Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Open Letter to the Republicans/GOP. . .

Folks, I hope you learned something from this loss.  I doubt it.  This is the second time you put up a RINO, someone that was Liberal Light – and he lost.

Here is a hint, he didn't lose because he was not liberal enough, he lost because you just offered us Dem light.  If I want DEM I will vote DEM, not DEM light.  If I don’t want DEM I am not going to want DEM light either. . . GET IT?

You need to go take a hard look at things.  Voters today don’t care about if you are gay, they don’t care about Roe v. Wade, these are losing issues and you let the Liberals make them key points of the election. .  . STUPID.

You want to win again then you need to give folks what they want.  This election was not a landslide.  Obama got out the vote and you turned it away.  There should not have been a way for you to lose this but you worked hard at it and did anyway. . . .

You want to win?  Then listen to the voters for a change. . No really, LISTEN 
·         Stop pushing anything to do about GAYS!  Who cares if they marry
·         Stop falling for Roe v. Wade, no one wants it repealed and we all know it
·         Stop falling for the Republicans hate women line. . . show them you don’t with a candidate that is a woman and fit for the job, plenty of them out there
·         Stop saying stupid things like women who are raped don’t get pregnant. . . you sound stupid and give them a great sound bite
·         Forget the drug war, it failed in the early 1900s with booze and it is failing today for the other stuff
·         Liberals are communists, call them on it
·         GET SOME GUTS
·         Start pushing for SMALLER GOVERNMENT
·         Start pushing to get rid of the TSA, and the Patriot Act
·         Get out of our bodies and bed rooms, we don’t need you there
·         Give us our rights back before we have to force you to
·         Put up real Conservatives
·         Start pushing to get rid of the Zars in DC
·         Start pushing for smaller bills that folks can understand
·         Start pushing for real immigration fix and secure borders
·         Start listening to the voters
·         Stop putting up RINOs
·         Start putting up real conservatives
·         Stop spending all our money

Look at Scott Brown and learn.  The TEA Party put him in there. .  . he then gave up on their core values and expected them to support him anyway. . . didn't work did it?

Conservatives are sick of your games and you keep losing because of it.  WAKE UP!

Canada has shown us we can come back from this and become a conservative nation again.  They have done it and continue to do it.  We can too if you are willing to listen to folks and make the hard calls.

This election was about the economy and smaller government, more freedom less government intrusion in our lives. . . How did you not get it?

You guys need to get with the game, be a true conservative party or you need to get out of the way so real conservatives can get back in control of things and fix this liberal mess. 

Europe has shown us where the liberal road leads to. . . a bankrupt overspent nation that is a third rate welfare state. . . we are better than that.  We need to take back our schools and our country, teach folks what the Constitution means and elect people that respect it.  If you won’t work for that you will continue to fail.

Thanks for four more years of stagnation and inflation. . .  I really needed it.

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