Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Wins

This covers it better than I can.

Overall I think this is a devastating loss for our country that we will be hard pressed to recover from.  I fear what my kids will find as they come out of school.

A vote for Obama was:

  • foru more years of failure/stagnation, with more inflation to come
  • a vote for more free stuff we can't pay for
  • a vote for more class warfare
  • a vote on issues that are not issues like Roe v Wade that is not going anywhere but you fell for
  • a vote to watch our unemployment stay at 14% and let them cook the books to tell you it is not that high
  • a vote for more bail outs that don't work but pay off unions
  • a vote for a weaker military and stronger enemies that know we won't fight
  • a vote for war in Iran as Israel hits them on the nuke issue knowing we won't
  • more stagnation in DC when we need action
  • more welfare
  • more illegals 
  • more small and large businesses closing or freezing hiring due to Obama rules
  • watch energy cost sky rocket as he kills domestic coal and gas for failing green options
  •  watch gas cost sky rocket as war spreads in the middle east and we become more dependent on them
I don't see how folks voted for him.  My only answer is they want to be cared for.  They want a dictator government and can't handle the fear of freedom.  We all get to pay the price as our country starts it's ride down to third world status. 

This is what happens when you take teaching the Constitution out of the schools, and you pander to the voter blocks that don't put a high value on education.  They want the government to do it for them.

And for those that will say Obama created jobs, they are .gov jobs, they don't produce anything and they cost us resources for no payback. . .  not a win folks.

I hope we can fix this in four years, but I don't think the GOP gets it.  They keep putting up RINOs for us and then wonder why no one gets behind them.  Dem light don't sell.  We need real conservatives but I fear it may be too late.  Their god is back for another 4 years, he can run us well into the ground in that time - and will do his best to do it.

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