Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Letter from an Independent Gun Owner to Obama

Dear President Obama

Lets start this with the facts then we will go from there.  You did win. . . the White House.  The Republicans kept the House.  The Senate was a toss up but more pro gun folks won either way there. . . I am one of those independent voters in this country. . . I will vote for either side (and did this year) voting for the folks I think will best guide my state and country.  I have a wife and kids and like everyone else I worry about what we are building that they will have to live with and pay for. . . . I also worry about the continued rapid loss of freedom in the country and a political system that does not see the middle but panders to both extremes.  . .

So we have for the most part fought each other over this election to come out in basically the same place we were before the election. . . .  With the notable fact that less folks turned out to vote this time on both sides than last. . . . Folks don't like what is going on and don't see either side as able or willing to fix it.  I would love to see DC prove you can fix this. . . but I don't see it right now.

I will make a deal with you though.  The main point from here on MUST be to fix our Economy and get folks back to work HERE - not over seas. . . . and we need new energy so we can get out of the Middle East

I only ask that you focus on that.

I will also ask that you stop distracting folks from this issue by taking Gun Control off the table.  Let's face it - with the laws and court decisions that have passed over the last few years it is obvious most folks believe the Second Amendment gives them the right to own, carry and use a gun in self defense.  It is not about hunting and we all know that too.  The vote in 94 for the "Assault Weapons Ban" that did not ban real assault weapons only hurt those who passed it and did nothing to make us safer. . . Read the FBI stats and you can see that.

Let this one go.  You can make much more of a legacy for yourself by healing this county, getting us back to work, fixing the parts of Obamacare that will hurt us and putting forward judges that will support our Constitution.

And I mean that!  I am all for a judge that will let gay marriage laws or Roe v. Wade stand. . . neither of these is in the Constitution so the Fed should stay out of them.  I would like to see you shrink the Fed all over but we both know you won't.  That is ok, maybe the next guy will. . .  if you can get folks back to work maybe we can even afford the big Fed. . . show me it can work. . . . Prove it with actions - words are cheap.

Putting forward any anti gun agenda will only further divide this country and we don't need that.  Gun use crosses party lines in all it's aspects.  We need to pull together.  The economy and jobs need to be JOB 1 with Energy as JOB 2.  Forget the rest. . . fix these and you will go down in history as a great man. . . ignore these basic facts and you will be seen as a failure.

Time to live up to your promise to unite us. . . start by not doing more to divide us up please. . . .

I have said this for years now.  The next President that truly wants to make history will have to take a big chance and follow the steps of JFK and the space race. . . . DO IT!  SEIZE THE MOMENT!  Demand that we (THE USA) put all it can into coming up with a new workable energy source we can all live with.  Just like JFK pushed for the moon you need to have us focus on this goal. . . it will make jobs, it will fix our energy problem and it will change the world.  How can anyone be against this?  The USA is the greatest nation on earth, we have the people to do this, we need the leader to get us there.

I hope you will choose the right path for your next four years. . . the wrong path will do lasting, possible permanent damage to this country. . . . choose well.

An Independent Voter

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