Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pot in Massachusetts. . .

You know it is funny watching the fight to get Pot legal in Massachusetts. . .

As folks push to get pot legal in various states it is funny to listen to the anti pot folks push the same BS they do when we talk about getting rid of gun laws. . .

OMG THE WORLD WILL END!  Folks will get hooked on harder stuff!  Crime will go up!  Society will be DOOMED!  Folks will DIE!

Yet I can look at other states like Colorado where it is legal and just like gun control call about there will be blood in the streets I can see that nothing they are saying has come true.

When will these control freaks learn that your screaming does not work well when I can look and see places that have already passed the law you are losing your shit over?  Especially when over and oer again you have been proven wrong. . .  and I can see you are full of it. . .

Folks the drug war is all about control and it is not about stopping drugs.  Just look at any high school in the country and you can see the kids can get any drugs they want (probably guns too).

Time to end the crap and start treating addiction as an illness that needs treatment and let adults be adults.  Use what you want just like booze and if you hurt anyone then we can let the courts deal with you for being irresponsible.  Just like we do alcohol. . .

What is it with control freaks anyway????

Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump is getting set up

I for one am getting sick of listening to the news folks blame Trump for the act of outside demonstrators at Chicago.

In a page right out of the Brown Shirts manual the folks from the left decided that since they can't win the argument with him they would silence him.  And how best to do that but show up and protest, provoke a confrontations and then blame Trump.  And the news media is only to happy to play along and jump on Trump.  What about the responsibility of those who are starting the problems?  Known criminal and terrorist Bill Ayres was part of the protest and some reports say he planned it. . . . This is a man known for violence and attacking cops.

This should sicken every American to see free speech stomped on like this.  They are showing their true colors in trying to stop Trump not with logic and thought out arguments but with yelling and preventing him from being heard.

Folks if you think you can only win by making it so folks can't hear the opponent then you have already lost the argument.  This is not the America I grew up in or that our founders wanted.

Monday, February 8, 2016

More BS from Bernie

So Bernie has a few more issues he needs to rethink. . .  Facts just don't seem to matter to this doddering old fool.

Equal pay for Women - just like wanting more gun laws this is a BS call for more laws while ignoring the fact that there are already laws on the books to do this. . . it is called the Equal Pay Act of 1963

Second he wants to have everyone go to college . . . Who will pay for this?  All of us with more taxes that is who.  And this totally ignores the fact that if everyone has a college degree then you will need a Masters to make any real money or a trade.  Just like everyone has a high school diploma now and you need a trade or college degree to make real money. . . folks if it is that common then it will not demand high pay.  That is just basic supply and demand.

How can we really support folks like Bernie and Hillary when they obviously have no clue on how the real world works?  What is it with the Democratic party?  They use to have intelligent folks running for office, now it is just more of the same old DC BS running.  Same crap different face selling it to you.

And once again you can see the failure of our education system in full display as the young and the uneducated fall for this crap thinking they will get stuff for free. . .. NOTHING IS FREE folks, someone will have to pay the bill.  And it will be the middle class and tax payers of the country.

Bernie is Inventing rights for us

I am sorry folk but as I sit and watch the Bernie Sanders ads I have to call Bull Shit on his claim we have a right to health care.

You have a right to access to healthcare, you do not have a right to healthcare itself.  If you can afford it you can have it, it is NOT a right.

Rights are very special things that are recognized by our Constitution, but you have them no matter what just by being alive. . .

You have a great example of these in our Bill of Rights.

The most important thing to remember about rights is you have them, they cannot be taken from you legally, and they are personal, they do not require anyone else to have them.

For example you can vote by yourself, you don't require anyone else to do anything for you to cast a vote
You have the right to free speech, you can speak your mind without anyone else doing anything. . .

You do NOT have the right to take the labors of someone else as a right.  That makes them no more than your slave.

Since you cannot take someones labor from them and call it your right to take it then you cannot have a right to health care.  If you did that would mean you have the right to take the labors of all the medical personnel - Doctors, Nurses, orderlies etc and they have to give it to you for free.

Medical folks are not slaves, so you cannot take their labor without paying them for it.  You may not like the cost, and you are free to seek others to help you if you don't, but it is NOT A RIGHT.

It is time we stop calling everything a right.  Not everything you want is a right and folks need to deal with that fact.  You don't have to like it but you do have to live with it.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Rights for me and not for you

I have been poking the trolls on Facebook in regards to Kim Davis and them taking her name off the marriage licenses.

While I agree Kentucky did a good thing taking her name off the license but to listen to folks she was having her First Amendment rights trampled by being forced to do her job.

I am sorry but if you work for the Government then you are the one forcing your views on folks by denying a lawful license to marry because of YOUR religion.  If cannot do the job then you need to step down.

I am amazed at the number of folks that tell me I am a fool for this.  They see her as a hero for standing up against gay marriage and not issuing the licenses.  If she is using the power of her GOVERNMENT office to deny folks a marriage license isn't she the one denying folks their First Amendment rights by imposing her religion on them with the power of her office?  What am I missing???

I continue to be stunned at the number of folks who will scream every time Obama ignores our Constitution but are perfectly fine with it if someone "on their side"does it to impose something they agree with like banning gay marriage.

Folks the law is the law and it does not matter which side is shredding our Constitution it is BAD OK?  I don't care if you have an R or a D after your name if you violate our Constitution you suck and should be removed from office.

Someone please tell me how Davis is the injured party in all of this. . . . the people of Kentucky where she refused to do her job and fulfill her legal obligation seem to be the injured ones here.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

No Fly LIst

The next move by the Anti Rights crowd seems to be to attack at the state level and use the No Fly List to deny you your rights.

So far Conn and Mass are looking to use it to deny gun permits and I am sure other states are watching the outcome.  You want to see if you are on it?  Go take a look.

Folks the Do Not Fly list needs to go.
  • There are up to 40% innocent folks on this list. 
  • Children and babies are on this list
  • State and Federal reps are on this list (Sen Kennedy was on it)
  • Folks who's names are close to someone they want are on the list
There is NO due process with this list.  Folks are not reviewed by a court or anyone elected before being added to the list.  Very little is know about how you get put on, (here are some ideas on how you get on it) how they make sure you should be on it, and how innocent folks can get off.  Folks have been put on this list for being part of protests . . . imagine that, you lose your rights for speaking out. . . 

This should disgust every American that we have hit the point where secret lists will strip people of a Constitutional right without due process.  

And once they get you to accept this for one right what will come next in their push for power?  No voting for folks on the list?  Free speech or your employment?  What will stop them from putting politically rivals on this list or political groups they don't like such as the Move On or Tea Party folks?

Folks the No Fly List was a bad idea that did not work and was never meant to be used to do things like this.  Time to get rid of it.

If they have enough info to say you should not have a right then they should be able to go to a judge to prove you should be stripped of your right. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Muslim Ban. . .

I find this hugely amusing that folks are flipping out over a common sense move during a war - YES A WAR.

At this point the FBI admits that the terrorists who attacked in CA were radicals, and the wife was a radial before she passed the screening and was let into our country.  And they MISSED IT.

So we know our screening does not work. . . .

Why would we keep letting in high risk people until we have it fixed????

What Trump is calling for is a ban on Muslim immigration until we fix the system to screen them and this will keep us safe. .  . Just like Jimmy Carter banned Iranians during the hostage crisis with Iran. . . SAME THING!!

Folks we need to start facing some hard facts here and the left is not going to like it.  Their little world is crashing and they are not dealing well with it. . .

  • Immigration screening is not working
  • The terrorists were not even on the FBI radar
  • Gun free zones and gun control is being exploited by terrorists to attack us
  • CA has the harshest gun laws around including one hell of an assault weapon ban and it DID NOTHING !
  • The best way to keep us safe is to get rid of gun free zones and gun control
  • Gun sales have been breaking records for years yet homicides have dropped 49% from their record high IN 1993
  • The cops do not get to these shootings until someone calls them. . . The first responders to an attack are the folks being attack. . . the cops are second.
And what do the gun grabbers want to do in the face of these facts?  Take the guns from law abiding citizens who only want to protect themselves.

Obama(and some in MA) want to strip folks of their right to bear arms if you are on the no fly list. . . You know that great secret list that they can put anyone on without any trial or due process?  That list that has kids, babies, and even had Congressmen and other pols on it. . . like Sen Ted Kennedy from MA.  So if we know the list is full of innocent people and we won't tell them they are on it, how to get off it why would any American want to use it to take one's rights?  What happened to our day in court?  what happened to due process????

We are told not to judge all Muslims by the terrorists but it is OK to judge all legal gun owners by them?  No folks it's not.  Let your reps know you are sick of the BS and to stop pushing for more meaningless gun control.  You want safety not lies.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obama Speech

Well got about what I expected. . .

Lots of pull together, this was not terrorism, and push for gun control.

On the bad side it was basically more of the same crap that won't work and we know it.  Also talking about more attacks on ISIS and we know he does not have the heart to really do anything to them.

I love how he wants to cut off their money. . . Dude they have their own oil wells . . . this should be interesting.

As for gun control he called for nothing unexpected. . .
He wants to use the no fly list to prevent folks from buying guns - already voted down in the Senate and the list itself is being challenged in court as unconstitutional
Wants a new assault weapons ban - we all know that is not going to happen since the just voted down two gun control measures AFTER the shooting so basically nothing will change on that front.

So lots of talk and fancy words out of Obama and I must admit some nice ideas.  Too bad I have NO faith in him to actually do any of the stuff that may work, and most of the stuff that won't.

Obama is way out of his league, has been for a long time now.  It is time we impeach him and put someone in place that can actually do something and wants to win.

It is also time we get involved.  Make sure you write your rep and let them know you don't want things like the No Fly list that have no oversight or due process used to strip folks of their rights.  Let them know that you want your Second Amendment rights since the cops can't be everywhere and we need to protect ourselves.  Let them know we don't want more refugees let in until they can tell us how the last terrorist got through their screening.

Speak up folks, if you see or hear something don't act like the neighbors of the CA terrorists, say something!

We need to stick together, stand together, and watch each others backs.  We are Americans, time to start acting like it and win this.

Terror Attack

Now it is official.  The FBI is calling it a terror attack as one of the attackers has pledged allegiance to ISIS before the attack.

Did one radicalize the other?  Maybe.  Honestly I don't care as either way they attacked and innocent Americans were killed.  No one the knew them claimed to know a thing.  Not sure I am buying that either but I might.

Now as far as the guns and ammo I can see that this may not raise a flag.  As much as the media likes to play that they had SO MUCH AMMO AND SO MANY GUNS it just is not a big deal.  Many folks in the US have multiple guns and a few thousand rounds of ammo is nothing.  Even in MA as long as you have less than 5000 rounds of .22 and less than 5000 rounds of center fire ammo you are within the law.  Add to this the recent shortage of ammo and if you are a serious shooter or pro shooter this is not much ammo to have on hand.  Now the pipe bombs is something else. . . . It sounds like they had a bit of a production line set up.  Could you hide this from folks?  Not sure.  I guess you might if you had no surprise visits from the family. . . .

Now our useless POTUS Obama will get on the TV tonight to discuss it.  Personally I am betting that he will lie to us and push that this was not a terror attack but something else like workplace violence.  More crape because he won't admit we have been attacked.  It just does not fit his world view or his needs right now.

And today we lean that there was another attack, this time with a machete and knives in London UK.  He was captured and witnesses say he was calling out "this is for Syria" as they took him away.

We are now at war and have been for a while with RADICAL Islam.  . . . . . . we need to fact that fact but we also need to be very careful what we do next.  If we start attacking anyone who follows Islam we are no better than the terrorists.  We need to act based on facts not feelings or hunches.  We are Americans, we need to act like it.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Go Pro at the shooting in CA?

Now seeing reports that they both had Go Pro cameras on them. . .

If true this further supports the terror attack theory and that they wanted to upload the attack later to various sites.

Yet Obama and the cast of regulars still ignore or refuse to admit (or probably want to hide for their own reasons) that the attack is a terror attack and not workplace violence.

Thank God it looks like America is waking up to his lies.