Friday, February 23, 2018

Shooting Updates

The more that comes out about the FLA shooting the sicker and sicker I get.

I cannot believe some of the stuff. . . it started with . . .  well, lets list it out:

  1. Shooter was reported to FBI who did nothing
  2. Local Sherif went to his house something like 39 times and did nothing to take his guns
  3. School suspended and I think expelled him and still nothing
  4. Reports he was abusive to folks, no restraining orders so he still passes background check
  5. School resource officer stays outside and lets shooter keep killing for 4-6 minutes
  6. Now we here there may have been THREE more deputies outside that let it happen
  7. Suddenly kids have money and plan to go to FLA capital and DC to protest guns
  8. CNN does town hall but only allows scripted questions and answers - nope no agenda there folks. . . .
This is all nuts.  I am not sure even the tinfoil hat folks could have made this up.  I don't know how much more they can have screwed up to make this look like they planned it for F sake. . . .

But before you get me a tinfoil hat no, I don't think they planned this.  I don't think they are that smart, and I do think the incompetence level is high enough for it.

Now we have the left screaming about arming teachers. . .

Why?  All your gun control over the last 20 or so years have not worked.  No one is saying teachers have to be armed, all we want is an end to gun free zones (shooters sure don't care about them) and let any teacher, parent or staff that want to carry have that option.  

Then they tell you no teacher wants a gun. . . BULL SHIT.  I know teachers that have guns and would carry.  I also bet that coach that paid with his life to save a few kids would have loved to have a gun (he is supposed to be a gun owner) to defend those kids.

And then it hit me. . . . . if we got rid of gun free zones, armed teachers (UT has armed them for about 10 years now guess what no shootings) and cut back on gun-control and the shootings stop or are ended sooner what happens?  Kids are saved, but the left has all its gun-control shown up as the lie that it is and EVERYONE would see it. . . They can't have that. . . .

So we will now have to deal with lies like never before to push for gun control.  They are finding money to send these kids all over with a great script to push gun control.  They are silencing any of the kids that do not fit or stick to their scripts and CNN and such are going along with it.  Where is this money coming from?  And how does the fact you got lucky and lived through this suddenly make you an expert on gun laws, guns, and our rights?  

Folks last week Congress wanted to force Tide to change their product so these same kids would not eat laundry soap. . . . this week we want to let them decide if we have the right to bear arms or not?  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

FLA aftermath.

The more I watch the news the more I get disgusted with us.

17 kids were killed in FLA due to gun control, the failure of the FBI and local authorities to do their job when they KNEW about this kid and had been given tips about him.  He was tied up in a bunch of crap the DYS should have flagged but they didn’t.  The FBI had reports he wanted to be a school shooter but they let it go.

Now the useful idiots of the anti-gun crowd are going to parade out the kids to have them cry and whine and push for gun laws that would not have done a damn thing. 

Seems the lead kid may also be tied to the FBI through a parent, no conflict of interested there right folks?

We don’t let kids make legal decisions for a reason folks.  These are children who don’t know the law, don’t know what laws are already on the books, and who don’t get how the systems work.  In short exactly what the anti-rights folks want. 

Remember it was exactly this kind of BS after 9/11 that got us all the surveillance of citizens and the Patriot act that we can’t now get rid of.  There is no place for emotions in making laws.  Emotional laws are not fair and legal laws, they are one group using the power of government to hammer another group and they seldom get you what you think.

I am not one to go for the tinfoil hat but the way things look it is almost as if they wanted this shooting so they could have another push for gun control.  Too many people had been tipped off and did nothing.  But never give them credit for a plan when incompetence also explains what happened.

Doesn’t matter, it happened and now those that would make us slaves will push for FEELING driven law and once again ignore the facts.  They don’t care that we have 17 dead kids due to gun-control.  They have not disarmed us yet so they will keep pushing no matter how many lives it costs.

And if you really want to understand how nuts these folks are remember this – these same folks that want only the government to have guns are the ones that last week were telling us Trump is pure evil and the next Hitler so he needs to be impeached. .  . Now you what Trump to have all the guns???? WTF folks???

So pray for us, pray for the kids, and hold the line on any new laws until the emotions have settled.  Then we need to look at the real root causes here – medication, mental illness, and the failure to report it so he could be helped and this could all have been prevented.

Friday, February 16, 2018

So Now what?

After two days of listing to the news on the Florida school shooting I have a few takeaways:

1 – most anti-gun folks have no clue about guns, and react based on feelings on things.  They don’t know what laws are on the books and want more anyway

2 – Sounds like this kid had issues and if anyone had actually reported him for abuse of girls as is claimed he would have ended up without a gun as a prohibited person. . . the laws exist, folks, we need to use them not make new ones

3 – Folks are willing to give up Due Process rather easily.  They don’t care as long as it is someone else’s right being taken with no defense or courts involved

But on the bright side, it looks like the pro-rights folks did not hesitate on this and got right into the fight.  I don’t see anything happening in DC over this as they know it will get them voted out of office right quick.  And Trump is not even talking about new laws so he should support our rights.
No the fear now is how will the state abuse our rights in the name of Safety?  It may be time that we need to push for a national gun law that will take the right to control guns away from the states.  I don’t know if this can be done but since our National Constitution calls out our rights I think that should be the bases for the new law.  Spell it out that the states are not above the limits of the Constitution.

We will see. 

The worst part is folks would rather argue to strip us of our rights than look for the real issues here and address them.  Stripping folks of their rights is easy, fixing the real problem is not so they ignore that. . . .

Time will tell.  Overall I think you will see nothing at the Fed level but maybe a slowdown of the dismantling of federal gun control.  It is the state level that we need to fear and work on.  They will do untold damage to our rights if we let them.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

FLA School Shooting

So once more into the breach folks.

Yet again an evil person has shot up a gun free zone. . . . AGAIN!

And with the total failure of gun control and gun free zones, you would think they would fix this right?


The same bunch of fools who keep telling us that gun free zones will keep us safe despite shooting after shooting in them are once again after our guns.  They will yell and scream how we need to be defenseless to be safe. . .ya right how has that worked out so far?

The most recent shooter has ties to White Supremacists groups they say.  He is also said to be another registered Democrat (seems many shooters are).  Also, I have seen comments that he may have been reading up on some middle eastern groups.

I am sure more will come out as time goes by.  I a glad he lived so we can examine what went wrong in his head.  Because that is the only way to stop the next one, figure out the mental illness behind it.

It sickens me that he is getting the fame he wants, and this will only encourage the next one.  It also sickens me that we will not arm teachers and adults at the schools to prevent the next one.  There was a guard at this school. . . he was also a coach and all he could do is play meatshield - which he did to save as many as he could at the cost of his own life. . . . Personally, I would rather he had been armed and able to shoot back.

What he is not:
Worried it is against the law to bring a gun in a gun-free zone
Worried that it is against the law to kill people
concerned that these folks have done nothing to warrant this attack
Worried about any gun-control laws

Get it yet? 

Gun control has failed yet again and yet again we are burying the cost of this failure.  Time to make DC wake up, time to make the state WAKE UP and end the madness of gun control. 

Gun control kills folks.