Sunday, September 20, 2015

Amazed in MA

Once again it is that time. . . the gun club has started up classes again.

Now we do them for two reasons.  1 - everyone needs to take the class to join.  That way we make sure every one in the club can safely handle a gun. 2 - we do it to get folks to get their license and hope they join our club.

Now most classes are full at 24 folks per class. . . . yesterday we had 25.  In most classes the majority have their permit already and are looking to join the club. . . yesterday was different.  Out of that 25 only 7 or so had permits.  The rest will hopefully be new shooters and new permit holders soon.  They all did great on the class and at the shooting part of the class.

Folks just when you think you have seen it all.  Over the last two years MA has been changing.  I think it is going to take a while to get to our leaders, but it is changing.  we have defeated a major anti - gun bill and turned it into a pro gun bill setting the anti folks up for some serious legal issues in a few years over permits. . . our classes have been full the two years I have taught at the club and the number of folks going for their first permits keeps going up.  And now yesterdays class was majority new folks.

I hope we keep that trend going.  I would love to see us getting 10-15 new folks to get permits every month. . .  and I hope other clubs are doing this too.

Nationally Gun Control is dead with the majority of folks saying we have enough or too many laws on guns.  The pro gun numbers keep growing while the news folks keep pushing the gun grabbers side and losing.  Anti gun stories are all over the news and folks ignore them or see right through the BS.

We are winning!  Folks have started to wake up to the loss of their rights and I think they are looking to turn it around.  Now we need to see what we can do in 2016 to push things forward.