Saturday, September 25, 2010

John Kerry is Clueless

Once again Kerry shows how he really feels about us. . . .

And it is not good - You can read it HERE

Good Old Fool Kerry thinks that voters don't get it - that is why we are upset with the Dems.  He is so out of touch with the working class he has no idea what is going on.

Senator let me clue you in.  WE GET IT.  We understand the following:
  • The Dems have been running Congress for FOUR years
  • The Dems are looking to raise our taxes and fees
  • The Dems are spending money we don't have on programs we don't want
  • The Dems are taking over things like the Auto Industry
  • The Dems and Barny Frank caused the housing bubble and burst
  • The Dems like Illegal immigration and support it
  • The Dems are weak on defense and protecting us
Sorry John, we get it, that is the problem for you . . . .

Katie Perry on Sesame Street

I must admit I am already sick of the Katie Perry with Elmo on Sesame Street. Folks want to blame her for the outfit and PBS has tossed her under the bus.

Sorry folks, I don’t see it. You are going to tell me that no one at PBS can say no to the outfit before they did the shoot? I don’t buy it. Someone at Sesame Street said OK lets film it.

So let it go folks. Get mad at the right folks, the one who OK’s the filming not Katie.

And no, I am not a fan of hers I am just sick of PBS and NPR getting away with this crap and tossing other folks under the bus for their decisions. . . . .

Friday, September 24, 2010

Comedy Central in DC - Steve Colbert in the house. . .

I hope the Dumocrats choke on this publicity stunt.

The fools in DC have once again shown that this is all a joke to them. They brought in a comedian to a Congressional hearing as an “expert witness”. . . . . .

Yes, you read that right. Steven Colbert from Comedy Central was in DC today to make a mockery of the meetings on immigration reform. Watch the news for a few clips of him making an ass out of himself.

I don’t know where to start. I hope folks remember the stunt in November and vote them all out. We need folks in DC that take the job seriously. . . ..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disclose Act

OK folks, they are at it again. 
The Disclose act is being brought back because the Dems can't take NO for an answer when it comes to silencing free speech.
Write or call your Senator TODAY to tell them to vote against it!  They will stop at nothing this year to try to keep control.  And if they do we are all in trouble, and not just our Second Amendment.  This act will make it much harder to get the word out about an Incumbent and his/her voting record.
So lets make sure the incumbents don't get a free ride - CALL OR EMAIL TODAY!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looks like we did it! early results show the write in worked and Jim McKenna will run against Coakly :-D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Remember folks, go vote!
Please support James McKenna as a write in to run as Republican against Martha Coakly. . . Ya, she is unopposed if we don't get someone on there.  The Republican party of MA goofed again on this one.
And if you are in the 10th district where Delahunt is stepping down please back Jeff Perry.
Both these guys have great ratings from GOAL and if they support gun rights then they support your rights. . . .
GO VOTE - put an incumbent out of work!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remeber Tuesday to vote in MA!

Folks remember the primaires on Tuesday and get out and VOTE

Millbury lawyer to run against Coakley

Attorney General Martha Coakley may have a Republican opponent after all. Ms. Coakley, a Democrat, has been running unopposed because the state Republican Party did not nominate anyone to challenge her in November even though she was seen as vulnerable because of her dramatic loss to U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in the January special election.

But now Millbury lawyer James P. McKenna, 49, a longtime Central Massachusetts GOP activist, says he will mount a serious write-in campaign for the Sept. 14 primary to try to get on the Nov. 9 general election ballot.

Mr. McKenna will need 10,000 write-in votes to make the ballot. He said he plans to buy stickers with his name on them so voters can affix them to ballots in the primary.

So folks we need to get out the vote, pass this on to whomever you can so we can make this work. We need to get rid of Martha, then we can work on getting rid of the approved gun roster and all that BS.

GO McKenna!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three Things About Islam

An interesting take on things but a bit simplified I think. . .

If you take this at face value than yes, we will never have peace with the Islamic world.  But we forget that the Christians went through a period of the same kind of turmoil and this leads to the crusades.

I think in time they will come to realize that the book may be the word of God but it was still written by a man and can have errors.  Eventually they will see that they need to follow God's word and live in peace with the rest of the world.

Many have already seen this but there is much more to do.  Their leaders must push to end the fighting and terrorism.  I am not sure they are ready to do that yet.  Shara law will never work and they need to learn that.  Based on strict interpretation of the Quran they can not be American and Muslim - Shara law is against much of what we hold dear.  I think they can make the change as the Christians did.  It will take time and until then we must be prepared to fight.

They need to know that the choice is to move into the modern world and live in peace or to die fighting us.  Many will chose to die as we have seen.  This does not mean we should give in!  It is their choice to fight and die, we need to be ready for them and to protect ourselves.  And pray that some day they will wake up to reason. . . . .

Have You Forgotten?

Remember what today is about. . . .

Friday, September 10, 2010

Progressive Quiz

All the cool kids are doing it:

my score 117/400

I am very conservitive. . . surprise. . . .

Take the quiz HERE