Friday, November 1, 2013

Gun Class #2 and MA gun laws.

Spent another Saturday down at the range helping with our MA gun class.  Yet again the class was full. . . .

We had 22 people, most of whom were there to get their cert so they could get a MA license.  Once again I am shown in the most obvious way our news papers lie.  People in MA are trying to get access to their rights and to guns.  They do support the Second Amendment.  These folks were young, old, male, female - they were you and me, the neighbor the guy on the street.  These folks spent a day learning to jump through the hoops MA has put in the way of a Constitutional right and they will get their permits.  They shot well and pass the test.  To get permits they will pass a background check.  Lawful gun owners have been proven time and again to be some of the most law abiding folks around, and the least likely to be involved in criminal activity.  They are good citizens.

This spring at the Boston Marathon we were shown in glorious color that our laws don't work.  Two madmen blew up the Marathon.  The cops then went nuts and our rights were tossed in the trash.  They searched homes, and closed down towns in search of the bombers and ignoring the rights and laws of the people of this land.  Folks saw first hand that they could not get protection from the police and that they were denied the ability to protect themselves.

All the shootings in the news have shown time and again that gun laws and gun free zones do not make us safe.  In fact we can see again today that they put us more at risk than anything else.  Mass shooters go to gun free zones to commit their crimes.  They know those are the best places to go with the lease chance anyone can stop them quickly.  They are criminals, not fools.

People are waking up.  They are getting training and getting permits where required and buying guns.

This graph shows permits are up and gun sales have doubled in the last 6 years in our state.  MA is a contraction.  The state tells us folks don't like guns and and gun sales and permits are down . . . facts show permits are up, and sales are WAY up.

As for our great gun laws passed in 1998. . . .

The laws that they tell us are keeping us safer have actually made us much less safe with gun fatalities are up.  They lie.  Criminals know that the state is trying to disarm us and make it easier for them to work.  This is the result.

Folks gun control does not work.  People know that.  They have rediscovered our basic right to self defense.  They are going for classes and permits.  They are learning to defend themselves.  They are learning to shoot and this is a great thing for our country.  

I hope they are waking up to how close we are to losing our rights and our way of life.  I hope they will take an interest and become informed voters.  That is the best thing for us all.

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