Thursday, January 26, 2017

Post Obama

The election is over and things are starting to settle down. . . if you ignore the sound of heads exploding on the left.

So far all I can say is I think we picked the better of two bad choices.  At least Trump is putting the USA first and doing what he said he would.  Which is a nice change from the previous POTUS?

I find a few things amusing so far:

  • Liberals think he is a Narcissist. . . Yet don't think Obama was. . .
  • The rioters that were arrested at the inauguration are facing a Felony charge and 10 years each. . . that is awesome and even better when you realize Obama is the one who put that on the books
  • Liberals still seem to have a problem with the concept of legal immigrant and illegal
  • The women held a huge march to protest and one of the founders of the march supports Sharia law. . . . think about that one

I have to say I am happy to see the media actually doing their job for a change even if they are showing their bias.  It is also nice to have a politician get into office and actually do what he said he would.

The wall is nice, but the ending of funding to sanctuary cities is much more important.  When folks have to make up the budget shortfall out of their pocket I think they will wake up to the cost and start voting out the fools supporting the illegals.

I would really like to see us make it impossible for illegals to stay here. . . you start fining companies $5k a day that they employ illegals the jobs will dry up.  Do the same for anyone who houses them . . . . along with getting rid of all those pit stops we maintain in the desert to give them water on the way in and suddenly they won't want to be here or come here anymore.  No house or work why come?

Now I want to see some good pro 2A stuff go through and good justices picked for the courts and we will be in much better shape than we were under Obama.