Wednesday, January 14, 2015

French Terror Attack

This is a mess.

I hate to say this but we are rapidly heading into a war between Islam and the rest of us.  If you don't think so then I feel sorry for you - look at the facts:

This last attack was trained folks, not home grown armatures
The Muslim world does not speak up much against these attacks
Some even try to justify them. . . .
Radical Islam is getting bolder and bolder in attacking free people
They want us to all live under their version of Islam
They won't take NO for an answer,
Look at France, ISIS, Africa. . .  this cancer is spreading

Folks we are quickly getting to the point where the Radical Islam folks will be able to hit us any where they want and our own leaders are all talk no action.  It costs the Radicals nothing to do these attacks, they get all the press they want, they get to kill us, and they get martyrdom and we do nothing to hit back.

Until we can make this hurt enough that there own people start to question the value of the attacks we will keep seeing this over and over around the world.

It is also interesting in a sad way that folks IGNORE all the gun laws and restrictions in France that made this possible.  No citizen had a chance on this one - they are disarmed sheep waiting for the Radicals to kill them.  Even the cops are not armed all the time in France and look how that played out, they were running for their lives and lost.

This whole thing makes me sick, and makes me think another war is coming, one of us vs Islam to finally fix this issue.  They don't want peace and if we continue to sit back they will kill again and again. . . .

Time for Muslims to wake up and stop this crap- they are the only ones who can stop these Radicals with minimum blood shed- the alternative is they will be seen as supporting the Radicals, and the lines will be drawn. . . .

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eric Garner - Death by Cop

This is nuts.  How did the NY cop get off?????

Can you say NYC is corrupt as they come?  Just look at Bloomberg and you can see that. . . no to mention all the other folks that were unarmed and not doing anything violent that they have killed in NYC.

Personally I don't see how this guy got off other than he is a copy in NYC so he is above the law.

I also don't think this has anything to do with Fergerson MO.

Lets look at the facts -


  • Cop is injured
  • Criminal attacked him in his car and left evidence to prove this
  • Criminal was being sought for a violent robbery shortly before he got shot and killed
  • He rushed the cop and was acting aggressive.
NYC case:
  • Non violent crime - selling untaxed cigarettes
  • No weapons involved
  • Video shows he had his hands up
  • Cops pile on him and choke him out as he repeatedly says he can't breath
  • Cops violated own rules using a choke.
Folks this NYC cop should be facing charges.  Is it disgusting that he is not and I hope the Feds go after him and that Mr. Garners family has a good lawyer to go after NYC.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Morning Talking Heads - what color is the sky there?

I don't normally watch the political talk shows but I left it on this morning and had a good laugh at how badly they are pushing for the Democrats.

First they are all over diverting us from looking at the handling of Ebola or the Terror Attacks in Canada and NYC.  They know that if folks start looking at self defense and defense of the county the GOP will win votes on them.  They know if folks start thinking about taking care of their family in dangerous times the GOP will win votes. . .. they need to convince folks that there is no danger.  Ignore what is going on in the world because BIG GOVERNMENT can protect you and is protecting you. . . . . . Except it isn't.

They won't make the hard calls to go after radical Islam in our country.  And more importantly right now they won't stop flights from Ebola areas and they won't quarantine folks coming from those areas.  The most laughable excuse I have heard so far is it would "hurt the African economy".  The more realistic answer I have heard was a nurse who went there whining about how it was an inconvenience to her to be held for 3 weeks to make sure she was not infected.  Sorry you went there now you pay the bill to protect those of us who stayed home.

The other great line I kept hearing is it was all about gridlock and we hate everyone in DC.  Totally ignoring how Obama himself has called this election all about support for his policy's.  They are also totally ignoring our failing and floundering economy and so many people out of work and no end in sight.  Add to them all the Illegals Obama wants to bring in to compete for jobs that our kids and the lower class are trying to fill and it should make you sick.

Sure I want to see folks voted out in DC, but not all of them. . . I want to see Harry Reid replaced for holding up all those bills in the Senate that he won't bring to a vote because the GOP thought them up.  I am sick of Obama making illegal law with his pen and not facing Impeachment when Nixon was small time compared to today and was booted out (rightly).

I am sick of them blaming the bid money on the GOP side and ignoring the fact they get just as much and some say a bit more big money on their side too.  I am sick of the Dems voting to stop jobs, support illegals, and destroy our standing in the world with their bumbling foreign policy that has done noting to fix things and made them much worse.

They keep spending and spending and ignoring we don't have the money.  Time to put real conservatives in power that respect our Constitution.  Time to shrink the .gov and stop turning our police into another branch of the military.  Time to get the .gov out of the marriage business and the GOP better learn this one.  Gay Marriage is not the end of our world, and please show me where our Constitution gives the .gov any say in marriage. . . . thanks.

Yes it is time for a change folks, we need to put more TEA folks into power and we need to move our country away from the failure of Socialism and the Democrats failed big government power grab.  Time to bring jobs back to the USA folks.   Time to get Religion out of our government too folks and admit that our Constitution needs to be brought back front and center of our government.

Another School Shooting

Well here we go again.

It is all about the school shooter and nothing about the facts.

Folks this was not a standard wacko who wanted to shoot people in a nice safe gun free zone.

He only shot specific people then himself.  He had a plan and he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  He waited until they were all together at lunch then shot his targets.  All of them were known to him, some family.

When will we stop focusing on inanimate objects and start looking into WHY?  He was supposedly bullied by these kids.  He had posts (Twitter I think, maybe Facebook) about his troubles but no one did anything.

Folks no matter what the media tells you this was not a normal shooting.  Sure, we have a kid with a gun he can't legally have in a gun free zone shooting kids.  He could have kept going.  He could have sprayed the room. . . no.  He only shot at one table of folks he knew that he had issues with.

So I will wait and see what facts will come out.  I bet this story will be burred rather quickly as it does not fit in their plan to disarm innocent folks.  Just like they ignore the hatchet attack in NYC and don't really say much about the car attack and shooting in Canada because they are all tied to Radical Islam attacks.

When will we wake up folks?  The world has changed, it is much more dangerous than it was, and that danger is much more random.  These Radicals are going to hit everywhere, not just the bad parts of town you can avoid. . . They want to cause fear and the fools who will use random shootings to disarm us are playing right into their plan.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ebola and Obama

So now what?

We have a POTUS that has time and again shown he can't do anything but fundraise.  He has no idea how to deal with a crisis and we have a bunch of them.

ISIS is taking over a good chunk of the middle east and still growing while he can't get anyone together to stop them in the time he has to be effective to do it

Obama is seen as weak by the world and ignored

We have illegals spilling over our southern border bringing with them disease and ISIS infiltrators (4 caught so far). . . . our kids are now getting sick with the new bugs that the Illegals have brought in and Obama has spread around the country as he lets the Illegals stay instead of immediately sending them home.  Now we have kids with Polio like symptoms and unknown how to cure . . .  thanks to the Illegals.

And now EBOLA.  We have the first case that was caught HERE because we have not shut down travel from the hot spots and now someone came here with it. . .  and died but not before infecting others.

This is insane!  Only doctors should be going there and no one should be coming back without sitting in quarantine long enough to show clear. . . But no, Obama is all about image and nothing about facts.   So now we have to deal with Ebola here in the USA.  And they STILL refuse to shut down the travel. . .  . Every case of Ebola was preventable in the US. . . . remember that.

Remember all of this in November when you vote folks.  We need new folks in DC that know what they are doing.  The gang of Dems in there now have screwed us pretty good but we can still fix this if we put in the right people for the job.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Warren Tolman wants to be AG of MA

This guy should scare us all.

I watch his ads on TV and see how out of touch he is yet because he is a Democrat he may actually win in MA.

Why is Tolman running on the past?  Where are his plans for what is currently facing our state?  Where is his plans to cut corruption in the state government, to go after the criminals, to go after the EBT fraud we are paying for?  Where are his plans to protect the taxpayers from all of this?  Where are his plans to protect the people of our state from any kind of corruption, political or otherwise???

Lets look at the facts he is running on:

-  Parents died of smoking so he pushed laws on tobacko makers to tell folks it is not good for you. . .  something we have all known since I was a kid. . . ignoring the fact this is an addiction (my dad died of smoking) and needs to be treated as such.  All the laws in the world won't help, you need to get them treatment to get off the smokes . . . and he totally ignores the fact the people smoke BY CHOICE.  No one made his parents start smoking, no one made my dad start smoking. . . . but he wants to tell us how to live.

- Abortion clinic shooting he is all over in the news is 20 years old.  He is living in the past.  We have not had any problems with shootings in MA since, and unlike the rest of the country that has spent the last 20 years relaxing gun laws and seeing crime go down MA has added more gun laws and seen crime go up.  He does not get it.  You want to make it safer in MA get rid of gun control.  If you support gun control you support criminals safety and that is the fact.  Why is he not looking at the criminal madman that shot up the place and why he was loose on the street?  No, he wants to go after lawful gun owners, shown to be some of the most laws abiding folks in any area. . .

- Smart guns. . . there is no such thing.  If this tech worked wouldn't the cops and military be using it?  This is fiction.  Smart guns will only get lawful gun owners shot or killed as criminals won't follow the law, they don't.  Cops are far more likely to have their gun taken and used against them by a criminal but they refuse to have smart guns. . .

Look at the facts.  You are violently attacked and pull a smart gun out to protect yourself and your kids. . .
  • You have dirt on your hands, gun won't work
  • Your wife takes your gun cause you are hurt,  it won't work for her
  • You are injured and have blood on your hand, gun won't work
  • Battery is dead, gun won't work
  • Electronics break due to use, gun wont work
So when the smart gun fails, and cops, military and gun owners know they will. . . you will be helpless to defend yourself or your kids.  This is what he wants.

Add to this that they tried to pass a new massive gun control bill in MA this spring/summer and the outcry was amazing.  The bill that became law is now pro gun with all the major and most of the minor gun control stripped out of it and new wording put in to protect gun owners rights.

Tolman is out of touch with Massachusetts folks and out of touch with our country, time for him to get out of politics.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Low Capacity Mags can get you killed

Here is a great story on how a lawful gun owner saved himself and his friends. . ..

Go read it HERE

Attacked by a mob and he won.  Violent gang members not kids, remember that. . . .

This is why you may need more than 10 rounds that they want to restrict you to.  Low capacity magazines will get lawful gun owners killed.  Just a matter of time.  But they don't care about that, they don't care about you as a gun owner.  Gun owners are bad, we are free and they can't deal with it.  That they are putting us in danger with mag restrictions is not an accident it is part of the plan.

No Gun? Use a bomb

Here is a great story from MA.

We have all the gun laws you could want but they still want more.  Lawful citizens are abused all the time when they try to get a permit for a gun.. . . . they keep telling us lawful gun owners are the problem you see.

They tell us if we take away all your guns then you will be safe. . .  .

Ya right. . .

Meanwhile the pro civil rights folks have been pointing out time and again that criminals don't follow the law and will still get guns or find a new tool to use. . .

Well here is your proof, he could not get a gun so built a bomb. . . . Oh and by the way bombs are illegal too. . . .

It is all about control folks it has nothing to do with safety.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Open letter to the Mass Legislature on Guns

I wanted to contact you again to try to explain a bit further the problem gun owners have now with the current ability of the chiefs to limit permits.

If you want more info on this a quick google of “Mass gun permits per town” brings up many article including ones from the Boston Globe about how mixed up our permitting process is.  Here is a link to a map showing how where you live makes a huge difference as to your ability to get a gun permit : This is hardly treating everyone the same under the law.  Also please note most of the state is green on the map which are towns that respect our rights and issue permits.  It is those few red towns that are the problem and are rejecting or restricting permits to people that have passed the background checks and have a clean record . . .

I know the claim is that the chiefs want to restrict folks who may cause harm – we all want that.  If that is what they did I would still expect to see a fairly even distribution of permits issued all over the state as most people are not a problem.

That is not what we have.  There was a recent WBUR post on this where the Chief of Police in Boston outright state people of Boston don’t need rifles or shotguns.  He says nothing about harm or injury or anything else other than he does not think they need that right so won’t issue permits.

I am an NRA and State Police certified instructor in MA.  I have had a number of reports from people in my gun club and at class that the town I grew up in – Scituate MA – has gone from issuing permits to carry to not issuing.  People that have had carry permits for years now get restricted to target and hunting just because a new chief of police has been hired in the town.

Please tell me how that makes sense?  Your right to carry has been taken when you have done nothing wrong and have had that carry permit for years.

The other point of this is by putting restrictions of “Target and Hunting only” on a pistol permit which is what normally happens in these cases only means you can’t carry concealed.  You can still buy the same guns and ammo that you could with an unrestricted license.  If you are dangerous (as the proponents of this rule say) to the point they want to restrict your license why are they issuing it at all?  If I have criminal intent I can still get what I want on the restricted permit. . . .

This is why gun owners are so against letting the FID be up to the Chief.  I have seen no data that the current ability of the Chiefs to restrict pistol permits has made us any safer, but it is being abused.  For a select few towns and cities lawful citizens with clean records are being refused permits to carry because the Chief can while if they lived in the next town over there would be no issues.  Why should they be allowed to do this with the FID too?

What gun owners want is a fair law.  Every city and town should have to issue you any permit you ask for unless you are a prohibited person.  I agree we don’t want the guy down the street that the cops get called on every weekend for domestic disputes to get a permit.  But don’t leave that up to the Chief, put it in writing – make it the law.  We need a hard list that we can all reference that says “this is what a Prohibited Person is”.  And the Chiefs need to be told that if an applicant for any permit is not on that Prohibited Person list they must issue the license.  This is the only fair way to address this. 

Thank you for your time.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

MA Permit issuing problems. . .

One of the interesting sticking points on getting an otherwise rather good bill passed into law here in MA is a small number of police chiefs (who are anti-2A) want to change the FID (our lowest form of license, rifles only no high capacity) from shall issue to Chiefs Option. . . by small I mean something like 12 of the states 300+ Chiefs. . . . .

Here in MA they think it is fair now for the Chief to have a say in your getting a pistol permit and this would expand it to any permit.  Most Chiefs do not abuse this but a small number do . . .

Today you apply for your permit and if you have passed the class and have a clean record you can get an FID no questions or ask for a pistol permit.  If the Chief wants he can limit or deny your pistol permit – end of story.  He does not have to tell you why and can use any excuse he wants.  What this has led to is a new Chief takes over in a town and folks that have had carry permits for years with no issues suddenly are refused.  You can sue but the cost is on you to get your permit and they can deny you again when you renew. . .

Does this sound like a fair way to handle a right?  How would you like it if an official in town could suddenly tell you that you can’t vote anymore and no reason is given?  You can sue to fix it but we can deny you next election if we want and you have to sue again. . .

This is crazy.  The fix that was rejected said that Chiefs would have to list in writing the reason for refusal and it was spelled out what they could refuse for. . . and an appeals process was to be worked out. . .  That was not good enough.

To make this worse it is a small few Chiefs that make them all look bad.  Most have no problems with permits and issue them if you have a clean record.  Just another great example of how you can abuse the power of you .gov position in MA. . . .

Thank God I have one of the good Chiefs in my home town - we have a great group of police and they respect our rights. . . . but if he retires who knows. . . .