Friday, July 24, 2015

Theater Shooting - GUN FREE ZONE AGAIN

So here we go again. . .

Crazy person shoots up movie theater
  • Movie theater he chooses to shoot up is a gun free zone
  • No one can fight back.
  • Folks you can add to this reports that he was a loaner, drifter and was a prohibited person so could not legally own a gun. . .

The part that scares me the most is that there will be folks out there that will continue to keep their heads in the sand and call for more gun laws. . .

No law would stop this.  Again we are shown that the criminal ignores the laws to do his damage.  He had a gun he could not legally own in a gun free zone where he killed people. . . how many laws did he break already?  Do you really think one more would make any difference?  If you do you are part of the problem.

Folks the world is not a safe place.  To fall for the myth of gun control and gun free zones is to be a dreamer who is totally disconnected from the real world.  Gun control is a fantasy and we need to realize that and admit it DOES NOT WORK!  The folks calling for disarming us are not living in the real world and won't admit it!

What is crazy?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  . . .  over and over we have tried to prohibit criminals from doing things by passing laws alone. . . and the criminals keep ignoring the laws and doing the crime anyway. Prohibition has never worked and all you have to do is look at history to see that: 
  •       1930’s alcohol prohibition – folks still got booze and crime went up
  •       Today’s drug wars – folks still get drugs and crime goes up
  •       No gun zones – folks still get shot by criminals. . . .

Time for this to end.  Time we tell our elected officials that we are sick of them turning us into easy targets for madmen.  Time to repeal gun control on all levels folks IT DOES NOT WORK!

I don’t know about you but the lives of my family are worth it.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gun Facts the Anti's don't like

It is spelled out HERE

But lets face it folks. . . you don't get mass shootings at a gun range, gun show, or the local cop shop. . .

But you do at schools, churches, and one at a political rally. . .

What is different?  Well, many schools, churches and political rallies are GUN FREE ZONES and the nut case knows it.  Same for many work places.

So the mass killer goes to a place he knows there are no guns and kills many people. . .

And what to the politicians want?  MORE GUN FREE ZONES. . . . . how does that help????

Time to end gun control folks.


Time to wake up and admit to the facts in evidence. . . . gun control loses every time you do.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Church Shooting

So here we go again. . .

A gun free zone where 9 folks were killed by a bad guy with a gun. . .

The ironic thing is the pastor who was killed voted against letting folks carry concealed.  His own vote put people at risk and he has now paid the ultimate price for pushing gun free zones. . . a bad guy does not care if you have a gun free zone or not, and he will still bring his gun into your gun free zone. . . hell they prefer it since they know you can't fight back.

Over and over again we see this and the idiots in charge have the same failing answer - more gun control.   Gun control is how we got into this mess folks.

If we didn't have gun free zones and many of the other idiotic laws these control freaks want is why we have these shootings.

Bad folks know the good folks have been disarmed.  They know the idiots in charge are on their side keeping us at a disadvantage by disarming us.  Bad folks are the problem, not the hunk of metal called a gun.

Bad folks use guns, they also use knives, gas, bombs . . . you name it.  They want to kill and will find a way.  We need to be armed to stop them.  Cops can't be everywhere and they can't stop them.  Cops job is to show up after the fact, investigate and catch the bad guy, not prevent the attack in the first place - remember the Supreme Court has ruled they have no requirement to protect anyone. . .

So lets stay awake folks and let DC know we will not let them use this as an excuse to strip us of our rights or let them set us up for the next attack.

Folks our gun rights are critical to our safety.  We need to be able to defend ourselves from not only criminals and politicians, but from terrorists. . . they are coming here and we all know it.  ISIS claims to already be here.  With our open borders they probably are already here.  Heck the attack in  Boston on the cops was an ISIS supporter.

Don't let them use this failure of gun control to push more gun control. . . . .

Friday, May 29, 2015

Patriot Act

Looks like we are closer now than we have been in years to end the Patriot Act. .  . We need to keep up the pressure on DC to end this foolishness.

Once again DC has taken a law that was passed in the heat of the moment in the name of making us safer and tuned it around on us so they can spy on us. . .  not the bad guys.

Obama is screaming for it.  That alone should be enough for every sane person to call, write or email DC to scrap this invasion of our privacy.

Folks it has done little to nothing to keep us safe when compared to the MASSIVE invasion of our lives by the .gov thanks to this law.

Time for it to end.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

ISIS in the USA

Well as the Texas attack has shown ISIS is here.

They don't need to have recruits going to them any more.  Now with social media and our sickening political correctness here ISIS is getting the word out right here in the USA.

So what does that mean?  Well to look at the most basic facts it means that we have folks sucking up the ISIS info here and becoming radicalized but no heads up since the new terrorist never left the USA for training.  Sure the cops may get a heads up like they did in Texas but it is not going to happen ever time.

It is time we wake up America.  Folks we need to stop letting the liberals leave us open for these attacks.  It is time we go back to our roots, respect our Constitution and see that our founders planned for problems like this.  They gave us our Second Amendment for a reason and it is not HUNTING!

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Folk ISIS is here at least in spirit.  They will get other nut jobs to follow their call and attack us.  Some who follow Islam and some that just want to be famous.  Stop letting them infringe on your right to be safe, your right to defend yourself, your kids, and your nation.  Learn to shoot, learn the law, learn how to carry properly.  If not a gun, learn a martial art, you never know what may save you when it hits.  Being fat dumb and stupid thinking the Government will save you is a sure path to failure.

We need to stay awake and be ready.  Sure we need to report what we see, but it is more important to be ready to take the fight to them if they show up.  We cannot depend on the cops or the Feds to be there when they attack.  Lets face it they screwed up attacking in Texas where folks are armed and they know it.  They will try again and this time they will attack where they have a much better shot to win - CA, MA, NY, NJ, CT. . . . state that have strong gun control and thus make it very hard to defend themselves from anyone.  You can whine about gun control making us safer all you want, but the facts don't lie and they prove you wrong.

Be ready, they will hit us again.  They are Evil, not stupid.  I am sure they learned from this one. . . .

Monday, May 4, 2015

Shooting in Texas

I have to admit this is an interesting one.

They held an event to draw cartoons of Mohamed, and you know how that sets off the radicals. . .

Well anyway was it in poor taste, sure, but folks this is America and we have rights here.  You have the right to say and do things in poor taste - we call it freedom of speech and the First Amendment.

But after hearing what happened I have to say a few thoughts ran through my head:

  • Really?  you idiots showed up in Texas and tried a drive by?
  • Isn't it illegal to bait your prey when hunting?
  • Wow those idiots walked right into that ambush. . .
I love the fact that both attackers are dead, and the only defender hurt was a minor injury being shot in the foot.

I also love Texas.  They evacuate the people for a bomb threat and they start singing patriotic songs.  LOVE TEXAS!

We need more of this in our country.  Folks that push for their rights, and will defend them.  Folks that will sing patriotic songs in the face of danger and tell these terrorists to go screw we won't stop because of you.

It is said at least one of the attackers was tied some way to ISIS.  Not a direct member but a supporter.  

Folks this is only the start.  We need to make sure the next attack is met as well, and the one after that . . . and after that.  They need to learn we will not give an inch, we will not break, and we will win.

Time to be American again!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cops on the news. . .

Sitting here listening to the cops on the news get interviewed and they feel they are not trusted by people any more and getting a bad rap. . . .

I am sorry for that but a few bad apples have done that to you.  It is time that the thin blue wall come down and they stand up and turn in those in the ranks that commit crime, abuse their badge and take advantage of of their status.  It is time they remember that they are just citizen too, one of us that we grant special legal power to in order to keep us all safe.  They are no better or worse than us, they ARE US

I admit at this point I don't trust them half as much as I use to.

Why?  I blame the cops and the government for this.  Because of the laws they are now enforcing on us passed by our government that ignores the Constitution, the courts that uphold unconstitutional laws, and the cops that abuse their position for their own gain either through crime or pay off, or just the way they act like they are above the citizens and better than us.  Because I have seen the news and watched them abuse folks that were in custody and no longer a threat to anyone.

Is this every cop?  HELL NO.  There are only a very few bad cops and I truly believe that.  The problem is that they do enough damage to put us all at risk and boy do they get the news time now.  I think the spotlight is good if it fixes things, but I admit it puts some at risk too.  Sorry about that but we need to have this openness so we can fix the problem and growth is painful, but needed.

We need to work on this for all of our safety.  As things stand the danger is just getting worse and worse.

Think of where this goes if we don't fix it

  • folks don't trust the cop so won't help them
  • Folk won't give them tips
  • Criminals know they have nothing to lose if they fight back since cops ignore their rights 
  • Violent reactions to cops become the norm.  why would a thug give up if he know he will be cuffed and beaten possibly killed if he gives up. .  may as well fight and try to get away.
  • Bystanders will not only not lend the cops a hand (lawful gun owners or others) but may be injured/killed in the ensuing fire fight
  • Lather, rinse, repeat the spiral out of control. . . .

I think it is critical that we change the attitude that Cops are somehow above the citizens.

  • They should not get special treatment on what guns they can buy
  • They should not get military gear.  They are not the Army they are peace officers
  • Every town does not need an armored tank and a SWAT team
  • They need to be transparent in their actions and investigations.  
  • They need to stop acting like it is them against us and covering up when one of them breaks the law.
  • Those that break the law need to be held accountable and it needs to be visible that they are
  • Every cop on the beat should have a body cam so everyone can see an unbiased video of what happened.  This protects the citizen and the cops
We need to rebuild the trust - to do this we need to go back to the cop being part of the community not above it or outside it as a special protected class.

Then we can start to heal the rift.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore is Burning.

We the progressives really did it this time. . . .

Instead of cracking down at the start when they had some control of the city they had to "give the rioters room for their first amendment rights and room to destroy things"

Then they lost it.

The animals are now in charge there and the citizens are disarmed so can do nothing about it.

Folks there is no good end to this mess.  Folks will die, the cops and National Guard will be thrown at the animals and will have to kill some before they take back the city.

The Mayor should be removed from office right now!  She has shown she cannot deal with this or make the hard calls to save this city.

It is all but over for them.  Baltimore is burning and they are looting for all they can.

None of this crap has anything to do with the dead black man that they talk about.  That was just the excuse they used to start the fight.  Now it is all about taking all they can, running free like animals and doing as much damage as they can.  None of this has anything to do with civil rights or the cops - This is about thugs running the city and doing whatever they want.
I hope the liberals are proud of their creation.  It has come back to roost.  God help the good citizens that are trapped there.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

And Gun Rights continues to win

You can read the details HERE 

But in a nutshell the Dem in charge of Missouri had veto'd a pro gun bill to expand open carry and carry in schools.

They just overrode his veto to protect the rights of folks in MO.

Well done folks well done.

Good to see another win on the pro rights side.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gun Class Time. . . And good news on the gun front!

Had a great day at the gun club today teaching our monthly safety class.  Most of the folks were going for their MA permits, but a few were there just to join the club.

Had a full house of 23 people, which we seem to have every month.  I bet we could do two classes a month if we had the people and still fill it.

Another great thing was of the 23, 10 were women from young to older.  I love to see women getting into shooting.  For way to long the anti gun folks have pushed that women don't shoot and used that against our rights. . . . glad to see that is ending and more and more of them are seeing that shooting is a great sport, fun, and a good way to learn self defense.

To top it all off, I also saw these two things today:

  1. As reported in the Patriot Ledger gun permits in southeastern MA continues to go up up up. More and more folks are getting permits in MA.....
  2. And gun clubs are getting up scale here and accepted. . . a Guntry Club has opened up here.
The  gun control folks lost a big one last year here.  They passed a new gun laws, but before all was said and done the people had woken up and the law was gutted.  It went from a Second Amendment crippling bill to one that the gun folks supported and helped pass as it became pro gun. . . . the only minor win the anti folks got was a change to may issue for the FID card (lowest level of permit).  Of course to say no they need a court order agreeing to say no. .  and it all gets documented now.  They use to get to deny all other permits with no reason given. . . We also won an official appeals process for any denied permit and lots of other stuff.

In the end even the little bit they won helps us document for the courts the abuse of the system so in the long run it will be used against them to help further dismantle gun control here.  Their win will help end them.

Even in MA gun control is losing ground and you can see it.  We are wining hearts and minds folks.  Keep up the fight.