Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Florida School Shooting

OK, it has been a few weeks and let's look at the facts:
·         Shooter used an AR-15
·         Cops/Sheriffs deputy’s waited outside knowing there was shooting and let it happen
·         School refused to report him so they would get grant money
·         Sheriff worked with the school to cover up crime/threats so they got money
·         Multiple complaints about him but no restraining order
·         Previous attempts to commit him turned down
·         FBI was warned and did not act

So please tell me how another gun law will make ANY difference in a case like this??? The laws in place would have stopped him if ANYONE DID THEIR F’ING JOB.

Yesterday there was another school attack and the school cop did his job.  Gunman (with a pistol) dead and only two wounded. . .  yet they want more gun free zones and gun bans.

To top it off now someone is paying to send a bunch of these kids around the nation so they can stand in front of the cameras and read their script calling for gun control and disarming law-abiding citizens.  To make it worse they are pushing these kids as experts.

How does any of this make these kids experts?  Think about it.  So they were in the school and were lucky and go out.  Calling them an expert is insane.  I have walked by construction sites, am I a building expert?  I have had a check-up, am I a doctor?  Was in the office when my kids had fillings done, am I a dentist????  Same DAMN THING.

So let's stop giving in to the bullshit and saying these kids know one damn thing about the law, guns, or our Constitutional rights.  They totally ignore the failures of the very people who are supposed to keep them safe and call for more attacks on our rights.  ENOUGH.  

Someone needs to explain to them we are sorry for what happened, but they are not experts on shit and please sit down and shut up.  Enough is enough.

Time for the adults who actually know something about mental illness and the drugs these kids have ALL been on to have a long discussion on what to do.  And time to end the BS of gun control that has cost so many lives.