Friday, November 9, 2012

Stick the fork in the GOP, they are done

With his announcement today that Obamacare is the law of the land and his apparent willingness to go along with that I think John Boehner has sealed the fate of the GOP.

They don't get it.  This win for Obama was not a mandate, he lost on the order of 10 mil votes compared to the last election, Romeny did not even pull the votes McCain did. . . folks stayed home because they didn't like either candidate. . . this is not a win for anyone.

By ignoring this fact I think Boehner has shown what we feared, the GOP did not learn a thing from this loss.

It is now time for the TEA Party to step up and out of the GOP or to go away. . . Folks we need to get real patriots into DC, that are willing to make the hard calls, listen to the country and fix things. . . Bring us back to the Constitution and a small FED. . . .

I don't see that happening with the crew we have now.

I now thing my kids will be living worse off than I do, probably in a third world country. . .  We can do better than these fools in DC.

If the GOP won't fight for smaller government, and learn that folks don't want the government (D or R running  it) messing with their bodies, religion or personal life then we need to let the GOP fail and go away.  They can't be taught so let them go.

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