laws in CA still don't work. I thought it was supposed to be safe there now that all the scary guns are illegal. . . what? Criminals don't obey the laws?

Who would have thunk it?

WOW, Mad Max Time?

From Say Uncle and View from the Porch:

(Mayor Michal ) Brown said that as more people abandon homes, eating away at the city’s tax base and creating more blight, the city might need to examine “shutting down quadrants of the city where we (wouldn’t) provide services.”

This is Flint Michigan, not some third world country or Iraq. . . Who ever thought we would see the day in America? This is what happens when the socialists and the welfare state run wild . . . Socialism does not work and never will. Taking from the haves by force to give to the have not's does not work. It only drives the Haves to leave the area or stop working since they gain nothing from it.

I guess we will have our next Mad Max movie set all ready in Flint where we are going to tell folks - Sorry, you live in the wrong neighborhood so we will no longer even try to provide police, or fire protection to you. Good luck out there. . .

Am I the only one that thinks this will hurt Flint more than help them? Ya, you are going to attract new people and investors to Flint by turning chunks of it into no mans land where there is no law. . . you know those areas are going to fill up with crime, thugs, and drug dealers.

Good luck out there Flint, you will need it.

File under Duh!

There is a nice Rasmussen report HERE that talks about how most people now think that DC is partisan. . . they think Obama is governing as a Democrat and Congress is even more Partisan than Obama.

Sorry, but what did you expect? Obama came in and has been spending like a drunken sailor and grabbing power for the government at a pace even George W Bush could only dream about.

Obama wants the government into everything - why would folks not like that idea? I wonder if that is why things are getting partisan in DC - you know, like the parties being polar opposites on how they want to do things so they don't get along.

The only down side is that the Republicans have not shown themselves to be any better than the Dems if they get into power. They yell and scream about taxes, spending, the deficit, and big government but they did not do that much better when in power. Although I have to admit Obama is doing his best to make they look good with his isane spending spree.

I think this will cost the Dems in the next election. . . I just don't believe that the Republicans have learned their lesson to go back to their roots and stay with small government and less spending. I hope they do but I don't know.

For now I am just happy I still have a job, and I can make ends meet even if it is not by much. I fear that Obama will put more taxes in place and quickly make it so that I can not make ends meet just because I have a job and he wants me to support more of is unemployed supporters. Get a job, and get the government out of my pay check.

We need to go back to the basics. The Federal Governments job is to control our military, deal with the outside world, and issues that arise between the states, that is it. I don't want them running my schools, paying out welfair to the masses, running Wall St. or any other businesses.

Let the states deal with the schools and the unemplyed, let businesses run themselves and the free market and lawyers will keep them in place. . . .and let the people live free like they are supposed to.

New Carry Gun

Well, been reading and asking folks about carry guns as I look for another one.

After looking at the cost of ammo I think I may have to pass on a .45 and go for a 9mm. at about $5 a box less for ammo it will be a lot easier to practice with. . .

so I am going to hit the gun shop this weekend and see how they fit my hand. I may go for a Glock or a S&W M&P. we will see . . .

So many choices, so little money. . . the eternal gun geek problem = )

Quote of the Day

From Snowflakes in Hell:

Now every time someone well placed in the Administration opens their yap about assault weapons, Bushmaster gets another couple of months of backorder, and NRA no doubt signs up a lot of new members. That has to scare the hell out of the White House.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama Bail Out

CNN has a commentary on how Obama is failing economics.

It took them this long to see that?

I could have told you that weeks ago after the DOW was down 3K. Every time Obama or his folks speak about the economy the DOW drops more. The best thing Zero can do at this point for our economy is to keep his mouth shut on all of this and let the market recover.

He needs to see that throwing the money at his friends and passing huge bail outs without letting folks read them are a sure path to failure.

Once again Obama has shown that hope and change mean nothing if you don't have the experience and know how to make it happen

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Budget

Take a look at the graphs HERE

Now Bush was bad but one look at what Obama and the Dems are doing and all I can say is HOLY CRAP WE ARE SCREWED!

They make Bush look like the model of fiscal responsibility. . .

we have got to put some true fiscal conservatives in power in 2010 or we are done folks. . .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Looking for Info


Have any of you MA gun folks been to the Full-screenMiddleboro Gun Shop?

It is going to be down the street from the new job and since they are easy to get to now I am wondering what kind of reputation they have? Is this guy good? How are they on pricing? Do you go there?

Anyways, thanks for any input

Ranting about Obama

CNN has a nice write up here where one of the editorial folks wonders if Obama is a one term POTUS.

All I can say is that if this country is to survive, he better be a one term person but it is even more important to throw the Dems out of Congress at the next election to stop his insane spending spree as soon as we can.

At this rate we will have nothing but debt and big government to give to our children. . . .

Delay due to Computer

Sorry, no blogger shoot pics up yet. Having PC problems at home and I hope to have them fixed today. . .

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Northeast Blogger Meet, Greet, and Shoot

OK, I have to start off with the most important comment – JayG at Marooned has done it again!

A good time was had by all both at the dinner and at the shoot the next day. And did I mention that we all got to meet Ambulance Driver? Way cool.

Dinner was great! We had a semi-private area so we could all talk and make noise and otherwise have a great time. The food was good, the conversation was better, and it was hard to drink anything without the Class 2 Beverage Alert issues. . . AD is as funny in person as he is on the blog, possible funnier. It also didn’t help that the rest of the gunnies are a rather funny group too.

We had a great time, got to meet a bunch of new folks and Jay even managed to get a photo of all the knives we were carrying without getting arrested – not easy in MA. . . . You all need to go over to JayG’s blog Marooned to get the complete list of who was there but it was a bunch. While AD still topped the distance traveled list with his visit from way down south we also had a couple from Ohio Heath and his wife Amanda! All the way to MA to see AD and a bunch of folks from New England. Way to go!

The Shoot the next day had a few less folks being as it was a work day. Well worth the day off even if the Mass weather was against us with the coldest day of the week.

I will post what I have for some range pics tonight if I can but Jay has a bunch up. We had a great time and as you can see from the pile of brass much lead was send down range from everything from .22 pistols to the 1911’s and on the long guns again we went from .22s to Evil Black Rifles (of various sorts) and some bigger stuff like Enfields and such too

The event ended with the required bayonet charge of a random stuffed creature . . . film has already been posted on that one below. . .

I am sure I will think of more to post later. And I have to update my list of Bloggers I have now met! But I also have many guns that I have to clean tonight and get put away. . .

Thanks again to Jay for setting this all up and to Liz and Bill for hosting the shoot. It was great guys and gal, thanks so much for putting this together!

Oh ya, and a side note for all the hoplophobes. . . All them guns, knives and folks in one place and no one got hurt. . . I didn't even see one weapon try to make anyone do anything evil. . . sorry
= )

Bayonet Charge at Northeast Blogger Shoot

Here we go, a quick movie from the Bayonet Charge:

More on the shoot later and some photos

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ostara! Ya Hoo

Happy Spring folks!

as of 7:44 EST. . .

we made it through the winter!

Goodby Battlestar Galactica

Well we have made it to the end. Tonight is the last show, a two hour movie to end Battlestar Galactica.

I have to say I will miss the show but I am excited to see how they end it. I have had mixed feelings about it this season as I am sucker for a happy ending but you know they may not do that.

Anyway, thanks for the ride guys, it was a hell of a show!

A real American

THIS is how a real American deals with problems, he sees them and does what he can to fix it.

All I can say is Good on you Mr. Munzo. I hope the press gets you the support you need to keep this going. You are obviously the kind of man the rest of us try to be.

This is an American hero.

I hear Obama taking more of my money

Another great piece from CNN on why we should be taxed to the poor house and how we are somehow responsible for the world. . .

They want the G-20 to deal with this. . . you know that means that the US will end up with the biggest part of the bill. Sorry. Until there is no poverty in the US we should not send a dime overseas of our tax money. If people want to send money let them do it on their own through the Red Cross or other relief agency. But the FED should not be doing it.

Way to Go CNN

CNN Does it again HERE

The FBI is planting folks in mosques. And CNN is all over it.

Now folks I am mixed on how I feel about this. On one side I don't like the government spying on anyone that is a US citizen in the US without proper court and constitutional checks on the activity. That having been said if they have a warrant and it passes the Constitutional tests then CNN should shut the hell up about this.

We need to keep secrets from our enemies and the news people are shouting it from the roof tops. We know there are radical Muslims in the country that have been trained overseas in how to hurt us. We would be fools not to watch these folks.

As long as no Constitutional issues come up than all I can say is too bad and you news folks need to keep your mouths shut until a court says something was done wrong or there is other proof of illegal or unconstitutional activity. I know you can't because you love to trash us too much but you should. You can research your story without telling the world until you have that proof you know. . . .

We are at war folks, and loose lips let terrorists get away to fight another day. If it is done by the books, and they are not disrupting the service at the Mosque then I say all the more power to them - I am glad someone is checking for real bad guys around here. Why should they get a pass when I get searched every time I practically look at an air plane. . . .

It is time to profile and do what we need to stay safe. Stop shaking down the Irish 90 year old lady at the airport so you look good - she is not going to take over the plane. . . This is not over with the radicals by a long shot.

Things Look Good

Folks I have a great weekend coming up!

Thanks to JayG we have a blogger meet for diner on Sunday, a shoot on Monday and I just accepted a great position at a new company!


Come on 5 o'clock!

Here's hoping you all have a good weekend too!

Obama has weakend us

From CNN

First the Chinese now the Russians are harassing our ships at sea.

Further proof that they don't think Obama has the guts or backbone to do anything about it and they are probably right.

This clown has no guts, he is all talk and no action. Our enemies are noticing this and getting bolder. We have a storm coming and Obama is and will do nothing about it.

Wait until Iran has nukes to give away. . . . it will all be on you Obama. You should be Impeached for failure to defend our country and Constitution.

Obama Amature Hour continures

From CNN

this is what happens when you put an amateur with no experience in the white house. And then he lets all his liberal friends make up a bail out for him. Then no one reads it they just vote yes for it.

BAM now we have this mess and a fool at the helm who does not know what to do.

POTUS is not supposed to be a 100% learn on the job, you should have some experience with government and decision making before you get there. . . Voting PRESENT does not count.

Now we have the media trying to distract us with talk of Michelle's arms and how you to can get in shape instead of talking about everything Zero has done since he got in that is killing our country.

Obama lied and the economy died folks

He gave out TRILLIONS with no strings, Bankrupted us and our kids and probably our grand kids. He does not support the troops and makes their jobs harder. He is letting know terrorists out of jail so they can have a second shot at us. . . . . Don't even get me started on the lobbyist and tax cheats he put on staff after saying he would not do that. . . . This guy says whatever works for the moment and lies like a used car salesman. . . you asked for it America, you got it.

We are in deep do do. I just hope we can make the two years to the next election so we take back congress and put a stop to this.


From Better and Better. . ..

an OMG funny video. . . folks with way too much time on their hands


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Backs Down


Looks like Obama got the news that most of us actually support our troops unlike him. So now he is backing down on the idea of making the troops use their own health insurance to cover care.

Had this gone through think of the impact it would have had. Solder would have had a harder time getting work, insurance companies would have dropped many due to the cost, and they would have hit spending limits these companies had so would not get the care they need. Lets not even start on the impact on their families who may end up uninsured too. . .

Obama blew it. And don't let them tell you this was not HIS idea. He was all for it until word got out. We need to watch him like a hawk. I am sure this is not over. He does not care a bit for out troops, their families or the rest of us. We have an inexperenced power hungry kid running things folks, watch out. . .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never thougth I would see this

The Boston Globe Democrat is actually looking at what is wrong with our politics in this state. . . .

Never thought I would see it.

Read it HERE

Obama's military brass policy reversed


The grass roots campaign to get the word out to Congress that we don't want them destroying this brass has worked. The policy has been reversed already.

you can read it HERE

This is a big win for gun owners. It also let Congress know that gun owners are watching what they are doing and that we will vote appropriately in 2010. . .

Way to go folks, keep up the heat!

Obots take to the streets

Warning folks. Obama has a pork full budget that he wants to pass.

He is calling out his followers to go door to door this weekend to get you to support this pile of crap.

Before you support the new budget remember:

This is the guy taking away health care for our troops and making them pay for it.
Is increasign the welfare rolls
This is the administration that is giving out money with no accountability to folks like AIG.
This is the administration that said no lobbyists in his administration then hired a bunch.
Can't seem to get a person on his cabinet that has paid all his taxes. . .
Said he would end the war but is leaving the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Has told the troops in Afghanistan to stop shooting back so as to not hurt civilians - this will cost us lives.
Is actually sending more troops to Afghanistan.
Is costing us money by distroying spent military brass instead of selling it on the used market like they have been for years.
Is not only pro-abortion but pro partial birth abortion. . . .
Is in general a socialst, big government spender of OUR money who has caused the DOW to drop like a stone (3K since he took office). It drops with every speach he has given. . .
Was going to sell out our missle defense systme (working or not) to Russia to talk to Iran since he can't get it done.
Has insulted our closeset allies such as the UK and Isrial . . . .
Has stopped funding for the armed pilot program with the airlines - safety is job 2 (or was it 3?)
The list goes on. . . and it is not even 100 days yet. . . .

This guy is an amature playing president. . . .

So when the O-bots show up at your door, have some fun with them. . . tell them you support the troops and have a job. . . tell them you are proud of American and what we stand for (well, what we did before Obama). . . wave a flag at them, wear your NRA ball cap and t-shirt and have fun. Tie them up for time so they don't get all the signatures they could have. Argue politics with them, you probably won't get past the programming but you might - worst case you at least wast their time and keep them from bugging your neighbors. . .

Or you could just let out the dog I guess. . . .

And remember, it is impolite to call Obama Dear Leader, to call them Comrade, or to comment on the Kool Aid mustache they have. . . .

Thanks. . .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama does not support our vets

From CNN

Obama is screwing over our injured and disabled vets by making them pay for their own care through their private insurance.

This should be an impeachable offense if folks really paid attention. These folks put their lives on the line, and their families futures and this is Obama's answer on how to care for them?

I call Bull Shit! Stop wasting my tax money on support for Octomom and her welfare friends and use it to care for the real hero's in this country thank you!!

Who's side is Obama on?

Well, this makes it rather obvious. . . and it ain't ours. . .

Obama, making the world safe for terrorists ever day.

Thanks - that's the kind of change I want too. . . .



All I can say is this guy is high and CNN lets him publish crap on their web page. . .

He ever sobers up he is in for a hell of a suprise. . .

Why you should carry a gun

Update from CNN

This is an old crime but still unsolved. The women in the story were not armed and it got all six shot and five killed.

Folks, in this economy things are going to get worse not better. All the more reason to get trained, get any needed permits, and get a gun. Learn how to use it and how to protect yourself.

Once again this story shows that the cops will get there fast, but not fast enough to save you. When you have seconds to react, the cops are minuets away. . . .

Obama does it again

Obama again shows he does not care.

The data is HERE

The basic story is this - The Feds us to sell used brass from the military to folks who would recycle it. Often that meant reload the brass with new powder and bullet and sell it to gun owners.

Now since guns are yucky and he does not want a free people, he wants serfs his administration demands that all brass be "de-milled" before sale, so it can't be reused for civilian shooters.

Not only is this sticking it to shooters in a time that ammo is hard to get, it also cuts the sale value of the brass like in half, so it cost the government to do this. He is loosing money for the brass, our money. . .

We get double screwed, no ammo, and less money for the recycled brass. GOOD PLAN in a recession OBMAM. . . .

Obama on AIG

Here from CNN

Looks like Obama is upset with AIG for spending the bail out money on bonuses. . . well Duh! You handed them free cash with no strings. . .

Now he complains that it makes him look bad. . . . not hard to do when he should look bad. Obama, you keep handing out free money to your friends and not strings. Then you get upset when they don't spend it the way you want. Sorry, should have thought of that up front - and yes, an experienced person would have.

Obama can bitch and moan about this and how they are not doing what he wants and he is upset but they took him for a ride. More proof that this guy did not and does not have the experence we need in the White House right now. We are screwed and he is only making it worse. . . .

At least if we can hold out for two years we may be able to put conservitives back in the Congress to slow down Obamas crap. He needs to be stopped and we can't wait the four years to replace him - two years is more than long enough for him to sink us. His ratings are going down, and like the stock market he keeps hammering it will keep going down. . .

Speaking of the market has anyone noticed that on the days we don't get comments from Obama and the gang the market goes up, and when he does a speach on how to fix things it goes down??? Guess Wall Streek knows he is clueless too. . .

Mortgages caused the economy to fail

Ya, here is news. . . lots of mortgages were written based on faulty or inflated data and home evaluations - anything to get the mortgage closed. . . there's a surprise. . . NOT

Any other brilliant ideas on the failures you media folks?

Another Northeast Blogger Shoot!

Thanks to Jay G the Godfather of the Northeast Blogger Shoots we have another one coming up with a special guest blogger that is visiting the area!

Can't wait to see y'all again I am sure we will be having a great time. Jay G has a reputation to protect now!

See ya all this weekend. . . We have a dinner on Sunday and I even took Monday off to go shooting with the gang. . . you might start to think we are even organized at this rate. . .

Never know there was a resession on in MA

Our great Governor has found a way to fix our budget woes due to the slow economy and job losses. . .

Raise taxes and fees!!!

Ya, all of you that voted against Question 1 to eliminate the income tax - here is your thank you from the state -

Sales tax increase to 6%
All Registry of Motor Vehicle fees to go up More HERE on this
Tolls to go up
Gas tax to go up $.19 a gallon

I am sure there is more coming. . . .

This state is truly screwed. The only thing keeping people here is that they can't move out since they can't sell their homes. . . .

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gun Control

Good article on gun control and why it don't work HERE

Mass Screwulous Package

You know where the money is going that the state of Massachusetts is getting from the "stimulus package"?

$1 in $5 will go to a Kennedy related project. Either the library, the greenway etc. . .

Ya, that will help pull this state out of the tailspin it is in. . . .

And now they want a second "Stimulus"? Just say NO! We are getting screwed in this and it will NOT turn around anything folks. . . .

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama supports the troops - NOT

From No Looking Backwards we get this gem of how Obama is going to care for our troops. If the Dems really do care about the troops they would impeach this SOB before he destroys our military and our country. ..

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

One Big-Ass Mistake, America.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gun Control Fail

Well, took longer than I thought but CNN is already asking if we should have more gun control on their web page.

Folks, that is what got us into this problem.

That and look at Germany. They have all the gun control you could ask for and it did them no good last night.

Gun control is as much of a failure as prohibition was in the early 1900's. Let it go and let us arm ourselves and protect ourselves thank you very much. . . .

I love it - Obama Fails on MSNBC

Give President Obama a grade
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If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? * 113044 responses
He gets an A
He gets a B
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Wow, even the moonbats are starting to turn on him. . . . in only 2 months. . . .

Federal Budget

Quick note - you know how Obama was not going to sign bills with earmarks? Ya, well he doesn't. This new budge is full of pork and earmarks and he will still sign it.

Change you can believe in my ass - it is just more of the same except he has a D next to his name instead of an R. . . .

Oh Ya, and he is also not going to continue funding E-verify. . . so companies won't be able to check for illegal immigrants any more when hiring after this year. . .

Yep, change I can believe in. . . .NOT

Gunman kills 10

THIS is why we need more folks to carry guns. . .

This nutcase had no problem getting a gun and shooting his family and random folks on the street. We need more good folks to have carry permits and a gun available to stop this crap. This is why if you have a permit to carry you always should carry! The best, safest option is an armed citizen.

Overall CNN did a fair job on the report until the end with reporting a 30 round burst. . . Ya right. I doubt highly he had any kind of automatic weapon so there was no burst folks, but it sounds better to scare the sheep. They will find some way to spin this into an assault weapon attacke even though civilins can't own real assault weapons. . . .

This guy was just another whack job. He could have been stopped if someone had a gun available to him to shoot back. Cops can NOT be everywhere at once. You can not expect to have one around when needed. Sure they will come quick if called, but what do you do for the minutes it takes them to get there? You (and evey citizen) should be able to save yourself and hold out until they get there. This culture of "guns are bad" is causing this crap and leaving folks defensless. Add to it the fame the media gives these sick pups and how they get egged on by the news folks and there is no wonder this shit goes down. Now they will play this up all week until someone else gets the idea to go out famus and do it again. . . . They should not run any names of shooters in the news. Let them die unknown as they should. Stop giving them what they want news guys, you are only adding to the problem!

I look forward to learning what they think caused him to snap. The down side is I think there will be more of this as Obama destroys our economy and more folks loose their jobs and the bills pile up. The Democrats want to have us dependent on big government - well where were they when all this was going down? Where were the cops? Seems they didn't get there until he was about done with killing all the folks he wanted to anyway. Cops are great, but when you have only seconds they are just minutes away folks. . . You need to be able to protect yourself in this world, you can not expect others to do it for you.


As if to prove gun control does not work there was also a shooting in Germany overnight. They have very strict gun control there - the kind the liberals here dream about and it still did not help. The bad guy got a gun, and with plenty of unarmed victims around started shooting then escaped. He eventually died in a shoot out with cops. . . The Munchkin Wrangler has more on it here. He should know as he came from Germany. . .
This from CNN on the German Shooting

Further proof that as we disarm more people we are asking for more of these shootings and a higher body count. . . . having someone already on the scene with a gun is the only way to stop them quickly, you can't wait for the cops to get there. Get rid of gun control, if it saves just one life it is worth it. Do it for the kids.


We now know what constitutes an "arsenal" these days thanks to the shooter in Il.
"two 12-gauge shotguns, a rifle and a box of 550 .22-caliber bullets"
Most if not every hunter in this country has an arsenal at home I guess. . .
The main stream media really needs to stop crying wolf and trying to scare people. But I guess that is all they have left to do - Lord knows they can't report the truth any more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Media BS

Well, CNN is still trying to convince us all that we like Obama. . . See it HERE

Are his ratings high? ya, but dropping
Since he took office the DOW is down about 3K points
Bailouts have not and will not work as they drop the value of the dollar

The media has put too much work in getting him into office to let go but if you talk to voters, he is dropping in the polls. He only won by 4% after all the crap Bush screwed up. . . With what folks know today I don't think he would have a chance in hell of winning.

Obama is destroying the Economy and voters know it. I don't think he is doing any where as well as the media wants us to think in the polls of folks that vote and know what is going on. . .

In Case you wonderd who the NYTs is for

On page 17 of the NYT we have the admission by 5 of the Scum at Gitmo that they were involved in planning 9/11 and they are proud of it and take full responsibility for their actions. . .

Why is this not on page 1??

Update -
It made the front page of CNN

Everything is Fine in ol Massachusettes

It has to be right? Our Governor is in Jamaica on vacation with a bunch of State Police for "security" while we are dealing with all the budget issues and other economic problems in this state.

I guess we got it wrong - Everything is fine in Massachusetts, it has to be if our great leader feels things are good enough that we don't need him at the state house working on problems. . .

I feel much better now. . . Gee, I wonder how much we are paying for the police "security" detail. . .

Obama Insults the UK

Well no surprise there. . . Obama was never ready for prime time and if the falling stock market and unemployment didn’t prove it than all his broken promises should have. But if you still need proof this guy is not ready for the job he has we can add to the list that he insulted the UK Prime Minister on his visit. You can read the UK peoples take on this HERE.

While Gordon Brown gave Zero some very nice and historic gifts our goof of a POTUS gave him some DVDs he could have got at Wal-Mart and a toy helicopter of Marine 1 that he could have got at the White House gift store. . .

I join the growing ranks of Americans that are HIGHLY embarrassed by this fool and his treatment of our allies. I also say that since he represents us in this mess we need to apologies to the UK and it’s people for his treatment of their leader. We would have expected better treatment of Zero had they done this to us.

So to our brothers across the pond – “I am sorry for any insult our President may have caused and I humbly ask that you forgive the US for his actions” . He knows nothing of the world at large and it will cost us all.

May we somehow make it through to 2010 and push them out of power. And I have no idea how we will get through to 2012 to get rid of Zero. . .

OctoMom Pulls it Off

You can read it HERE

Looks like she pulled it off. . . She turned herself from welfare mom to Give Me Free Stuff mom thanks to the eight kids she couldn't afford in the first place. She is even being GIVEN a house that they are putting in Dads name probably so no one can go after it for her back taxes or such. . . This family is a racket!

This whole story makes me sick when I think of all the deserving families out there having a hard time in this economy and this welfare leach is getting a bunch of free stuff and a free house. I hope the Fed makes sure she (and Dad) pays proper taxes on all this stuff like the rest of us have to!

Damn I hate to see a scumbag pull of a stunt like this and get rewarded for it. And in 18 years we will probably be supporting all the kids from this charity case in our state prison systems. . .

Thanks. Can we keep her out of the news now? She wants the fame, lets not give her any more. . .

Monday, March 9, 2009

Obamam Funny

Snow, No, Rain, AHHEEEEE!

OK, ol' Mother Nature can't make up her mind. . . . 60 yesterday and today we have had rain, sleet and now snow. . . .

I hate New England. . .

Did Massachusetts develop a backbone?

Doubt it. I don't think it has a prayer of passing but they have introduced a resolution to remind the Fed about the 10th Amendment. . ..

That would be nice to see pass in the Peoples Republik. . . .

Read more HERE

Found in a few places on the net, NRA update and War on Guns Blog

This explains Obama

If you think that these folks actually voted. . .


Thanks to War on Guns/Gun Rights Examiner for the link

Friday, March 6, 2009

Massachusetts is the model for the US

If you want to know where our Dear Leader Zero is going look at the path Deval Patric has done in this state.

Deval has run our state with the same game plan that Zero is using on a national level.

Both men started off with 60+% approval rating.

After Deval ran us into the ground, continued to raise taxes, drove business out of our state, and bailed on most of his campaign promises his approval rating is not 28%, it is only 11% among independent voters.

Our state has stagnated, we are loosing jobs, pay is frozen, and he is trying to raise more taxes. I don't know where he thinks we are going to get the money to pay these new tolls and taxes but he is trying. . . . We are screwed.

This is where the US is going if Zero gets his way. . . . You have been warned.

Words I Never Thougth I Would Say

Saw this at Tams and followed the link to Six Meat Buffet. . .

I have to agree -

"Only 5 weeks removed and boy, do I miss the fiscal restraint of the Bush administration."

are words I never thought I would say. . . but I do know the feeling. . .

Un-employment at 8% (see here at CNN), Banks going to fail, GM failing, Stock Market down 3K since Zero got in and down 50% from its high. And our dear leader is playing games with Rush Limbaugh. . . He has no clue on what to do and no one seems to care. . . this is a mess folks, wake up.

The O-bots are still sitting there with blinders on and blaming Bush. . . this does not fix anything or help. Stop looking backwards and tell me what we are going to do to fix things going forward! Both the Dems and Reps are a mess and neither should lead us. We need a new party! This country is going down the tubes and the crap they are pulling in DC now is just speeding up the process. . . any wonder the ONLY industry that is growning by leaps and bounds is GUN and AMMO SALES ?

Shit folks wake up! Time to go back to doing things by the Constitution and getting the government out of the way cause it sure as hell ain't fixing anything. . . .

Gun Sales Still Going UP

From SayUncle

Despite an ever-worsening economy and slumping retail sales, firearm sales increased in February, continuing an upswing that began after November’s election.

Data from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) show background checks on the sale of firearms jumped 23.3 percent in February when compared to February 2008. The increase follows a 28 percent rise in January, a 24 percent rise in December and a 42 percent jump in November, when a record 1,529,635 background checks were performed.

Gun Rights Examiner

Good one today - Go Read HERE

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What A Joke

So this idiot wants to repeal the 22ed Amendment. I wonder why? He really things Zero will have a second term with the country falling apart? Funny, he has not been able to come up with a co-sponsor yet - wonder why?

More info on this fool HERE and HERE

This guy is a commie. How he got into office is beyond me. Open boarders, Screws business. . . Ya, he knows what is good for us. . . . NOT

Good News on the Gun Front

Data from the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) show background checks on the sale of firearms jumped 23.3 percent in February when compared to February 2008. The increase follows a 28 percent rise in January, a 24 percent rise in December and a 42 percent jump in November, when a record 1,529,635 background checks were performed. - From Opposing Views web page

This is good news - More guns in the hands of Citizens makes for a safer country and adds to the checks and balances of the Second Amendment. It also means more folks are taking notice of their rights and safety of themselves and their family. Spin it any way you want but not all of these folks are gun owners buying more guns. . .. Many of them are new gun owners. Let's make sure they get the training they need to enjoy the sports and know the defensive use of their new gun.

Barny Frank

Ah yes, the pride of MA on display. . .

What a scum bag this guy is. . . American Thinker had a good write up on him HERE

Mouse Problem?

For any of you that have had mice in the house you have got to go read this over at Atomic Nerds. . ..


For what it's worth, here is a Personal Liberty Poll off the net:

1) Who is most to blame for America’s current economic crisis?
73% voted: Democrats and US Congress
12% voted: The Bush Administration
2% voted: Wall Street
10% voted: Banks and sub-prime lenders
2% voted: Real estate and mortgage professionals
0% voted: Investors
1% voted: Home buyers
2) Do you agree government bailouts are the answer to America’s financial crisis?
8% voted: Yes
87% voted: No
5% voted: Undecided
3) Do you believe the American taxpayers should have to foot the bill for our financial systems mistakes?
8% voted: Yes, we have to or we’ll end up in a prolonged recession or worse a depression.
23% voted: No, America is too far in debt already.
66% voted: Absolutely not, the American people should never be responsible for bailing out the private sector.
2% voted: Undecided
4) Do you believe the government bailouts will ultimately rescue our country's financial system?
8% voted: Yes
85% voted: No
7% voted: Undecided
5) Do you believe Barack Obama was the best choice to handle the country's future economic policy?
13% voted: Yes
83% voted: No
3% voted: Undecided

Obama Lied. . . .

And the economy continues it's long painful death. . .

Dow down another 130 points. This guy is killing us. In the last 12 months we have lost over 5300 points and it keeps going down. The bail out is making it worse and anyone that listened to the economists knew it would. Look at history - the New Deal did not solve any problems of the Depression, it actually caused it to drag on until WWII put folks back to work. . .

I hope we make it to 2010 so we can get new blood in Congress and maybe impeach his ass out of office. . . .

Will never happen but I can dream. Otherwise I have to face the reality that our country is going to break up over the crap he is pulling. The days of a US Super Power are over, Obama has made sure of that. . .


Can't wait for the buyers remorse to start kicking in any time now. . .

GM Going Down

From CNN

Looks like GM needs more money or they will go bankrupt. Now I love GM cars and that is all I have purchased myself but I gotta say - "No money without dumping the union"

The Auto Unions make it impossible for us to compete with Japan or anyone else. They need to face the facts and deal with it.

I was in a GM/Packard Electric owned plant for work a few years ago to demo some equipment for there wire line. They would not let me unpack my own equipment, needed a carpenter to do that. No, you can't plug it in, we need the electrician to do that. No, you can't unplug or repack it, we need the union guys back to do that. . . . can you say total lack of efficiency and they wonder why they can't make a car that can compete with cost or quality with the foreign stuff. . .

Then add to it the engineer I was working with told me to check behind a stack of boxes and you will find a guy sleeping, he does it every day. . . . He was right. The guy noticed I caught him and after I went back to work he quietly got up and went back to work giving me a dirty look. . . .10 minutes later I saw him go back behind the boxes. . . . They can't do a thing about him because he is union and if they did anything he would file a grievance against the engineer and get the engineer in trouble or fired. Nothing would happen to him for sleeping.

If we don't break the auto union, there is no way the auto industry in the US will be able to succeed. . . Maybe we need to let them go Bankrupt so we can get things under control again and start paying the Union folks a fair wage for the job they do, not the inflated one they get now. . .

Take away the Guns. . .

And they will use knives. . . as seen HERE

Easier to get them too. . . .

Glad the UK is so safe now that guns are outlawed there. . . .

Business today. . .

Now that is just funny, , ,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New England Economy still going DOWN

You can read it HERE if you want. . .

And yet the state still wants to raise our taxes and tolls . . . . someone explain this to me?

Cell Phone Fun

What is it with companies today. . . there is no customer service.

Case in point – I wanted to change my cell phone over to Verizon since I have OnStar and it would work with them. . . .

So – I go to a Verizon store with my old phone which is unlocked and say “Hey, I want to buy your service . . .”
I am quickly told my old phone won’t work with their network.
OK, What do you have for free starter phones if I join you?
None – all our phones cost. . . but you get one free if you buy one, maybe I can get you a second one free but I have to ask my manager (I smell used cars for some reason)
OK, How much to join?
$35 for the first line and $25 for the rest. . .
OK so I will pay $110 just to join, then I have to buy the phone?
OK, thanks but no thanks

I go back to my original provider, got a new Palm Centro for $20 upgrade fee (much better than the phone I was looking at with Verizon and cheaper), and 2 year contract, got my mom a new phone for $20 she paid me back, and a new case and Bluetooth headset for $35.

What is it with Verizon Mobile? They just don’t seem to want my money. . . . AT&T sure wanted to keep me though. . . . Guess we will stay with AT&T and the heck with Verizon.

Update -

I guess they do have free phones if you will buy on line and don't want to see/handle the phones first. . . not my kind of thing. I want an idea of how well made the phone is and how it feels thanks. . .

Dow UP today?

Wow, the Dow is actually going up today. . . UP like 160 points. . . Now if it would go up another 2200 we would be back to where we were on 1/1/09. . . .

The Dems better wake up and realize they are killing this country soon. . .

We won't even talk about the fact that since the Dems took over Congress the Dow is down 50% folks. . . .

Assault Weapon Histaria

Now this is funny when you listen to the anti gun folks cry about assault weapons. . .

Divemedic: In short, more cops were killed by (take your pick) cars, bombs, water, tornados, lightning, pine trees, other cops, or yellow jackets, than were killed by “Assault Weapons.” But then, none of those causes fit the press’ leftist, antigun agenda, do they?

from SayUncle

Obama Funny

Tim Geithner actually got up in front of the press and said that the Obama Administration will work to eliminate Tax Avoidance. . . .

More on it HERE

How? He going to nominate everyone to a post and make them pay their back taxes to take the job? Worked for Tim I guess. . . .

Maybe he can start with going through the tax records of everyone in his Administration. . . .

This guy is a joke and it gets worse every day. He still is not ready for prime time and he is running things. . . . we are so screwed. . . . . . .

Remember - Obama lied, the economy died. . . .

New Gas Tax in MA

You know I found this rather amusing. . . .

Obama gives us about $13/week extra in our pay check and it is a huge bonus for us - I will have more spending power.

Gov. Patric raises the gas tax that should cost me an extra $12/week and it is not enough for any "rational" person to worry about, you won't even notice it. . . .

Amazing - I guess $12 is the limit, if it cost you $13 then it is a huge tax (or gain), but since it is $12 then I won't notice the loss (or gain). . . .

Also, I drive a rather economical new car. If you don't then even with the extra $13 from the Feds you will still be loosing money on the deal. Funny - Uncle Sam givith and Uncle Patrick takeith away. . .

New Word

From aubreyturner.org

New word:

Obamanfreude - 1. taking pleasure from the discomfort of Obama supporters as they come to realize that The Chosen One™ is just another Chicago politician. 2. taking pleasure from the misfortunes of an Obama supporter as he or she is adversely affected by the policies of their Dear Leader.

I am going to have to remember that one

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama Bail Out continues to FAIL

Well, he has done it. . . . Our stocks are under 7K. Lost over 200 points already today.

Guess printing money and throwing it at the problem does notwork. . . who could have guessed?

More Snow

not much to say today. . . Just dug out of 6" of snow and we have another 6+ on the way. . . Thank god for a break in the storm that let me clean away the first six. . . .

And that I can do some work from home.