Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama must be stopped - VOTE

Folks I don't get it.  How can anyone vote for Obama?

All he has to show for four years of work is destruction of our way of life. .  .
Gitmo - still open. . . He said he would close it
Patriot act - still going
Afghanistan - still fighting but the news folks ignore it now
Bail out - no go even though he swore it would lower unemployment. . .  It went up.
Open administration - covering up gun running, Libya and no one knows what is in Obamacare
Job creation - he is killing it cutting the oil pipeline project and getting ready to crush the coal industry
Debt - doubled in four years for no gain
Osama Ben Ladden - the SEALs got him, not Obama but you would think he was there by the news folks reports

Add to this millions spent on green energy companies his friends own that have since failed and are not paying us back.

Middle East?  More of a mess now than ever and we still get no respect.  Our Ambassador killed and nothing done.  He could have stopped it but didn't.  He held back the help that was ready to go in.
Welfare and food stamps are UP and he is proud of that fact. . . .

Voter fraud?  He does nothing about it and swept the Black Panther intimidation from 08 under the rug.  Already seeing reports of electronic voting machines logging votes for Obama no matter who is actually picked by the voter.

No budget passed in years. . .  .

Political division way up.

Race card, he plays it.

Union? They own him. . . Look at the auto bail out.  They only winner was the unions, stockholders were screwed and they are looking at bankruptcy at GM again. . .

Obama is killing this country and he is just starting.  I have kids and it scares the hell out of me what he will do if he gets back in.  He will fundamentally change our country to match the FAILED model of socialist Europe.  We can't survive four more years of this. 

Folks if he wins companies will panic.  You will see jobs dry up, companies move off shore, our security will get worse, our military will be weakened and our enemies strengthened.  If he wins, we all lose and how do I ex plane this to my kids. . . Sorry kids, it is more important that we give away free phones and push welfare instead of growing the economy so you will have a job. 

Don't buy the hype.  Women get equal pay now folks.  Row v Wade is not going anywhere.  Obama is going to be the one to raise taxes on all workers.

Obama's only plan it to blame Bush for all that is wrong.  He says vote for him to get revenge. . . . Revenge on who?

We need to see Obama voted out and the Conservatives take the Senate.  If we lose the Senate to the Dems then we will be letting the UN run things and take our rights by treaty.  We also need the Senate to prevent more activist judges on the Supreme Court.  If Obama gets to pick any more Judges our Constitutional rights are at risk.

Do you really want to be like Europe and the UN?  Do we want to go down the road to bigger government, more hand outs, and economic failure?  I want my kids to have a shot at a better life than I have.  Under Obama they won't.  He wasn't ready for the job in 08, and he still is not ready to do what needs to be done.  Obama is a cult and no more.  His followers can't see the facts right in front of them. He won last time on skin color, this time let's vote for ability.

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