Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Remembering JFK

Folks I don’t get all the hype around JFK.  Now I was born after he died so maybe I just didn’t see the magic in this guy because I didn’t live through it.  But then I didn’t like Slick Willy Clinton or Obama either and they have a great cult following too.

What I see when I look at JFK is a POTUS that was lucky and average at best.  Probably not even that good.  Today everyone would hate the guy. .. .

He cut taxes
His foreign relations sucked, leading the USSR to assume they could put nuke in Cuba
He almost started WWIII with the USSR in Cuba and sold us out in Turkey to get out of it
He started Medicare/Medicade which is bankrupting our country
He got us into Vietnam or at least well on the way into it.
His voting record was self serving, he backed raciest votes if it helped him, was against it when that helped
He chased anything in a skirt even more than Clinton did

So other than being killed in office, and being a martyr that no one wants to speak ill of what did he do?

Someone please explain this to me because I don’t see it.

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