Friday, February 16, 2018

So Now what?

After two days of listing to the news on the Florida school shooting I have a few takeaways:

1 – most anti-gun folks have no clue about guns, and react based on feelings on things.  They don’t know what laws are on the books and want more anyway

2 – Sounds like this kid had issues and if anyone had actually reported him for abuse of girls as is claimed he would have ended up without a gun as a prohibited person. . . the laws exist, folks, we need to use them not make new ones

3 – Folks are willing to give up Due Process rather easily.  They don’t care as long as it is someone else’s right being taken with no defense or courts involved

But on the bright side, it looks like the pro-rights folks did not hesitate on this and got right into the fight.  I don’t see anything happening in DC over this as they know it will get them voted out of office right quick.  And Trump is not even talking about new laws so he should support our rights.
No the fear now is how will the state abuse our rights in the name of Safety?  It may be time that we need to push for a national gun law that will take the right to control guns away from the states.  I don’t know if this can be done but since our National Constitution calls out our rights I think that should be the bases for the new law.  Spell it out that the states are not above the limits of the Constitution.

We will see. 

The worst part is folks would rather argue to strip us of our rights than look for the real issues here and address them.  Stripping folks of their rights is easy, fixing the real problem is not so they ignore that. . . .

Time will tell.  Overall I think you will see nothing at the Fed level but maybe a slowdown of the dismantling of federal gun control.  It is the state level that we need to fear and work on.  They will do untold damage to our rights if we let them.

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