Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eric Garner - Death by Cop

This is nuts.  How did the NY cop get off?????

Can you say NYC is corrupt as they come?  Just look at Bloomberg and you can see that. . . no to mention all the other folks that were unarmed and not doing anything violent that they have killed in NYC.

Personally I don't see how this guy got off other than he is a copy in NYC so he is above the law.

I also don't think this has anything to do with Fergerson MO.

Lets look at the facts -


  • Cop is injured
  • Criminal attacked him in his car and left evidence to prove this
  • Criminal was being sought for a violent robbery shortly before he got shot and killed
  • He rushed the cop and was acting aggressive.
NYC case:
  • Non violent crime - selling untaxed cigarettes
  • No weapons involved
  • Video shows he had his hands up
  • Cops pile on him and choke him out as he repeatedly says he can't breath
  • Cops violated own rules using a choke.
Folks this NYC cop should be facing charges.  Is it disgusting that he is not and I hope the Feds go after him and that Mr. Garners family has a good lawyer to go after NYC.