Saturday, November 3, 2012

Go Brown Folks!

Folks in MA know what I am talking about.

We don't have very good choices again for Senate but I don't see how to not vote for Brown.  I won't leave it blank.

Brown is not my perfect choice, but no pol is.  I see him as much more likely to support our constitution and vote for the people than his challenger Warren.

Warren has spent the election lying about her background and making issues out of non-issues to try to get women to vote their sex, not their minds.  Folks in the real world Roe v Wade is not up for discussion, neither is pay for women, it is already equal.  Don't think so then tell me why anyone would hire a guy for an extra 20% cost. . . . sorry .  And lastly she pushes how Brown voted to stop tax cuts for the middle class while ignoring the fact that what he did helped the economy and the middle class and they still got the cut.

No, Brown is much more likely to get things done in DC to help us.  Warren is a DEM and will vote the party line.  We don't need that and I don't see how our country can survive more DEM socialist programs.  We can't afford them now and we sure as heck can't let her and the DEMs let the UN push more of them down our throats.

Folks go and vote, vote for  Brown and help us fix this socialist mess.  It is not a big step forward, but it is at least a step forward.  Putting Warren in there is just as bad as putting a Kennedy back in there.  Just say no!

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