Thursday, February 15, 2018

FLA School Shooting

So once more into the breach folks.

Yet again an evil person has shot up a gun free zone. . . . AGAIN!

And with the total failure of gun control and gun free zones, you would think they would fix this right?


The same bunch of fools who keep telling us that gun free zones will keep us safe despite shooting after shooting in them are once again after our guns.  They will yell and scream how we need to be defenseless to be safe. . .ya right how has that worked out so far?

The most recent shooter has ties to White Supremacists groups they say.  He is also said to be another registered Democrat (seems many shooters are).  Also, I have seen comments that he may have been reading up on some middle eastern groups.

I am sure more will come out as time goes by.  I a glad he lived so we can examine what went wrong in his head.  Because that is the only way to stop the next one, figure out the mental illness behind it.

It sickens me that he is getting the fame he wants, and this will only encourage the next one.  It also sickens me that we will not arm teachers and adults at the schools to prevent the next one.  There was a guard at this school. . . he was also a coach and all he could do is play meatshield - which he did to save as many as he could at the cost of his own life. . . . Personally, I would rather he had been armed and able to shoot back.

What he is not:
Worried it is against the law to bring a gun in a gun-free zone
Worried that it is against the law to kill people
concerned that these folks have done nothing to warrant this attack
Worried about any gun-control laws

Get it yet? 

Gun control has failed yet again and yet again we are burying the cost of this failure.  Time to make DC wake up, time to make the state WAKE UP and end the madness of gun control. 

Gun control kills folks.

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