Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  It just ain't Thanksgiving with Alice = )

And thank you to all the troops around the world that keep us save and make this possible!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Obama Care, can you afford it?

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until next year. . .

Report from CNBC is HERE

You can expect insurance rates to jump anywhere from 20% to 100%. . . glad we passed it still???

I wonder how this will hit folks in MA that are under Romney Care. . . Since I have to live with that.  It would be nice to see my rates stay flat for once. . . but I doubt it.  Any excuse they can use to raise the price they will take. . . .

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Support the tribe as they say

Folks if you read here than I am sure you read the blogs that have already spread the word on Tam. . ..

Go here for an update on the fund drive to help her out.

If you can go swing by her page and hit the tip jar. . . every bit helps

If you don't know who Tam is then welcome back our from under that rock. . .  go read her blog you won't be sorry!

A Letter from an Independent Gun Owner to Obama

Dear President Obama

Lets start this with the facts then we will go from there.  You did win. . . the White House.  The Republicans kept the House.  The Senate was a toss up but more pro gun folks won either way there. . . I am one of those independent voters in this country. . . I will vote for either side (and did this year) voting for the folks I think will best guide my state and country.  I have a wife and kids and like everyone else I worry about what we are building that they will have to live with and pay for. . . . I also worry about the continued rapid loss of freedom in the country and a political system that does not see the middle but panders to both extremes.  . .

So we have for the most part fought each other over this election to come out in basically the same place we were before the election. . . .  With the notable fact that less folks turned out to vote this time on both sides than last. . . . Folks don't like what is going on and don't see either side as able or willing to fix it.  I would love to see DC prove you can fix this. . . but I don't see it right now.

I will make a deal with you though.  The main point from here on MUST be to fix our Economy and get folks back to work HERE - not over seas. . . . and we need new energy so we can get out of the Middle East

I only ask that you focus on that.

I will also ask that you stop distracting folks from this issue by taking Gun Control off the table.  Let's face it - with the laws and court decisions that have passed over the last few years it is obvious most folks believe the Second Amendment gives them the right to own, carry and use a gun in self defense.  It is not about hunting and we all know that too.  The vote in 94 for the "Assault Weapons Ban" that did not ban real assault weapons only hurt those who passed it and did nothing to make us safer. . . Read the FBI stats and you can see that.

Let this one go.  You can make much more of a legacy for yourself by healing this county, getting us back to work, fixing the parts of Obamacare that will hurt us and putting forward judges that will support our Constitution.

And I mean that!  I am all for a judge that will let gay marriage laws or Roe v. Wade stand. . . neither of these is in the Constitution so the Fed should stay out of them.  I would like to see you shrink the Fed all over but we both know you won't.  That is ok, maybe the next guy will. . .  if you can get folks back to work maybe we can even afford the big Fed. . . show me it can work. . . . Prove it with actions - words are cheap.

Putting forward any anti gun agenda will only further divide this country and we don't need that.  Gun use crosses party lines in all it's aspects.  We need to pull together.  The economy and jobs need to be JOB 1 with Energy as JOB 2.  Forget the rest. . . fix these and you will go down in history as a great man. . . ignore these basic facts and you will be seen as a failure.

Time to live up to your promise to unite us. . . start by not doing more to divide us up please. . . .

I have said this for years now.  The next President that truly wants to make history will have to take a big chance and follow the steps of JFK and the space race. . . . DO IT!  SEIZE THE MOMENT!  Demand that we (THE USA) put all it can into coming up with a new workable energy source we can all live with.  Just like JFK pushed for the moon you need to have us focus on this goal. . . it will make jobs, it will fix our energy problem and it will change the world.  How can anyone be against this?  The USA is the greatest nation on earth, we have the people to do this, we need the leader to get us there.

I hope you will choose the right path for your next four years. . . the wrong path will do lasting, possible permanent damage to this country. . . . choose well.

An Independent Voter

Friday, November 9, 2012

My new saying for the foks in DC

To all you Politicians in DC now all happy you won your election. . .  On both sides. . . . I only want to hear about you working on ONE THING - the economy and jobs.

If you bring up anything else for a vote you should be told to sit down and shut up.

So let's all say it together shall we?  IT THE ECONOMY STUPID.  Fix it.  Don't eve look at anything else. . . Fix the job market!

Stick the fork in the GOP, they are done

With his announcement today that Obamacare is the law of the land and his apparent willingness to go along with that I think John Boehner has sealed the fate of the GOP.

They don't get it.  This win for Obama was not a mandate, he lost on the order of 10 mil votes compared to the last election, Romeny did not even pull the votes McCain did. . . folks stayed home because they didn't like either candidate. . . this is not a win for anyone.

By ignoring this fact I think Boehner has shown what we feared, the GOP did not learn a thing from this loss.

It is now time for the TEA Party to step up and out of the GOP or to go away. . . Folks we need to get real patriots into DC, that are willing to make the hard calls, listen to the country and fix things. . . Bring us back to the Constitution and a small FED. . . .

I don't see that happening with the crew we have now.

I now thing my kids will be living worse off than I do, probably in a third world country. . .  We can do better than these fools in DC.

If the GOP won't fight for smaller government, and learn that folks don't want the government (D or R running  it) messing with their bodies, religion or personal life then we need to let the GOP fail and go away.  They can't be taught so let them go.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sen Dianne Feinstine shows the true Dem plan

Folks the Dems have no wish to unite this country.  If they did then we would not be reading about Sen Dianne Feinstein pushing for a new Assault Weapon Ban.  Gun control is a very hot topic that will further drive a wedge through this country. . . she don't care folks. .. .

Instead of doing what they were elected to - FIX THE ECONOMY and our country she is going after our basic rights.


It has been shown time and again that not only is this a loser as a political move, but the more gun laws you have the more crime you have. . . Gun control does not work and it is proven.

Gun control is the land of dictators who need unarmed people to rule. . . it is not the way of a free people.

So what is she doing?  Why take away our rights and spit on our Constitution?  What do you have planned that you are afraid of your own fellow law abiding citizens?

Why do you want to disarm us?
Why do you want to leave women helpless and defenseless?
Why do you want to ban the most popular guns in the country for sporting and hunting?
Why do you continue to lie about what an assault rifle is?
Why do you continue to try to outlaw things you clearly don't understand like magazine and grips?

You don't do this if you are clean, you do this when you have plans that need us defenseless and unable to stop you.

You do this when you want to usurp the rights and Constitution of this country and don't want us citizens to be able to stop you. . . . .

Thank GOD the House is still held by the GOP and the Senate is still majority pro civil rights.

We need to watch everything they do, and here is the proof. . . .  they are not working in our best interest already and it has not even been a week since the election.

Military Ballots not counted

If this is true then we have a big problem folks. . .

Obama is not the legitimate winner if things were done to delay these ballots. .  that is voter fraud. . .

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Open Letter to the Republicans/GOP. . .

Folks, I hope you learned something from this loss.  I doubt it.  This is the second time you put up a RINO, someone that was Liberal Light – and he lost.

Here is a hint, he didn't lose because he was not liberal enough, he lost because you just offered us Dem light.  If I want DEM I will vote DEM, not DEM light.  If I don’t want DEM I am not going to want DEM light either. . . GET IT?

You need to go take a hard look at things.  Voters today don’t care about if you are gay, they don’t care about Roe v. Wade, these are losing issues and you let the Liberals make them key points of the election. .  . STUPID.

You want to win again then you need to give folks what they want.  This election was not a landslide.  Obama got out the vote and you turned it away.  There should not have been a way for you to lose this but you worked hard at it and did anyway. . . .

You want to win?  Then listen to the voters for a change. . No really, LISTEN 
·         Stop pushing anything to do about GAYS!  Who cares if they marry
·         Stop falling for Roe v. Wade, no one wants it repealed and we all know it
·         Stop falling for the Republicans hate women line. . . show them you don’t with a candidate that is a woman and fit for the job, plenty of them out there
·         Stop saying stupid things like women who are raped don’t get pregnant. . . you sound stupid and give them a great sound bite
·         Forget the drug war, it failed in the early 1900s with booze and it is failing today for the other stuff
·         Liberals are communists, call them on it
·         GET SOME GUTS
·         Start pushing for SMALLER GOVERNMENT
·         Start pushing to get rid of the TSA, and the Patriot Act
·         Get out of our bodies and bed rooms, we don’t need you there
·         Give us our rights back before we have to force you to
·         Put up real Conservatives
·         Start pushing to get rid of the Zars in DC
·         Start pushing for smaller bills that folks can understand
·         Start pushing for real immigration fix and secure borders
·         Start listening to the voters
·         Stop putting up RINOs
·         Start putting up real conservatives
·         Stop spending all our money

Look at Scott Brown and learn.  The TEA Party put him in there. .  . he then gave up on their core values and expected them to support him anyway. . . didn't work did it?

Conservatives are sick of your games and you keep losing because of it.  WAKE UP!

Canada has shown us we can come back from this and become a conservative nation again.  They have done it and continue to do it.  We can too if you are willing to listen to folks and make the hard calls.

This election was about the economy and smaller government, more freedom less government intrusion in our lives. . . How did you not get it?

You guys need to get with the game, be a true conservative party or you need to get out of the way so real conservatives can get back in control of things and fix this liberal mess. 

Europe has shown us where the liberal road leads to. . . a bankrupt overspent nation that is a third rate welfare state. . . we are better than that.  We need to take back our schools and our country, teach folks what the Constitution means and elect people that respect it.  If you won’t work for that you will continue to fail.

Thanks for four more years of stagnation and inflation. . .  I really needed it.

Obama Wins

This covers it better than I can.

Overall I think this is a devastating loss for our country that we will be hard pressed to recover from.  I fear what my kids will find as they come out of school.

A vote for Obama was:

  • foru more years of failure/stagnation, with more inflation to come
  • a vote for more free stuff we can't pay for
  • a vote for more class warfare
  • a vote on issues that are not issues like Roe v Wade that is not going anywhere but you fell for
  • a vote to watch our unemployment stay at 14% and let them cook the books to tell you it is not that high
  • a vote for more bail outs that don't work but pay off unions
  • a vote for a weaker military and stronger enemies that know we won't fight
  • a vote for war in Iran as Israel hits them on the nuke issue knowing we won't
  • more stagnation in DC when we need action
  • more welfare
  • more illegals 
  • more small and large businesses closing or freezing hiring due to Obama rules
  • watch energy cost sky rocket as he kills domestic coal and gas for failing green options
  •  watch gas cost sky rocket as war spreads in the middle east and we become more dependent on them
I don't see how folks voted for him.  My only answer is they want to be cared for.  They want a dictator government and can't handle the fear of freedom.  We all get to pay the price as our country starts it's ride down to third world status. 

This is what happens when you take teaching the Constitution out of the schools, and you pander to the voter blocks that don't put a high value on education.  They want the government to do it for them.

And for those that will say Obama created jobs, they are .gov jobs, they don't produce anything and they cost us resources for no payback. . .  not a win folks.

I hope we can fix this in four years, but I don't think the GOP gets it.  They keep putting up RINOs for us and then wonder why no one gets behind them.  Dem light don't sell.  We need real conservatives but I fear it may be too late.  Their god is back for another 4 years, he can run us well into the ground in that time - and will do his best to do it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Why vote for Romney?

So my last post spells out why Obama needs to be voted out, why you should vote for Romney.  I agree he is not a true conservative and he is not my first choice either but. . .

He was able to turn around the Salt Lake city games.  He took a failure and made it work.

He has business experience and again has a solid record of taking failure time and again in the business world and making it work. . .

He knows we need to stop the spending and it will hurt.  He at least has a plan.  Obama says he will keep doing the same thing. . . has it worked where you live???  We need new ideas from someone who knows how to get businesses growing and hiring again. 

He understands how to work across the aisle.  Now while many conservatives see this as a negative I think it is a requirement for the job. He needs to be able to represent us all, and unlike Obama who was quick to tell the GOP he won so they could pound sand last time. . . Romney won't be doing that.  He has shown during his term in MA that he can work with the Dems, he had to here as they run the state house – and he did, getting rid of the deficit here and leaving the office with a nice rainy day fund in place.

He knows that we need to keep our military strong, and stop giving in to the UN, Europe, China and our enemies.  He is much more likely to keep us safe and prevent any more attacks on the US.

He respects our Constitution and our way of life.  He is a family man with traditional US values.  Obama has shown time and again he can’t be trusted to do the job or protect our Constitutional rights.

A vote for Obama is a vote for the UN/European model that has already failed.  A vote for Romney is not going to swing us right, but it will at least stop the freefall.  Then we can focus on the next election and with baby steps move this country back from the edge. . . it will take years to fix the damage done by the Liberal/Progressive movement but we have to do it.  It will hurt, but doing nothing will hurt more.  A vote for Obama is a vote for the status quo. . . we need better.

Obama must be stopped - VOTE

Folks I don't get it.  How can anyone vote for Obama?

All he has to show for four years of work is destruction of our way of life. .  .
Gitmo - still open. . . He said he would close it
Patriot act - still going
Afghanistan - still fighting but the news folks ignore it now
Bail out - no go even though he swore it would lower unemployment. . .  It went up.
Open administration - covering up gun running, Libya and no one knows what is in Obamacare
Job creation - he is killing it cutting the oil pipeline project and getting ready to crush the coal industry
Debt - doubled in four years for no gain
Osama Ben Ladden - the SEALs got him, not Obama but you would think he was there by the news folks reports

Add to this millions spent on green energy companies his friends own that have since failed and are not paying us back.

Middle East?  More of a mess now than ever and we still get no respect.  Our Ambassador killed and nothing done.  He could have stopped it but didn't.  He held back the help that was ready to go in.
Welfare and food stamps are UP and he is proud of that fact. . . .

Voter fraud?  He does nothing about it and swept the Black Panther intimidation from 08 under the rug.  Already seeing reports of electronic voting machines logging votes for Obama no matter who is actually picked by the voter.

No budget passed in years. . .  .

Political division way up.

Race card, he plays it.

Union? They own him. . . Look at the auto bail out.  They only winner was the unions, stockholders were screwed and they are looking at bankruptcy at GM again. . .

Obama is killing this country and he is just starting.  I have kids and it scares the hell out of me what he will do if he gets back in.  He will fundamentally change our country to match the FAILED model of socialist Europe.  We can't survive four more years of this. 

Folks if he wins companies will panic.  You will see jobs dry up, companies move off shore, our security will get worse, our military will be weakened and our enemies strengthened.  If he wins, we all lose and how do I ex plane this to my kids. . . Sorry kids, it is more important that we give away free phones and push welfare instead of growing the economy so you will have a job. 

Don't buy the hype.  Women get equal pay now folks.  Row v Wade is not going anywhere.  Obama is going to be the one to raise taxes on all workers.

Obama's only plan it to blame Bush for all that is wrong.  He says vote for him to get revenge. . . . Revenge on who?

We need to see Obama voted out and the Conservatives take the Senate.  If we lose the Senate to the Dems then we will be letting the UN run things and take our rights by treaty.  We also need the Senate to prevent more activist judges on the Supreme Court.  If Obama gets to pick any more Judges our Constitutional rights are at risk.

Do you really want to be like Europe and the UN?  Do we want to go down the road to bigger government, more hand outs, and economic failure?  I want my kids to have a shot at a better life than I have.  Under Obama they won't.  He wasn't ready for the job in 08, and he still is not ready to do what needs to be done.  Obama is a cult and no more.  His followers can't see the facts right in front of them. He won last time on skin color, this time let's vote for ability.

Obama's November Surprise

Obama is planning some fun for the rest of us before the end of the year, just in case he is out of work in January. . .

This is just the start folks, but you can expect this nut to all but kill the coal industry and this will prevent new power plants and raise our electric bills. . . not to mention put thousands of miners out of work.

You can read more HERE on it.

Think, then vote Romney on Tuesday folks!  We can't take four more years of Obama. . . .

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vote Revenge? Really Obama?

What is this all about Obama?

what are we getting "Revenge" for if we vote for you?  I thought I voted because it was my civic duty and for love of country and all who have paid the price so I could freely vote. . .

Or is it because you are losing this and your ego can't take it?  You want revenge on us for making you run again for office?  You want revenge because some of us question you and your ability?  Why do you want revenge?

All I know is I don't want a President in office that is out for Revenge. . . I want a President who is in there to make our country better, not divide it more.

Go Brown Folks!

Folks in MA know what I am talking about.

We don't have very good choices again for Senate but I don't see how to not vote for Brown.  I won't leave it blank.

Brown is not my perfect choice, but no pol is.  I see him as much more likely to support our constitution and vote for the people than his challenger Warren.

Warren has spent the election lying about her background and making issues out of non-issues to try to get women to vote their sex, not their minds.  Folks in the real world Roe v Wade is not up for discussion, neither is pay for women, it is already equal.  Don't think so then tell me why anyone would hire a guy for an extra 20% cost. . . . sorry .  And lastly she pushes how Brown voted to stop tax cuts for the middle class while ignoring the fact that what he did helped the economy and the middle class and they still got the cut.

No, Brown is much more likely to get things done in DC to help us.  Warren is a DEM and will vote the party line.  We don't need that and I don't see how our country can survive more DEM socialist programs.  We can't afford them now and we sure as heck can't let her and the DEMs let the UN push more of them down our throats.

Folks go and vote, vote for  Brown and help us fix this socialist mess.  It is not a big step forward, but it is at least a step forward.  Putting Warren in there is just as bad as putting a Kennedy back in there.  Just say no!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama owns the Libya failure

Here is why. . .

in a nutshell only the POTUS could have OK'd the rescue of the folks in Libya. . . his failure to act, or to actively say no to the rescue is the same, no help could be sent over the border . . .

Obama owns it.  He caused the deaths of at lease the SEALS if not all four Americans there with his failure to do his job and respond in a crisis. . . and an embassy under attack is a crisis folks deal with it.

Obama and Unemployment

Go take a look. . .

Real unemployment is double what they say and he brings up a good point that the better numbers don't count those that have fallen off the books they have been out of work for so long. . . .

How can anyone say this guy has helped the unemployed?

Don't believe it. . . then ask Forbes. . .  they know a bit about jobs and the economy. .. they say it is at 14.7% and another recession is on the way. . . Ya, go Obama we need another down turn in this country. . . .

Obama's Job numbers

OK, the job numbers are in and Unemployment is up. . . Again Obama has failed and we look back on the days of Bush and 5% unemployment with longing.

What I really want to know is of all the jobs added during the Obama rule, how many are private vs government?  Folks government jobs don’t count.  Other than the military they produce nothing and add to the burden of the working folks who have to pay taxes to support them for no gain.  Remember that.

The news folks will spin this as much as they can as they can see Obama is in a tail spin and going in fast.  Don’t buy the hype.  He has done nothing with this storm but stay out of the way, he has not fulfilled his promises when elected of open and transparent government, ending the wars, ending the patriot act or closing Gitmo. 

What he has done is hide more stuff, cover up the Libya attack and Fast and Furrious gun running.  He made it easier to arrest you or I and hold us indefinitely without trial or access to a lawyer. . . Pushed a health care law on us no one read or understood before passing, lowered our credit rating and standing in the world, raised our debt, and abandoned our friends around the world and strengthened our enemies.

We need to vote him out.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Can Sandy Save Obama?

I am hearing about how great Obama has been with Hurricane Sandy and his great job handling it. . . . OK, so he didn't screw it up, but that is about all you can say for him.

Folks, no matter what the news folks say this was not a huge storm like Katrina, and was nowhere near the mess that Katrina was.  No one was trapped in Madison Square Garden as the storm hit.  No one was plucked from the roof tops. . . we don’t have the massive population relocation to deal with the loss of power and homes. . . .

Stop treating Obama like he saved the day.  He stayed out of the way and let the rescue and FEMA folks do their jobs and that is it.  This was nowhere near the same level of disaster and the news is playing it up to try to save his ass.

Remember – He said no one will be left behind . . . right after he left our SEALs and Ambassador behind in Libya to be killed. . . After he ignored their repeated calls for help before and during the fire fight.  After he lied to us about it and what caused it, after he lied about what he knew and when. . . He could have saved them. . . .  He needs to go, vote him out.