Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Obama using your money to take your rights

It disgusts me the Obama is using AIR FORCE ONE to bring the parents of kids killed in Newtown to DC so he can dance in their kids blood in front of Congress and call for attacks on our civil rights

These folks have been part of a tragedy no doubt, and I grieve for them and their kids.  They should not be paraded around for political gain by Obama or anyone else.

You don't get to vote on our rights any more than you get to vote if Women should have a vote or we should have free speech.  Our rights are not up for a vote.

Thank you to the GOP for doing all they can to stop this madness.  Police around the country agree these laws will do nothing to stop a shooter, and will probably make it less safe for the rest of us.

Criminals don't obey the law, deal with that fact, and the fact that guns do save lives and make us safer, FBI data backs it up.

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