Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Have a happy and safe Halloween folks! and a good Samhain!

And please remember to take it easy tonight, not all the little ghosts and gobblins running around are paying attention. . . we don't need any more new ghosts around = )

Monday, October 26, 2009

Public Option - It's Back. . . .

Here we go again. More and more folks don't want it but Congress is going to shove it down our throats again. . .

Please remind me, who do they work for again???

Remember this at election time folks and send a message. . . Throw the bums out!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama Continues to Loose Ground

News on his Boston MA visit is HERE

As you can see from the news, he is loosing his touch, even in the bluest of blue states. Can't get the sell out crowds any more. Folks are waking up to him.

And it may mean that we can dump his pal Patrick next election and get a Governor that will actually try to fix the state and not spend all our money. . . . . .

Lets go for 2010! Time for the PEOPLE to take back government and remind them who they work for. . . .

Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama in Boston

Well, it looks like the blush is off the rose. . ..

Obama is in Boston to push his BS and to try and help our dear Governor Deval Patrick get re-elected so he can finish off the state. . . .

But not so fast, even in Blue of Blue state MA he was unable to sell out his events last I heard, and he was met by bunches of lefty protesters. Seems the left is upset that he is not actually doing what he said he would to get elected. . . ..

They always said the left were fools, well, here is your proof. They actually fell for it, and believe a politician would do what he said. Now they expect him to actually do it!


Good news for the rest of us in 2010 though. . . .

guns and twitter?

The View from North Central Idaho has a great bit on how the anit gun folks are doing . . ..

Looks like we can still win this. . ..

Read more HERE

Starting to wake up?

HERE is a great article by a normal news paper that actually admits that guns stop crime. . . .

Could it be they are starting to wake up to reality??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mass Madness

Today we got a good example of both sides of the insanity we call Massachusetts. . . ..

First, the news this morning on the way to work was all about the liberal nuts in Amherst MA who want to have the folks released from Gitmo live there. . . they assure us that they will counsel them. I am sure they are just misunderstood terrorists. . .

Then that got knocked out of the news with this one (from CNN). Seems that we had our own home grown alleged terrorists here that went abroad to get training and then wanted to shoot up a mall in the area. No word on which one. What that matters I don't know. Here in MA they know that few folks carry a gun and the laws are insane so they will have free run of the joint to kill until the cops show. And they had plans for that too.

We got lucky and they were dumb and got caught.

We have a state full of sheep, and we want to bring the bad guys here. . . then surprise, we already have them here. It is just a matter of time until someone takes advantage of how our "leaders" have disarmed us and made us weak. Just a matter of time.

That is why I carry, and now I will be sure never to leave the house unarmed if at all possible. No more running to the store without something on me. . . . you should too.

It is time folks, get your permits if you have to, those of you in free states, take advantage of it and carry. The ass you save may be yours - or your kids. . . ..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dems go over the edge

Dems do it again

Well, it looks like once again the Democrats are proving that they are the same as the Republicans when it comes to power grabs, just a bit sneakier. This link shows how they are going with getting the “Nuclear Option” passed for health care without all the debate the Republicans got when they talked about doing the same thing. End result is they will cut off debate on the subject and pass what they want.

I didn’t like it then (because I knew it would be used by and against the Republicans if it passed ) and I don’t like it now. This is just another way to force this on us. The people don’t want this health care reform as it currently stands. But we will get it like it or not. Further proof that both sides are out of touch with the actually voters.

I just hope we have the brains to remember this in 2010 and vote out the incumbents. It is far past the time to change the folks in DC. We need them to remember who they work for – the best way to do that seems to be by putting a bunch of them out of work like the rest of us. Maybe then they will learn that they are supposed to do the will of the PEOPLE, not the party. . . .

Suspended Animation?

Now this is just cool. This looks like the first steps in suspended animation, and in some possibly great strides in emergency care. GO READ

Gun Control don't work Down Under either. . .

Further proof that gun laws and bans don’t work. If the Aussies can’t keep guns off the streets then how is anyone else supposed to do it.

Both the UK and Australia have very strict gun bans, and continue to face escalations in gun violence as the criminals use guns to deal with unarmed victims.

Both countries are damn ISLANDS! If they can’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals then how can we expect to do it here in the good old USA with our very open Mexican border?? The real answer is that we CAN’T folks, so deal with it. Gun laws only disarm the law abiding citizen and do nothing to protect us or prevent the criminal from getting his gun.

If you want further proof that guns will still get through to the criminals then look at the drug war. For how many years have we been trying to cut off the flow of drugs in this country? And if you face the facts you will admit that we have not done it. There have been occasional victories and big busts but for the most part we have done little on this front either.

I think we are starting to wake up with the win in the Heller case and we will see how things go with the Chicago case. All over the country folks are slowly but surely returning to our pro-gun American values. They are waking up to the fact that the only person you can count on to be there and keep you safe when things go south is YOU!

Prohibition did not work, the drug war is a failure, and gun laws don’t work. All they do is create a market for the criminals and put the law abiding citizen at a disadvantage in dealing with the criminals in the world.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UK Funny

From the Gunsliners Blog

Find it HERE

Good one UK. . .

More on Health Care

From CNN

Surprise, if the government is involved it costs more. . . (see $500 hammer and such we get through government contract)

But of course Obama says we have it all wrong. . .

He never did like facts did he???

Just one more attempt to hurt our country by our President. . .. vote out the Dems in 2010

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama gets Nobel Prize

Well, here it is on CNN

It is true.

I guess we can now say that the Nobel Prize had jumped the shark.

First Al Gore for fake science, now Obama for kiss ass.

I have a hard time believing it but it has happened. The Nobel prize is meaningless now. I guess they give it to anyone these days. You don't have to do anything, just win the popularity contests. . . .

What a sad day this is.

Update - Questions - if people see this for the crap it is, will it help or hurt Obama? I am hopping that the masses will realize how big the Nobel Prize use to be, look at what he has done and call BS on this. . . . . we will see. This may end up doing more damage than good for him.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Civil Rights and Public Safety Act, House Bill Number H2259

OK, if you live in MA please take a moment (ok, more than a moment) to write in to the statehouse and let them know you support House Bill H2259.

This is a GOAL bill that will help clean up the mess that they call the gun laws in this state.

So go, read the bill HERE and then go and let your reps know you support the bill.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mass Madness

I can't believe I am reading this. . .

in the Boston Globe today, read it here

What it boils down to is this idiot is wasting money looking into how the state of Massachusetts and its businesses profited from SLAVERY. . . ..

yes, they have nothing better to do with the state in debt, the budget short, and jobs leaving the state.

And you know this paves the way for some other fool to want to pay reparations next.

Folks, this is BULL SHIT!

No one alive today was a slave
No one alive today owned a slave

Get over it, move on.

I will not pay anyone for something I did not do, my dad did not do, my grand dad did not do. . . . you get the point.

Hell, MA was the first or at lest one of the first states to outlaw slavery.

When will the liberals, sorry, progressives ever learn to stop living in the past and pissing away money they don't have on dumb ideas.

We need to vote all these fools out in 2010

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are winning, even in MA

I spent the morning at the new gun club for the mandatory safety meeting. The surprise was that I was not alone, not even one of a few. . . . there were 16 or 18 folks down there for the class so they are all joining this month.

To make it even better they tell me that this has been normal since Obama got in. . .

Proof that we are winning the harts and minds of folks, even in Massachusetts.

The only down side for me is that my original club is not getting new members. We are still shut down due to the alleged ricochet. So, no new members for my old club, and we are missing out on this. But we are doing OK there too. We should be seeing the judge soon with the plans to change the lay out a bit. Hopefully things will be passes and we will get the place fixed up and be up and running again soon.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Stargate is BACK!

Syfy toinight at 9 EST!

Chicago is OUT

Well, looks like Obama is not all he thinks he is. . . Chicago did not get past the first round of votes for the 2016 Olympics.  Maybe they want someplace a bit safer to hold the games??  Or maybe the great O has not gotten the world to love us now that he is running things after all. . . Wake up time . . .
Anyway, I hope our Dear Leader will now come home and get back to his real job like trying to fix the almost 10% Unemployment or maybe the economy or such. . . . I know he was trying to pay off his Chicago friends with the games but it is not to be. 
Actually, maybe it would be better for us all if he just stayed right there and did nothing.  God knows so far all he has done is dump us further in debt and further divide the country.  He should take pride in it.  Not many can do so much damage in so little time. . .