Saturday, November 30, 2013

A day at the Range

Took my oldest and her new boyfriend to the range yesterday.  A great time was had by all.

Went through a bunch of .22 with them both, some 9mm and .45.  She stuck mainly to .22 but did good.  He tried them all, and did good for someone that has not shot much.

Me. . . well I call it a successful trip.  I also tried a new grip and found that I am no longer shooting low left. . I am scattered around and in the black.

I think that is a step forward now I need to work on tightening up the grouping.

I think it is funny, I got into teaching guns and gun safety so I can get more folks into shooting and hopefully licensed here in MA to protect all our rights.  But I find that the more I work with other instructors the more I am learning too.  I had hoped it would turn out this way and am psyched it did.

Now if we could just fix the ammo shortage thing and get more range time it would be great!

To help on that front I have purchased a LaserLyte blue gun and hope to get their laser target and training laser for Christmas so I can dry fire practice at home without using a real gun.  Not that I mind dry firing my guns but when you have kids I just think it is safer to have the blue gun out for training.  No real gun out means no accidents.  Some risks just aren't worth it if you can avoid them this easily.

Once I get that system going I will get more practice time, and save money on ammo.  I will do a full review on it when I am able to.

Stay safe folks, and have fun!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Senate goes Nuclear

So the Senate under the Democrats went Nuclear yesterday. . .

Folks this is a bad idea for us all for a few reasons, the biggest being that we will end up with a much more polarized court system out of this which will end up with bad rulings and a lot of variation from area to area.

This is also an act of desperation on the part of the Democrats.  They need a win after the absolute failure of Obamacare and the crashing poll numbers so they figure a few easy judge appointments will be good.  Pathetic yes, but wins all the same.

What the Democrats did yesterday is also the SAME THING they all screamed and raved against the GOP doing five years back or so. . . . somehow it was a bad thing when the GOP wanted to do it but it is a good thing now that they want it.

This will be interesting in a few years when the parties change up in DC.  I can't wait to hear how they need to change back to the old way once the GOP is ramming through it's picks for the bench over the howls of the Democrats.

Once again the folks in DC have shown themselves to be unable to see past the next election, or even the next few days.  They don't seem to think about how this law will effect the country or even themselves when they are not the majority any more.  The one constant in DC is the party in power will change. . .  so whatever laws you pass will help them when it is their turn to run things. . . Look at the Patriot Act and you will see.  A bad law when passed by the GOP that the Dems are now running with and destroying our rights at an alarming rate while the GOP whines about it.  Hey GOP you gave them the hammer, stop acting surprised when you get hit with it.

So thanks to this bull shit change of the rules what we will see now is a move towards super liberal or super conservative judges on the Federal bench.  They have wiped out the one rule that forced both sides to pick somewhat moderate judges that the other side could vote for too.

This is going to mean that we will end up with a lot more radical rulings.  And since these only affect the district they are made in we will end up with big differences in the interpretation of the laws based on the districts you live in. . . . and this means more bad laws making it through the courts and ending up at the Supreme Court. . . . which is overloaded now as it is.  This is a VERY bad idea all around.

This is yet another reason we need to vote out the fools in DC and start putting in folks that actually follow our laws and our Constitution.  Obama and crew are doing more damage than any recent White House that I can think of.  And the GOP can do the same thing next time around now that Obama has set the precedent.  We the People need to put a stop to this insanity.  We need a big win by the TEA folks in 2014 or anyone else that is a Constitutionalist.  It is time for the folks it DC to learn that they work for us, we don't work for them and this partisan crap has got to stop for the good of the country.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Remembering JFK

Folks I don’t get all the hype around JFK.  Now I was born after he died so maybe I just didn’t see the magic in this guy because I didn’t live through it.  But then I didn’t like Slick Willy Clinton or Obama either and they have a great cult following too.

What I see when I look at JFK is a POTUS that was lucky and average at best.  Probably not even that good.  Today everyone would hate the guy. .. .

He cut taxes
His foreign relations sucked, leading the USSR to assume they could put nuke in Cuba
He almost started WWIII with the USSR in Cuba and sold us out in Turkey to get out of it
He started Medicare/Medicade which is bankrupting our country
He got us into Vietnam or at least well on the way into it.
His voting record was self serving, he backed raciest votes if it helped him, was against it when that helped
He chased anything in a skirt even more than Clinton did

So other than being killed in office, and being a martyr that no one wants to speak ill of what did he do?

Someone please explain this to me because I don’t see it.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

CPR Class

Spent last Monday night at my gun club getting rectified in CPR.  It has been a good 10 or 15 years since I took the class.  Now it covers the use of AEDs too.

Folks I cant say it enough.  Go learn CPR.  It was about a 3 hour class and it could save someones life.  They tell us that for every minute a person is down without CPR their chances drop 7%-10%. . . That is quick.

We like to say we are the first responders, we are the ones who call the fire or police for help.  Well if you really want to be useful as a first responder you should know CPR and First Aid. (going for my certs in a week or so for First Aid)  The life you save may be a family member.

And once you go, get the stuff you need to be ready.  You can get breathing shields and such for small money on Amazon.  Some will even come in a pouch you can hang on a key chain so you always have it.  If you go camping or hunting it is even more important to have a good First Aid kit and training to use it when help is not a simple quick 911 call away.

As an NRA instructor I felt it was important to take the course, but I would have taken it instructor or not.  This is a critical skill that is easy to pick up.  Everyone should be trained to save a life.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Obamacare gets delayed

I don't get this one folks. . .

Someone please correct me if I am wrong but the GOP wanted to delay Obamacare for a year due to this mess and Obama shut down the government for weeks putting families into hard times for his ego.

Now that the screw up we call Obamacare is in full swing and we are all paying the price, some with their health and lives as they lose insurance suddenly Obama has seen the light and wants a year delay. . . .

Excuse me?

Folks Obama has already shown us he does not care about anyone but Obama.  His ego won't let him.  This is all about keeping his namesake law on the books.

If you really want to fix this mess then dump it.  Sorry folks but it is a major failure all around. 

Obama lied and people are going to die because they can't afford his ego or the insurance he is pushing on them.  Tens of thousands have had their insurance dropped.  Employers are cutting back on people and hours.  Insurance is going up.  26K have signed up for Obamacare and it needs 7 million to break even.  It won't work.  Costs will keep going up to cover this mess since health folks are not buying, only the ill are.  This fails all around no matter how you add it up.

We need to repeal this mess and then work through this one issue at a time, one law at a time and fix it.  No more 2K page laws, we need step by step issue by issue laws that we all understand and can read before they are voted for.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanks You Vets!

Thank You for what you have done for us and still sacrifice so we can stay free.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another Mall Shooting - this time in New Jersey

So here we go again. . . . and what have we learned?

Looks like we had another shooting in a mall, this time in New Jersey.  Now some basic facts –
·         No one hurt
·         Shooter killed self
·         NJ is a very strict gun control state

Looks like this was more of a case of someone wanting to go out big and let everyone know about it.

It also happened in NJ which is another important fact. 


Because New Jersey just like California and the LAX shooting is a state with VERY tight gun control.  Yet the individual with the mental problem still got a gun and still did what he wanted.

Folks it is time we wake up from the lie we are being sold.  Gun control has failed yet again and put many lives at risk.  We got lucky this time and the shooter did not hurt anyone.  Not because he couldn’t but it seems he was seen shooting in the air and then went to an area under construction and killed himself.  We will see as more facts come out.

But the basic facts of these shootings remains.  Both were in states with very heavy gun restrictions.  Heck in CA you can’t even have removable magazines on a rifle like the one used in the attack.  If gun control really worked like they tell you neither of these shooting should have taken place.

Instead we have one dead at LAX and we got lucky in NJ.  Gun control meant no one there could defend themselves.  Gun control meant they had to wait until the cops arrived and the gunman had free reign until then.  Gun control put many lives at risk.

We need to start a serious talk about ending this foolishness.  End gun control and let’s put our energy where it will do some good and look at how we deal with mental health in this country.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Arm the TSA?

This makes me sick folks.  The nice folks at the TSA are not trained well enough to do their job now and you want to give them guns?  They have been shown time and again when tests are run to be unable to do their basic function of finding arms or weapons getting on to aircraft. . . not to mention theft is up when it comes to our baggage. . .

But enough of that.  This basic question, do we arm the TSA shows the lie of gun control and the liberal gun grabbers. . . .

Either gun free zones work, in which case the TSA does not need arms because no one will have a gun and they have nothing to defend themselves from. . .

Or we must admit that the gun free zones don’t work and the TSA needs to protect itself just like you and I need to and therefore we need to get rid of EVERY gun free zone we have because we now admit they don’t work. . . 

Even Interpol is starting to see the basic fact that an armed populous is a safe one.

So which is it?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Gun Class #2 and MA gun laws.

Spent another Saturday down at the range helping with our MA gun class.  Yet again the class was full. . . .

We had 22 people, most of whom were there to get their cert so they could get a MA license.  Once again I am shown in the most obvious way our news papers lie.  People in MA are trying to get access to their rights and to guns.  They do support the Second Amendment.  These folks were young, old, male, female - they were you and me, the neighbor the guy on the street.  These folks spent a day learning to jump through the hoops MA has put in the way of a Constitutional right and they will get their permits.  They shot well and pass the test.  To get permits they will pass a background check.  Lawful gun owners have been proven time and again to be some of the most law abiding folks around, and the least likely to be involved in criminal activity.  They are good citizens.

This spring at the Boston Marathon we were shown in glorious color that our laws don't work.  Two madmen blew up the Marathon.  The cops then went nuts and our rights were tossed in the trash.  They searched homes, and closed down towns in search of the bombers and ignoring the rights and laws of the people of this land.  Folks saw first hand that they could not get protection from the police and that they were denied the ability to protect themselves.

All the shootings in the news have shown time and again that gun laws and gun free zones do not make us safe.  In fact we can see again today that they put us more at risk than anything else.  Mass shooters go to gun free zones to commit their crimes.  They know those are the best places to go with the lease chance anyone can stop them quickly.  They are criminals, not fools.

People are waking up.  They are getting training and getting permits where required and buying guns.

This graph shows permits are up and gun sales have doubled in the last 6 years in our state.  MA is a contraction.  The state tells us folks don't like guns and and gun sales and permits are down . . . facts show permits are up, and sales are WAY up.

As for our great gun laws passed in 1998. . . .

The laws that they tell us are keeping us safer have actually made us much less safe with gun fatalities are up.  They lie.  Criminals know that the state is trying to disarm us and make it easier for them to work.  This is the result.

Folks gun control does not work.  People know that.  They have rediscovered our basic right to self defense.  They are going for classes and permits.  They are learning to defend themselves.  They are learning to shoot and this is a great thing for our country.  

I hope they are waking up to how close we are to losing our rights and our way of life.  I hope they will take an interest and become informed voters.  That is the best thing for us all.

LAX Shooting

I think it is about time we admit that gun control is not working, does not work, and will not work. . .  time to give up on it folks.

Today a man in a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country, using a gun that is illegal in CA and standard capacity mags which are illegal in CA in a place that it is illegal to have a gun killed a person which is also illegal.

Folks we are nuts if we think gun control works.  Nothing stopped him, not the laws, not the signs, nothing. . . .

To make it even better he came from NJ if the reports are correct where all this stuff is also illegal.

So where did he get the gun? 

We need to wake up and smell the coffee folks.  Gun control won't fix this, we need criminal control and common sense to come back into favor in this country.  We need to go back to our roots, our values, and our Constitution.  Things have gone way to far in the wrong directions.  Time to fix that folks.  We have an election coming up next year, we need to get the right people elected so we can bring America back and make it great again.