Sunday, November 29, 2015

Colorado Shooting

OK, it is sickening to see the anti gun folks at work here immediately blaming guns and the GOP for this one along with everything conservative.

A shame that once again the facts don't fit again.

This guy had issues and a small criminal record
the attack on Planned Parenthood was an accident of location - he is not pro life or against Planed Parenthood.  So far it looks like he may have tried to rob a bank or such down the road and ran off to hide from the cops and their number was up.
He listed himself as a SHE on official paperwork.

So can we stop the BS blame game and admit again that a nut case did something and folks got killed.  This has NOTHING to do with the 80+ million legal gun owners in the USA or the NRA or anything to do with our Second Amendment.

Maybe we can wait for the facts to come out since they have him. . .  but I am sure that won't work for the gun grabbers because I highly doubt it will fit into their story. . . .

Thursday, November 19, 2015

No More Refugees. . . .

I for one am getting sick of hearing about how we should be letting 10,000 Syrian refugees into our country. . . . for a number of reasons.
  • Let’s look at the data from Europe.  So far after a number of attacks, some successful some not it looks like a number of the terrorists came into the country as refugees.
  •  Explain to me why no Middle Eastern countries will take them?  They have the room and it would be much easier due to culture and location.
  • Look at the images of who they are . . . where are the women and children?  Most are men of military age in good shape. . . this is an invasion not refugees folks
  • How do we vet them?  You cannot get reliable access to any way to show who they are – they are coming from a failed state and how can we trust any records they give us?

Then please tell me what we will do with them?  The UN admits that due to lack of documentation and such it takes most refugees it places 15-20 years to recover.  They have no proof of education or training so we are talking 10,000 folks that will be starting at minimum wage jobs with no proof they have a degree or training or whatever to get a better job.  They are starting from scratch and we would be footing the bill with money we don’t have.

Where will the money come to house them?  We are told we cannot help our own homeless and poor due to lack of funds. . . . yet we have money to pay for them?????  Our elderly can’t get a raise in Social Security (that they paid into) and we have cash for refugees????

I don’t want to see ANY new refugees in our country folks.  We need to fix a few things for our own citizens first:
  •  Get unemployment under control (not just cook the books in DC)
  •  We need to fix our health care system and get rid of the costly Obamacare
  •  We need to deal with our own homeless
  • We need to deal with our vet who need jobs and homes also
  • We need to fix our roads and infrastructure

We have too many critical things to spend out tax dollar now . . . more things than we have tax dollars to spend. . . . We DO NOT have the money for refugees from anywhere.

Go ahead and call me racist if you want.  I am not picking who can come in based on anything – I don’t want any of them until we fix things – I don’t care where they come from.

And yes, I think we should put a hold on work visas too.  We have plenty of folks at all levels looking for work we don’t need to bring in non-citizens to compete for the jobs.

It is past time we put our own citizens first.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Attacks

So I am writing this the next morning when we know a bit more. . .

ISIS claims they did it
Hundred twenty plus dead and hundreds wounded
One attacker was French with terror ties and one had a Syrian passport

Folks they hit multiple locations at the same time in PARIS.

With automatic weapons. . . .

All that gun control did nothing but help them attack.

We need to wake up.  We have fallen asleep again it has been so long since 9/11.

This is just the start.  When the photos started to come out of all the Syrian refugees streaming into Europe many of us pointed out that most were men of military age coming from areas of ISIS control and no one wanted to hear it. . .  .

France shut its borders. . . . too late. . . . ISIS has it's troops already in Europe all over the place.  Now all you can do is try to find them and wait for the rest of their plan to unfold.

We in the US need to wake up and see what is going on.  DC has been lying to us and we need to do something about it.  We are just as at risk as Paris was as we blindly go about our days and ignore the fact that we are at war with ISIS and there kind and they will do anything to get here and attack us.


Time to start paying attention.  Write you reps to do something real about this stuff, pay attention to who you are voting for and stop voting for the idiots that want us disarmed and lead to the slaughter as they refuse to admit we are at war with Radical Islam.

Time to train.  Learn to shoot, learn to defend yourself.  Pay attention to what is going on around you and be the eyes and ears we need to detect where these terrorists are training or getting ready to hit.  Listen to your gut and get out of the area if things look funny. . .

Time to admit we are all in this one, not just our troops.  We live on the front line of this one.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What comes next?

My Mom passes away yesterday.

While I sit here thinking about Mom I realize that my grief is selfish at best.  I am grieving over my loss when I should be focused on her. 

What I am upset over is a temporary thing. . .  we will meet again wherever we go next, Heaven, the Summer Lands, or Valhalla – whatever you want to call it. 

She is now better.  The pain of the last year and her battle will illness is over.  She has shed the broken body that has let her down and has moved on.  She is now with the loved ones who have gone before, her parents, her brothers, and my Dad.  I am sure there were many happy faces waiting to see her again when she arrived.

Yes I will continue to cry for me but I know it is for me, she is probably rejoicing at being whole again and with those she loves watching over those of us still here and looking after us.  I bet she is busy catching up with all those who went before.

This sharp pain will turn dull, and one day we will meet again.

I love you Mom  . . . say HI to Dad for me.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Another School Shooting

So here we go again. . . another school shooting and Obama is pushing up gun sales.
Despite the BS on line this was again a gun free zone. . . .

The school has a policy of no guns on campus and did not feel the need for an armed security presence, Umpqua Community College interim President Rita Cavin said.

So sorry liberals you blew it again and set up another bunch of folks for the bad guy.  It is past time that the folks that put these gun free zones in place be held accountable for the damage they have done.  I would love to see someone sue them for damages because they could not defend themselves legally due to this BS.

I look forward to more background on the shooter coming out although I am sure they will whitewash it.  Already it looks like his friends were pro jihad based on their on line presents but nothing about the shooter yet.  I also find it strange he singled out Christians to kill. . .

When will we wake up and realize that gun free zones are killing us?  Every mass shooting over the last almost 50 years (except 1) has been a gun free zone.  NO ONE CAN FIGHT BACK and they know it.

The movie theater shooter from the Batman movie?  Ya he drove by other theaters to get to the one he attacked. . . Which was a gun free zone unlike the others.

Mall shooters - again gun free zones. . .

Schools and colleges – yep gun free. . .

And the think I really want to know is why CNN is covering this with the same old disproven gun control BS yet ignoring the 50+ folks shot in Chicago last weekend for the second weekend in a row. . . Oh Ya, they don’t want you to see the failure of all those gun laws in Chicago.

Well we can now add another shooting, and we can also add in that they just increased the background checks out there and it did nothing to stop this.  Folks a law is not going to stop them.  Murder is already illegal and that doesn’t stop them why would another gun law?  Criminals, gangs and felons already illegally get guns, the laws preventing a felon from having a gun has yet to stop any of them that want a gun – just look at the gang shootings.  Bringing the gun on campus was against school rules, ya that worked. . . .

Time to wake up folks, and I think we are slowly waking up.  CNN is screaming but here in Boston the  Boston Herald paper has nothing about this on the front page of its web site and the Boston Globe has a short story in small print.  Even in liberal MA they know this is not news and folks won’t buy more gun control as the answer.

But now we will have to watch for another push to strip us of our rights because prohibition works so well.  Just look at history to see:

Alcohol prohibition – lead to the rise of the mob to new unprecedented levels and folks still got their booze
The war on drugs we are still fighting – please show me one high school where the kids can’t get any drug they want and again it has led to a rise in gangs and violence

Taking guns from law abiding folks will do nothing to stop criminals.  But it will make it easier and safer for them. . . . Get ready to push back again.  We must keep our rights if we want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.  We need to force the politicians to move past the failure of gun control and start to look for the real cause and prevention of these attacks, because guns are not it.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Amazed in MA

Once again it is that time. . . the gun club has started up classes again.

Now we do them for two reasons.  1 - everyone needs to take the class to join.  That way we make sure every one in the club can safely handle a gun. 2 - we do it to get folks to get their license and hope they join our club.

Now most classes are full at 24 folks per class. . . . yesterday we had 25.  In most classes the majority have their permit already and are looking to join the club. . . yesterday was different.  Out of that 25 only 7 or so had permits.  The rest will hopefully be new shooters and new permit holders soon.  They all did great on the class and at the shooting part of the class.

Folks just when you think you have seen it all.  Over the last two years MA has been changing.  I think it is going to take a while to get to our leaders, but it is changing.  we have defeated a major anti - gun bill and turned it into a pro gun bill setting the anti folks up for some serious legal issues in a few years over permits. . . our classes have been full the two years I have taught at the club and the number of folks going for their first permits keeps going up.  And now yesterdays class was majority new folks.

I hope we keep that trend going.  I would love to see us getting 10-15 new folks to get permits every month. . .  and I hope other clubs are doing this too.

Nationally Gun Control is dead with the majority of folks saying we have enough or too many laws on guns.  The pro gun numbers keep growing while the news folks keep pushing the gun grabbers side and losing.  Anti gun stories are all over the news and folks ignore them or see right through the BS.

We are winning!  Folks have started to wake up to the loss of their rights and I think they are looking to turn it around.  Now we need to see what we can do in 2016 to push things forward.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Theater Shooting - GUN FREE ZONE AGAIN

So here we go again. . .

Crazy person shoots up movie theater
  • Movie theater he chooses to shoot up is a gun free zone
  • No one can fight back.
  • Folks you can add to this reports that he was a loaner, drifter and was a prohibited person so could not legally own a gun. . .

The part that scares me the most is that there will be folks out there that will continue to keep their heads in the sand and call for more gun laws. . .

No law would stop this.  Again we are shown that the criminal ignores the laws to do his damage.  He had a gun he could not legally own in a gun free zone where he killed people. . . how many laws did he break already?  Do you really think one more would make any difference?  If you do you are part of the problem.

Folks the world is not a safe place.  To fall for the myth of gun control and gun free zones is to be a dreamer who is totally disconnected from the real world.  Gun control is a fantasy and we need to realize that and admit it DOES NOT WORK!  The folks calling for disarming us are not living in the real world and won't admit it!

What is crazy?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  . . .  over and over we have tried to prohibit criminals from doing things by passing laws alone. . . and the criminals keep ignoring the laws and doing the crime anyway. Prohibition has never worked and all you have to do is look at history to see that: 
  •       1930’s alcohol prohibition – folks still got booze and crime went up
  •       Today’s drug wars – folks still get drugs and crime goes up
  •       No gun zones – folks still get shot by criminals. . . .

Time for this to end.  Time we tell our elected officials that we are sick of them turning us into easy targets for madmen.  Time to repeal gun control on all levels folks IT DOES NOT WORK!

I don’t know about you but the lives of my family are worth it.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gun Facts the Anti's don't like

It is spelled out HERE

But lets face it folks. . . you don't get mass shootings at a gun range, gun show, or the local cop shop. . .

But you do at schools, churches, and one at a political rally. . .

What is different?  Well, many schools, churches and political rallies are GUN FREE ZONES and the nut case knows it.  Same for many work places.

So the mass killer goes to a place he knows there are no guns and kills many people. . .

And what to the politicians want?  MORE GUN FREE ZONES. . . . . how does that help????

Time to end gun control folks.


Time to wake up and admit to the facts in evidence. . . . gun control loses every time you do.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Church Shooting

So here we go again. . .

A gun free zone where 9 folks were killed by a bad guy with a gun. . .

The ironic thing is the pastor who was killed voted against letting folks carry concealed.  His own vote put people at risk and he has now paid the ultimate price for pushing gun free zones. . . a bad guy does not care if you have a gun free zone or not, and he will still bring his gun into your gun free zone. . . hell they prefer it since they know you can't fight back.

Over and over again we see this and the idiots in charge have the same failing answer - more gun control.   Gun control is how we got into this mess folks.

If we didn't have gun free zones and many of the other idiotic laws these control freaks want is why we have these shootings.

Bad folks know the good folks have been disarmed.  They know the idiots in charge are on their side keeping us at a disadvantage by disarming us.  Bad folks are the problem, not the hunk of metal called a gun.

Bad folks use guns, they also use knives, gas, bombs . . . you name it.  They want to kill and will find a way.  We need to be armed to stop them.  Cops can't be everywhere and they can't stop them.  Cops job is to show up after the fact, investigate and catch the bad guy, not prevent the attack in the first place - remember the Supreme Court has ruled they have no requirement to protect anyone. . .

So lets stay awake folks and let DC know we will not let them use this as an excuse to strip us of our rights or let them set us up for the next attack.

Folks our gun rights are critical to our safety.  We need to be able to defend ourselves from not only criminals and politicians, but from terrorists. . . they are coming here and we all know it.  ISIS claims to already be here.  With our open borders they probably are already here.  Heck the attack in  Boston on the cops was an ISIS supporter.

Don't let them use this failure of gun control to push more gun control. . . . .

Friday, May 29, 2015

Patriot Act

Looks like we are closer now than we have been in years to end the Patriot Act. .  . We need to keep up the pressure on DC to end this foolishness.

Once again DC has taken a law that was passed in the heat of the moment in the name of making us safer and tuned it around on us so they can spy on us. . .  not the bad guys.

Obama is screaming for it.  That alone should be enough for every sane person to call, write or email DC to scrap this invasion of our privacy.

Folks it has done little to nothing to keep us safe when compared to the MASSIVE invasion of our lives by the .gov thanks to this law.

Time for it to end.