Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama's Job numbers

OK, the job numbers are in and Unemployment is up. . . Again Obama has failed and we look back on the days of Bush and 5% unemployment with longing.

What I really want to know is of all the jobs added during the Obama rule, how many are private vs government?  Folks government jobs don’t count.  Other than the military they produce nothing and add to the burden of the working folks who have to pay taxes to support them for no gain.  Remember that.

The news folks will spin this as much as they can as they can see Obama is in a tail spin and going in fast.  Don’t buy the hype.  He has done nothing with this storm but stay out of the way, he has not fulfilled his promises when elected of open and transparent government, ending the wars, ending the patriot act or closing Gitmo. 

What he has done is hide more stuff, cover up the Libya attack and Fast and Furrious gun running.  He made it easier to arrest you or I and hold us indefinitely without trial or access to a lawyer. . . Pushed a health care law on us no one read or understood before passing, lowered our credit rating and standing in the world, raised our debt, and abandoned our friends around the world and strengthened our enemies.

We need to vote him out.

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