Tuesday, May 23, 2017


When will we admit terrorism is here to stay and no law or reduction in freedom will fix that?

To fix this and end these attacks every religion out there would have to admit they are no better than all the rest and none of them have the true one path to God. . . .

Can you ever see any of them doing that?  Ya me either.

Folks religion is about control, at least the organized ones.  They are about power and ruling just like any government is.  They are not about God, least not in a primary sense.  God is secondary to getting control over you and getting you to give them money.

So I don't see an end to this, not today, not tomorrow, not after we wipe large chunks of the middle east off the map to eliminate ISIS.  You may fix the problem for a while, but it will come back again and again until that day that religions can admit that one fact. . .  .

No, I am not holding my breath. . . .

Manchester Attack

Another Terror attack in the disarmed UK.

No gun used, they used a nail bomb.  The data so far looks like the attacker was in a public area (outside security) and blew himself up.

Honestly, I am not surprised by this.  We keep adding more laws and more security checkpoints in the hope it will make us safe.  It does the opposite.

I remember seeing Disney World after the Orlando attacks on the Pulse nightclub.  Huge crowds of people getting screened before going into the park.  My first thought was you just changed the target - from people in the park to the door where they can kill a lot more a lot quicker bunched up like that. . . .

These checkpoints or the should be called choke points scare the hell out of me every time I have to go through them.  All I can think is how easy it would be for them to hit us all bunched up here . .  . ..

And they just did in the UK.  They got lucky there was only one this time. . .  a well-planned attack would have had a second or third bomber to get other exits. . . and they will at some point.

They think it was a terror attack. . .  I am going to guess Islamic Terror cell.  And to the cowards that would attack children, all I can say is if your God would have you kill children, then your God is evil.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Male, Female, or X. . . Check One. . . .

Due to some discussions I had I got thinking about gender roles and what we call ourselves, male, female, and those folks that want another choice.  So I needed to get this out. . . .

Folks it is time we grow up and look at this like adults, not children.  You are Male or Female and that is just a basic fact of your DNA.  Beyond that, it does not matter (outside of reproduction) unless YOU let it matter.

Now there are some basic realities that we cannot get around.  A 5’ 100 lbs. woman is not going to get a spot as a linebacker on any NFL team.  Sorry, that is just a fact and you can self-identify as anything you want that fact won’t change.  You get a sex change operation your DNA does not change nor does your basic structure.  Going from Male to Female under the knife you will look female but still be stronger than most women because of your genetics and you will have an unfair advantage competing against them physically. No, I don’t think athletes that had a sex change should be able to compete anymore or at least not in any way that they get an unfair advantage. 

Go from Female to Male and you will have the same issues except you will be at a disadvantage against other men because your DNA and basic body will be weaker physical than most men.  Get over it.  Hormones treatments only do so much. . . .

Beyond that why do we let the media/liberals/anyone divide us up like sheep?  You need to identify as one of the many sexes they keep coming up with, or no sex at all. . . . This is foolish.  You are what you are physically and in your DNA.  Accept that and move on with your life.  Don’t be the girl on YouTube who self-identifies as a cat. . . you are not a cat nor will you ever be a cat in this life.  That is only a path to sadness and possibly madness. . . . enjoy your time with the cats, have a cat or cat’s live with you, but be smart enough to admit you are not a cat. . . .

Let it go.  Don’t let your physical sex define you any more than nature requires.  We need to stop worrying about what we identify with and just live.  Who cares?  You need to identify as HUMAN and move on.  Don’t get boxed in and don’t get worked up over it.  You are male or female, those are your only choices PHYSICALLY but WHO YOU ARE IS SO MUCH MORE than that. 

Stop limiting yourself and stop wasting time wanting to be something you physically are not.  You only hurt yourself and put up roadblocks to your own happiness and growth that way.

·         Love who you want to with all your heart
·         Work to get the job you want ( but be real, see above)
·         Enjoy your hobbies
·         Enjoy your family and friends
·         Grow and make the world better

Yes, a guy in a dress is going to get looks.  More so than a woman in a suite will.  Learn to deal with it or admit society does have some standards and you can break them but you will have to deal with the results.  Clothes should not be your identity anyway. . . if it is about how you dress then sorry, I think that is a bit shallow. . .  I am sure with some work you could find a way to dress yourself that is your style that would get less attention than a 250 lbs guy in a short black backless dress . . . . You want to go there and wave the freak flag go for it but expect society to look at you funny.

None of this has anything to do with your DNA determined sex . . .  don’t let it rule your life.  Reality is what it is and you need to work within its bounds no matter what folks tell you.  We all have physical limits and challenges of some sort.  Learn to work inside the limits and be happy with who you are – don’t let other define you.

Happiness is much more than your sex or your clothes.   What it is for you is going to be different than what it is for me but whatever it is it must come from inside you, not outside.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Post Obama

The election is over and things are starting to settle down. . . if you ignore the sound of heads exploding on the left.

So far all I can say is I think we picked the better of two bad choices.  At least Trump is putting the USA first and doing what he said he would.  Which is a nice change from the previous POTUS?

I find a few things amusing so far:

  • Liberals think he is a Narcissist. . . Yet don't think Obama was. . .
  • The rioters that were arrested at the inauguration are facing a Felony charge and 10 years each. . . that is awesome and even better when you realize Obama is the one who put that on the books
  • Liberals still seem to have a problem with the concept of legal immigrant and illegal
  • The women held a huge march to protest and one of the founders of the march supports Sharia law. . . . think about that one

I have to say I am happy to see the media actually doing their job for a change even if they are showing their bias.  It is also nice to have a politician get into office and actually do what he said he would.

The wall is nice, but the ending of funding to sanctuary cities is much more important.  When folks have to make up the budget shortfall out of their pocket I think they will wake up to the cost and start voting out the fools supporting the illegals.

I would really like to see us make it impossible for illegals to stay here. . . you start fining companies $5k a day that they employ illegals the jobs will dry up.  Do the same for anyone who houses them . . . . along with getting rid of all those pit stops we maintain in the desert to give them water on the way in and suddenly they won't want to be here or come here anymore.  No house or work why come?

Now I want to see some good pro 2A stuff go through and good justices picked for the courts and we will be in much better shape than we were under Obama.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Obama still pushing to divide us

After all of this you still can't get Obama to call on folks to stop the violence.  If anything his actions seem to encourage it.

And they don't care about anyone but themselves.  Seems the VP elect was jeered at the play Hamilton all through the play. . . . no regards for his rights to see a play in peace, and for sure no care for all the others that paid good money to see a play and had to deal with children.

Over and over we see that the liberal left are no better than children.  It is good they did not win, and I hope more and more folks are waking up to this fact and will help keep them out of power in the years to come.

I also hope Trump will do his job and stack the Supreme Court with conservative judges to protect our rights for generations to come.

This was a critical election to win and we did.  Now we need to stay on them and make them undo the damage done by 8 years of Obama and the socialists. . . We have not turned the tide yet. . . we have not won yet. . .  we have much work still to do.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sanctuary Schools?

So we already have sanctuary cities where criminal illegals can go and they won't be deported or even arrested. . .

Now the cry babies at colleges want their schools to follow the same path and declare their schools Sanctuaries. . .

Go for it.  I wish you well.

I also hope that our Government will finally wake up to the problems of Illegals and enforce the laws already on the books with heavy fines and prison time for those who help them.

I also hope they will cut all Federal money, grants or loans - ANY MONEY that would go to these cities and schools.

Lets see how these colleges do when their crazy students can't get Federal loans to pay for their brain washing . . .

Good luck folks.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The great national unfriending. . .

I knew a few folks on Facebook that lost friends over this election but I was until today happy to say I was not one of them. . .

But I had a couple of friends - brothers - who were as liberal as you get.  And otherwise intelligent folks who have lost their minds over this election.

To the point where one is openly saying the only hope is if someone takes Trump out before he can be sworn in so Obama stays in power a bit longer . . . .

Folks when you call for killing folks over an election you lost me.  You have given up on the American way of life and our sacred blood free power transfer every 4 years.   I cannot stay friends with anyone promoting violence over the election.

Protest, complain, bitch and moan please do, I did the last 8 years but when  you call for violence I am done. . .

And yes, I did click on that little report button on FB for whatever good it will do.  I don't think he personally has any ability to follow through, but we should not even be discussing such crap as Americans.

This election was clean unless you want to look at the massive fraud on the left.  Latest count up to 3 million illegals may have voted. . . NON CITIZENS!  yet Trump still won.

Now the Radicals are trashing the place because their power grab failed.  Ya, I feel safer for our nation and yet less safe personally than I did before the election.

Can't wait until I can move to a red state where I don't have to fear being beaten by my tolerant liberal left neighbors for my opinion. . .

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The sad liberal echo chamber we call MA. . .

It has been a sad few days listening to otherwise intelligent friends from the other side lose their minds and continue to push the disinformation the media put out on Trump. I blame a lot of it to being in MA which is little more than an echo chamber for the left, no one challenges their thinking and if you do all they do is knowingly shake their head and tell you you are wrong just ask anyone. . . and then push the hate they accuse the right of . . . a very sad time.

Go get some facts. Trump has already said that yes he will dump Obamacare but there are good points that will be kept like kids staying on to 26 and the bit on existing conditions. Trump has said nothing against the LGBT folks and many supported him. He even supported them in his acceptance speech for the nomination and was photographed holding a rainbow flag given by a support at a rally. No he is not going to attack LGBT rights.

He has also said nothing about doing anything to any legal immigrant to this country. He wants to stop Illegals and every other country out there has immigration control, why should we not? Especially when open borders are only making it easier for those who hate us to come here and stir up trouble and kill us.

I fear the Echo chamber of MA will eventually cost me a few friends as I cannot support folks who support violent protests and continue to push to divide the country.

You want to protest peacefully please do and for his entire term if you want, we did and it is your right, a right I will gladly fight to make sure you have. But if you want to continue to attack fellow citizens, call folks names and throw stones to divide us, and if you want to promote hate and violence then please unfriend me now.

The Radicals

At this point I think we need to call folks what they are.  We seem to have two groups going right now, folks on the left that are upset and peacefully protesting - annoying and acting like cry babies but perfectly in their rights to protest. . .

Then we have the folks that have now shot people, shot cops, burned cars and buildings, broken windows and beat folks they thought voted for Trump.  Some are even calling for killing Trump voters. I don't want to call them by any name that will confuse them with the lawful citizens in the first group.  So what do we call them?  The radical left?  Just Radicals?

When do they cross the line into terrorist?

And they seem to forget a few key things like the fact that the folks they want to attack and kill are the mostly the same folks who own the guns. . . and many more than one. . . . these are also the folks that probably have experience in the service or at least have had training on use of that gun they own.

This is not going where you folks want it to .  You may think so but I doubt you have really honestly thought this through.  Time to stop listening to the BS from the political folks and time to look at reality not the fantasy of the left.  You are talking about starting a civil war with a bunch of armed folks, who are trained for just that. . . . and as you are breaking the law you will quickly find the government is also going to fight against you.

You cannot win this one folks.  Time to grow up before anyone else gets hurt on either side.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Protest or Riot?

Folks it is time we start to call what is going on what it is. . . Riots.

We have two groups active after this election.  Citizens who are peacefully protesting and exercising their rights and Radicals who are attacking folks, burning things, breaking windows and as of last night shooting folks.

I call on the news to start to make a differentiation when they report on this.  This violence is not a protest it is a riot and should be call what it is and the folks taking part treated like criminals.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the right has done this after Obama won?  Really, be honest do you think the media would call it a protest?  Yes the right did protest but no one was hurt and nothing destroyed in the process. . . That is a big difference.

So now that we have all had a few days to digest this it is time to move forward.  Protesters have fun and protest.  Hell do it for his entire term if you want, the right did - but if you harm any one or any thing you are not protesting you are rioting and the cops need to deal with you accordingly.

And to the rest of us be honest we protested Obama from day one and every day in some way.  That is OK but at least admit they are doing what we would be as far as the peaceful protests.  It is the violence we did not have with Obama and it is the violence everyone should be speaking out against and loudly.  Our system lives and works best with protest, not violence.