Monday, November 5, 2012

Why vote for Romney?

So my last post spells out why Obama needs to be voted out, why you should vote for Romney.  I agree he is not a true conservative and he is not my first choice either but. . .

He was able to turn around the Salt Lake city games.  He took a failure and made it work.

He has business experience and again has a solid record of taking failure time and again in the business world and making it work. . .

He knows we need to stop the spending and it will hurt.  He at least has a plan.  Obama says he will keep doing the same thing. . . has it worked where you live???  We need new ideas from someone who knows how to get businesses growing and hiring again. 

He understands how to work across the aisle.  Now while many conservatives see this as a negative I think it is a requirement for the job. He needs to be able to represent us all, and unlike Obama who was quick to tell the GOP he won so they could pound sand last time. . . Romney won't be doing that.  He has shown during his term in MA that he can work with the Dems, he had to here as they run the state house – and he did, getting rid of the deficit here and leaving the office with a nice rainy day fund in place.

He knows that we need to keep our military strong, and stop giving in to the UN, Europe, China and our enemies.  He is much more likely to keep us safe and prevent any more attacks on the US.

He respects our Constitution and our way of life.  He is a family man with traditional US values.  Obama has shown time and again he can’t be trusted to do the job or protect our Constitutional rights.

A vote for Obama is a vote for the UN/European model that has already failed.  A vote for Romney is not going to swing us right, but it will at least stop the freefall.  Then we can focus on the next election and with baby steps move this country back from the edge. . . it will take years to fix the damage done by the Liberal/Progressive movement but we have to do it.  It will hurt, but doing nothing will hurt more.  A vote for Obama is a vote for the status quo. . . we need better.

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