Sunday, September 7, 2014

Warren Tolman wants to be AG of MA

This guy should scare us all.

I watch his ads on TV and see how out of touch he is yet because he is a Democrat he may actually win in MA.

Why is Tolman running on the past?  Where are his plans for what is currently facing our state?  Where is his plans to cut corruption in the state government, to go after the criminals, to go after the EBT fraud we are paying for?  Where are his plans to protect the taxpayers from all of this?  Where are his plans to protect the people of our state from any kind of corruption, political or otherwise???

Lets look at the facts he is running on:

-  Parents died of smoking so he pushed laws on tobacko makers to tell folks it is not good for you. . .  something we have all known since I was a kid. . . ignoring the fact this is an addiction (my dad died of smoking) and needs to be treated as such.  All the laws in the world won't help, you need to get them treatment to get off the smokes . . . and he totally ignores the fact the people smoke BY CHOICE.  No one made his parents start smoking, no one made my dad start smoking. . . . but he wants to tell us how to live.

- Abortion clinic shooting he is all over in the news is 20 years old.  He is living in the past.  We have not had any problems with shootings in MA since, and unlike the rest of the country that has spent the last 20 years relaxing gun laws and seeing crime go down MA has added more gun laws and seen crime go up.  He does not get it.  You want to make it safer in MA get rid of gun control.  If you support gun control you support criminals safety and that is the fact.  Why is he not looking at the criminal madman that shot up the place and why he was loose on the street?  No, he wants to go after lawful gun owners, shown to be some of the most laws abiding folks in any area. . .

- Smart guns. . . there is no such thing.  If this tech worked wouldn't the cops and military be using it?  This is fiction.  Smart guns will only get lawful gun owners shot or killed as criminals won't follow the law, they don't.  Cops are far more likely to have their gun taken and used against them by a criminal but they refuse to have smart guns. . .

Look at the facts.  You are violently attacked and pull a smart gun out to protect yourself and your kids. . .
  • You have dirt on your hands, gun won't work
  • Your wife takes your gun cause you are hurt,  it won't work for her
  • You are injured and have blood on your hand, gun won't work
  • Battery is dead, gun won't work
  • Electronics break due to use, gun wont work
So when the smart gun fails, and cops, military and gun owners know they will. . . you will be helpless to defend yourself or your kids.  This is what he wants.

Add to this that they tried to pass a new massive gun control bill in MA this spring/summer and the outcry was amazing.  The bill that became law is now pro gun with all the major and most of the minor gun control stripped out of it and new wording put in to protect gun owners rights.

Tolman is out of touch with Massachusetts folks and out of touch with our country, time for him to get out of politics.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Low Capacity Mags can get you killed

Here is a great story on how a lawful gun owner saved himself and his friends. . ..

Go read it HERE

Attacked by a mob and he won.  Violent gang members not kids, remember that. . . .

This is why you may need more than 10 rounds that they want to restrict you to.  Low capacity magazines will get lawful gun owners killed.  Just a matter of time.  But they don't care about that, they don't care about you as a gun owner.  Gun owners are bad, we are free and they can't deal with it.  That they are putting us in danger with mag restrictions is not an accident it is part of the plan.

No Gun? Use a bomb

Here is a great story from MA.

We have all the gun laws you could want but they still want more.  Lawful citizens are abused all the time when they try to get a permit for a gun.. . . . they keep telling us lawful gun owners are the problem you see.

They tell us if we take away all your guns then you will be safe. . .  .

Ya right. . .

Meanwhile the pro civil rights folks have been pointing out time and again that criminals don't follow the law and will still get guns or find a new tool to use. . .

Well here is your proof, he could not get a gun so built a bomb. . . . Oh and by the way bombs are illegal too. . . .

It is all about control folks it has nothing to do with safety.