Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston makes a new gun owner

Go Read HERE

She tells how events show we need guns better than I can . . . .

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama strikes back

OK, so he lost the gun control battle, and the evil sequester was not hurting enough...... so he has the FAA messing with air travel to delay things.  Instead of real cuts they could make that would not delay things they Re cutting back on controller hours.  This not only adds delays to travel, but is putting the public at risk for safety.

He does not care

The goal is to make it hurt to the point we will give in to new taxes.

Time to tell him NO!  No more bull shit.  Time to cut spending, shrink the government and get back to our small government values.  Stop playing politics with our lives and our safety.

Boston Bombers and Obama looking bad

So as more and more facts come out it is starting to look like the Fed blew it on this one.

Russia had warned us TWICE on the older brother.  He was even denied citizenship due to a criminal attack on someone back in Russia.  They FBI met and investigated the older one and let him stay. . . an now there idea of immigration reform is to let millions of ILLEGALS stay in the country?  If these two got through the system legally how many terrorists got in illegally that they will now want us to let stay??? NO!

We are also learning that despite all those lovely MA gun laws that are supposed to protect us these two did not have any permits yet still got guns and explosives in MA with no problems as we saw on Friday.  Without permits they still had a hell of a day throwing more bombs at police, and a few good shoot outs too.

So what does the .gov do?  Well the first moron has already called for more background checks on folks buying gunpowder.  . . . . yep.  We don't even know what they used for explosives yet he wants to go after law abiding folks again when we have shown these laws won't work.

On the up side it does look like the surviving bomber who is a citizen will get his rights.  This is critical as if they can take his rights it would not be long before anyone Obama did not like would be a threat and an enemy combatant.  I could quickly see returning vets and TEA party folks losing their rights very soon.  He has already listed them as "radicals" for upholding our Constitution and expecting him to live by it.

I am watching to see what they will do in MA.  So far nothing has come up but I am sure they will try to use this to push their laws through.

It is time to push back folks.  Time to remind them that all this gun control has done nothing but put the people of this state at risk.

While the town was shut down for a day with an army of cops running around all most folks in that area could do is lock the door and hid hoping nothing happened.  Few if any had access to a gun to protect themselves or their kids from this terrorist who had already shown he had no problem shooting folks.

That is unacceptable!

This event has shown that gun control does not work!

It is time to repeal these foolish laws that put us all at risk.  The government can not protect you and didn't in Boston.  The critical finds were by every day folks that called them in.  All these cops looking for this terrorists and a homeowner who noticed him called it in.  This shows how ineffective the government is compared to citizens just being aware and taking action on their own to keep folks safe.  It is up to us.

There are more of these folks out there.  They did not work alone.  The question is how  many cells, where are they and what are their plans.  We need to insure every citizen has the right to access a gun if they want and can protect not only themselves but all of us going forward.

I look forward to more news on what was going on in Canada.  Was that attack part of this also?  Do they have more planned spread out around the country?  Time to wake up folks.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Rights do the Terrorists Have?

I must admit I really want them to pump this guy for all the info they can.  I am sure there are more out there and he knows who. . . .

But he is also a Citizen of the USA . . .

And we are being told he has no Maranda rights because he is a terrorist.

I am sorry, but that is wrong.  If you are a citizen you have rights.  And the very point of these rights is they can not take them away from you when you do really bad things and the majority want to take them. . . .

Rights are there to protect us all.  If they can take this scumbag's rights now what is to stop them from taking yours or mine tomorrow?

We really need to get over this Big Brother issue we seem to have and face the facts.  We all have rights and it does not matter if you like my rights or not, they exist and you need to get over it. . .

We have the right to own and carry a gun
We have the right to free speech (even to say hateful things)
We have the right to not incriminate our-self (the 5th)
And we have Maranda rights which kinda fall under the 5th. . .
We have the right to a fare and speedy trial
We have the right to a lawyer

We can not pick and chose them for our convenience nor should the courts let us.  The very point of putting these rights into law is so that we will be forced to follow them when we don't want to.

This is what makes America Great folks, we are supposed to have fair and just laws and we follow them.

That is what makes us the good guys. . . .

Things we need to know about Boston

Now that we have the younger brother in custody the news wants to know when he will be well enough to go on trial. . . . Personally I don't care if he ever sees a court room, keep him locked up.  What I do want to know (and I admit he may be just following his big brother) is:

What Mosque did they belong to?
Who else is in on this? ( I am sure they are not alone)
Where did they get the guns and bombs?
Who taught them?
Who and where is the rest of their group?
Were they part of a sleeper cell?

They had been here for 10 years or more, as refugees we took them in.  Yet the oldest is quoted as saying he has only one American friend and does not understand us.  So why did they stay when the parents went back to Russia?  Were they already planning an attack?  If you have no friends and don't understand us why stay with us?  The really scary part is the FBI had investigated the older brother a few years ago and cleared him because another country thought he was a problem. . .  these two had been here long enough to know how to fake it to the cops and pass inspection. . . that is what I really fear.

I think the news is making light of the real issue here.  I think they don't want to even think about the fact these two probably had help and there may be more of them out there.  The news wants to bury our head in the sand and pretend it is over and we are all safe while ignoring the fact it should never have happened in the first place.

Keep your eyes open Boston and America. . .  I fear this is just the start.

Info on the Older Brother HERE

Friday, April 19, 2013

Terrorist is pinned down now in Boston

The news is reporting that the 19 yr old is pinned down in a winterized boat in a back yard.  They can't see him but know where he is from heat imaging.  They are claiming he has an automatic weapon (illegal in MA). Guess all those great mass gun laws did us no good.  Listening to the recording of the shooting I would bet it was a semi-auto he just pulled the trigger fast since you could hear a break between each shot.

They have had Boston locked down all day.  Folks stuck in their homes told to hide behind their locked doors and pray since most of these towns won't let you have a gun permit.  All these sheep set up as defenseless by the state and you can now see this nut had all day to roam around and do what he wanted.  We are lucky he has not killed again YET.

The news is doing their normal disservice trying to hype what gun he has and how it will shoot through walls so you need to hide/get out of the area. . . disgusting how they panic and pass on bad info.

They have him surrounded, he is not getting out of this one with out a lot of luck.  Lets hope they take him alive so we can find out who else helped him.  I don't think they were alone in all of this.

I am also interested in seeing how they will spin this to make it all the fault of gun owners so they can try to push through more gun control even though this event shows us how much of a failure gun control is and how much danger they put the people of Boston in by disarming them and putting them at the mercy of a terrorist.

Update -

They got him alive.  As of this morning he is in custody with no maranda rights and in the hospital.  The News wants to know when he goes on trial. . . I want to know when they question him to find out who else is in on this. . . and I am scared they can strip his rights as a citizen so easy and no one says a thing. . . .

Sleeper Cell hit Boston?

So while our lovely progressive friends were trying to disarm us we were attacked by foreign terrorists.  Who we let in here legally and have been here for years.

Let’s look at the facts shall we?  On Monday two Chechnyan terrorists bomb the Boston Marathon. . . Today one is dead after killing one cop and wounding another during the chase where the used bombs and possibly guns to fight the cops.  They are brothers and one is still on the loose which has closed down Boston mass transit and the city and surrounding towns.  A college in Dartmouth is also in lock down where one of them went to school. . .

The dead terrorist had a bomb on him, and his brother ran his body over to escape.

At the same time all of this is going on three folks were arrested in Kendal Square and a device was blown up by the bomb squad. . .

This is not an isolated incident any more folks, we have a real problem here. . . it sounds like a cell  is at work and they are not done yet.

And in the face of this, our government wants to disarm us?  Make us sheep to be easily killed by these terrorists. . .  no I don’t think so.

Time for all of America to wake up and smell the coffee.   We are at war folks, have been for years it just took them a while to get here.  We need to remove from office anyone who supports more gun control.  They are not helping us, they are helping our enemies and we need to let them know what we think.  Remember all this at election time, and maybe we need a few recall elections now to show them we are serious.

Time for America to wake up, and go back to rule of law by our Constitution.  Time for us to be great again, and take responsibility for our own safety and that of our country.

More on Boston

OK, sounds like three folks arrested in Kendal Sqr. and a device blown up by the bomb squad there.

One bomber dead and one on the loose

One cop dead and one injured badly in the chase.  they may have been shooting and using IEDs on the cops chasing them

MBTA/Mass transit shut down and much of Boston and surrounding towns in a lock down at this point.  Folks being told to shelter at home.

Bombers are Russian from the Chechnya area.  Sounds like there is a cell, not just the two bombers and they are trying to find the one remaining bomber.

For you progressives out there . . . sit down and shut up.  Time for the grown ups to fix this mess and no, I will not hear any more BS about gun control.  You will not put my family at risk due to your overactive fear issues. . . .

Boston Update

Interesting night in Boston folks. . .

MIT cop shot dead when responding to a problem on campus. . .(note that guns are illegal on campus in MA) and the shooter got away

Later a car chase and one person arrested that may be on of the bombers or not, not sure yet. . .

Also hearing reports that one bomber was killed by police and the other is still lose so the media is as usual not sure what the hell is going on. . . . .

Obama has also sent the one Saudi they were looking at home so he is off the hook if he was involved. . . don't know if he was but his family has ties to Al Quada and terrorism. . . .

Going to be an interesting day as we see how this all develops. . ..

In the mean time without knowing what explosive was used we have a fool trying to add background checks to buying gunpowder and racist Al Sharpton pushing more gun laws to prevent bombings like Boston. . . . And other crying about no taggarts in the bombs (we don't know for sure) and blaming the NRA for that even though home made IEDs would not have taggarts in them. . . .

These folks are nuts. . .  we need to get them help.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why the Left should support gun rights

Found an interesting Essay on why all of us should support gun rights, left and right. . .

You can read it HERE

This is a person that understands that freedom is freedom no matter if you lean left or right and the first step in taking that freedom is disarming us all. . .

Gun Grabbers want your help!

Seems the Huffington post is looking to make up stories again and needs our help. . . see the email below I got:

A Message From The Huffington Post

Hello from HuffPost Open Reporting -

This is a one-time email to our readers in Massachusetts.

We're working on a project to document the nationwide impact of gun violence, and we need your help.

Since the shooting in Newtown, Conn., on December 14, The Huffington Post has tracked and recorded more than 2,240 deaths across America as a result of gun-related homicides and accidental shootings.

If you or someone you know has ever been affected by gun violence, we want to hear your story.

Give us a call at 860-348-3376, and you can record your story in your own words. Please be sure to include your name and phone number. Or you can send us a note (or just reply to this email).

We will never publish your name or any identifying details without your permission.

Thanks for your help,

So please if you know of a lawful defensive gun use please let them know about it. . . .

= )

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Obama using your money to take your rights

It disgusts me the Obama is using AIR FORCE ONE to bring the parents of kids killed in Newtown to DC so he can dance in their kids blood in front of Congress and call for attacks on our civil rights

These folks have been part of a tragedy no doubt, and I grieve for them and their kids.  They should not be paraded around for political gain by Obama or anyone else.

You don't get to vote on our rights any more than you get to vote if Women should have a vote or we should have free speech.  Our rights are not up for a vote.

Thank you to the GOP for doing all they can to stop this madness.  Police around the country agree these laws will do nothing to stop a shooter, and will probably make it less safe for the rest of us.

Criminals don't obey the law, deal with that fact, and the fact that guns do save lives and make us safer, FBI data backs it up.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cops don't support gun control

Very good read HERE on what the police think about all the gun control coming out of DC

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gun Control is a failure in Mass. . .

HERE is a report from GOAL on crime and guns in our fine state of Massachusetts since they passed all those great gun laws in 1998. .. .

You will note that it is a dismal failure.  They have stomped all over our rights for no gain. . . in fact things got much worse since they passed this crap.

Folks gun control is a failed experiment. . .. time to end it for all our safety.

Boston Common Pro 2A Rally

Today was the GOAL rally on the common. . . as expected the news folks were there and they were very bias with their reporting.  I watched as they filmed the crowd, being sure to get lots of footage before the rally started and of the edges of the crowd with minimal filming in the main body of the crowd.  The crowd continued to grow as the speeches went on.  Remember this is a work day so you got a lot fewer folks than we could have on a weekend. . . many still took a day off for this important event.

I don't know how many folks showed up but I heard anywhere from 3000 to 4000 folks. . . I look forward to the official estimates when we get them.  .

Here are some photos from today:

Right front of crowd.  this is the edge they filmed for TV early in the rally

Front of me

Front left of me

GOAL speech

left side of the crowd

They had a number of speakers from GOAL and other pro gun groups from around the county including Il and the west coast. . . One speaker was from China (Yang Li) and is now a citizen here.  He gave a hell of a speech on  our rights and how rare it is to have them in the world today. . .

Allan Gottlieb was one of the speakers.

Here are some photos of the crowd.  Taken looking all around me . . .
Behind me to the road

Right side of me

Front/left of me

You can see the size of the crowd in the walk up to the State House. . .

This is looking back from the path to the rally start at the Band Stand:e 

This is looking up the path to the state house. . you can see folks all the way up the path

The rally then moved to the state house where many folks went in to talk to the reps. . . strange how they were all in session today. . . This full day session was announced after the rally was. . .

The rest of us stayed out front and many took turns speaking to the crowd on a megaphone.  the Oat Keepers were there to ask us to take the oath to uphold our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic which many did.  All and all a great day, good turn out and got us all energized to keep the fight going.

While at the state house I ran into a college kid filming and he noticed my sign "What right will they take next?  Your vote? Free Speech?  Gay Rights?" and he asked if I thought they would take gay rights. . .  I said once the 2ed is gone they are all up for grabs.

He then asked me to do a quick interview which I did.  He asked about my thought on the Stop Handgun Violence group and I told him no one supports gun violence but they named the group wrong.  He then asked about the NRA idea to arm folks in schools and I noted that yes I agree with giving them the OPTION if they are trained to be armed.  I then discussed with him that cops are really the second responder, the victim is the first responder so if someone at a school wants to be armed and is trained they should be able to carry and respond when needed.

After he finished I said "since I answered your questions will you tell me where you stand?" and he admitted he did not really have a stance on the 2ed (at least not one he would tell me) and had not thought too much about it.  I then discussed with him that we are all interested in freedom.  We don't want to MAKE anyone own a gun or carry a gun, but we also don't want anyone to say we CAN'T if we chose to do it.  That seemed to make him think a bit.  I don't know but I hope I got him thinking. . . he was a nice and polite guy.  I think he really would be worth discussing things with as he seemed to really wanted to learn about things.  He may not be pro 2A but he was at least educating himself on it which is all we can really ask folks to do