Thursday, November 1, 2012

Can Sandy Save Obama?

I am hearing about how great Obama has been with Hurricane Sandy and his great job handling it. . . . OK, so he didn't screw it up, but that is about all you can say for him.

Folks, no matter what the news folks say this was not a huge storm like Katrina, and was nowhere near the mess that Katrina was.  No one was trapped in Madison Square Garden as the storm hit.  No one was plucked from the roof tops. . . we don’t have the massive population relocation to deal with the loss of power and homes. . . .

Stop treating Obama like he saved the day.  He stayed out of the way and let the rescue and FEMA folks do their jobs and that is it.  This was nowhere near the same level of disaster and the news is playing it up to try to save his ass.

Remember – He said no one will be left behind . . . right after he left our SEALs and Ambassador behind in Libya to be killed. . . After he ignored their repeated calls for help before and during the fire fight.  After he lied to us about it and what caused it, after he lied about what he knew and when. . . He could have saved them. . . .  He needs to go, vote him out.


Anonymous said...

Well is really that Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo, and Mike Bloomberg are a hell of a lot more competent than Ray Nagin or Kathleen Blanco.

That said New York City has so many people actually more were displaced than Katrina. Remember MTA carries more people every day than live in Louisiana (let alone NJT and PATH)

JD said...

There may be more folks in NYC but you are not looking at the massive long term migration that Katrina caused. And I agree it was the local folks doing the work and Obama again trying to take credit for stuff other folks did.