Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama's Unemployment

watch it here. . . what a wake up

For all the crap they give Bush and the Republicans how come things nose dived once Congress went to the Dems. . . .

Friday, January 29, 2010

Socialism Does Not Work

For those of you who are Liberal or Progressive. . . .


California is failing, and now Massachusetts is going the same way. While the US economy has grown 5% the Mass economy is still shrinking and shedding jobs. . . .

You folks don't get it. Time and again it has been shown throughout history that Socialism does not work and won't work. You can not have the few pay all the bills for the many.

And now thanks to you all we are proving it again right here.

To save this state we need to get the liberals and progressives out of control. They don’t know what is going on, don’t know how to fix it, and can’t seem to live with the facts . . . . remember this in November and vote them out

Obama Speaks again. . . He should stop that. . .

I just spent lunch trying not to choke on my food while they played the Obama speech to the GOP on the TV. . . .
This guy is really clueless isn't he.
He starts by telling them that he wants a GOP that will stick to their ideals, then says we need to work together.  I think that he totally misses the point that they don't back his bail outs and Health Care bill because they ARE sticking to their ideals.
He then goes on to push how the people sent all of them to DC to work together.
It took him a year to figure this out?  Is it just me or is it a bit strange that he loses his super majority and now he is all about working with the Republicans. . . .
Throw this on top of the failed first year State of the Union address and I think we are seeing a lame duck already.  He came into DC full of the "We Won, Deal With IT" attitude, and got nothing done worth talking about unless you think doubling the deficit was worth it.  Humility does not work on him.  He has never had to work a day in his life and he doesn't seem to like doing it now.  All we get is more and more campaign speeches hoping to push up his ratings.
I guess it could work. . . . I know my opinion of him is better when he is talking – I figure the more time he spends out of DC on campaign speeches the last time he is in DC screwing up the country.
I just hope the 2010 elections go the way they look now.   A massive loss for the Democrats would at least limit the further damage this fool can do to the country in his last years in office.  I think it is becoming a safe bet that he will be a one term president.  Jimmy Carter should be proud, he has a clone.  Too bad he is just as bad as POTUS too. . . . we needed the upgraded model with IQ – of course you could say that about all the incumbents in DC right now.  Maybe they learned something from the Scott Brown win, but I doubt it.  We need to replace every incumbent and start over. . .  .

Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union

Can someone please tell me what Obama was doing last night???

Everything I read on it sounds like the fool is trying to get us to forget the last year and to restart his term all over. Hey Folks, it is all Bushes fault and forget all the money I pissed away last year and now it is about spending and jobs. . . .

Lets get this straight – you have more than doubled the deficit, you are trying to force through healthcare and Cap and Trade that no one wants, and now you want us to forget it all and think it is al about jobs? That you care about the economy?

I don’t think so.

Obama, you are in way over your head. People will not forget your massive spending spree to pay off all your cronies in the name of the stimulus. You have buried us in debt, doubled it as a matter of fact and now you blame Bush for the deficit? Are you that nuts? Do you have any connection to reality left?

And now you want to piss away more money with a second Stimulus package when most folks will agree that the first one did not work? What is it with the liberals that they seem to think if something does not work that the fix is to do it harder? Spending us to death did not work so let’s spend more???

Obama you are a mess, you really need to quit while you are behind. I am glad to hear that you are looking at only one term, since we cannot take two terms of you as POTUS, you will make us a third world country won’t you.

God help the USA, we need it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama is fooling the people again

Obamas latest BS is he is going to freeze the budget. . . . Sounds good right?

Well the reports I have seen say he is going to freeze only 400 million in spending. . . I don’t think that is even one percent of the budget. . . .

More Crap from one of the worst POTUS we have ever had. . . .

Scott Brown

Someone please tell me why Senator Scott Brown has not been seated in the US Senate yet please. . . .

Monday, January 25, 2010

Public Service

Folks. . . had lots of fun with a troll/stalker on Facebook this week. Got to the point that I have turned over the emails I have on him to the local cops. . ..

Something to note - If you have to deal with a troll/stalker on Facebook be sure to go to their profile page and copy the URL address for it. That is the one thing I did not think of and didn't do. I went to the page but didn't copy the URL.

I am told by the police that this is the best and easiest way for them to track them. Without it they may not be able to get his info or deal with him. I did copy all the emails I had from Facebook on his comments and they may be able to use those but not sure.

Anyway, live and learn. Figured I would pass on the info in case it helps someone else get their stalker and at least the cops have copies of all his rants and threats. . . .

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sorry Obama, but it is about you. . . .

Bad news for the Dems out of Massachusetts continues. . . .

The survey, conducted right after the Tuesday election by the Washington Post, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University, was released Saturday morning.

Nearly two-thirds of Brown voters questioned in the poll say that their vote was partially to express opposition to the Democrats agenda in Washington. And three-quarters of people who cast ballots for Brown, a Massachusetts state senator, say they are dissatisfied or angry with the policies of President Barack Obama's administration.

From CNN

Trolls and Stalkers

Been a long week

I have a Facebook account and I have been dealing with a troll all week. It started when I answered a question about the Free Masons on the Free Mason page and that seemed to tick this nut off.

He started with threats against me, threats to rape my son, and kill me. He then moved on to copying my profile picture and making all sorts of comments about being a pedophile and then accusing me of being one. He even went so far as to make up a dummy account in my name to post crap on the Mason page on. . . .

I reported each of his comments and it took all week for FB to get to it but it looks like he is now gone. I am hoping that they have booted him permanently but we will see. When it looked like things were not going anywhere I even contacted my local police to see what to do. They want copies of his comments (which I have saved just in case) so I will give them all that info on Monday.

Who knows these days. . .. this nut could live half way around the world or just down the street, no way to know. Now I need to make sure things are documented so if he does live near me and tries something I have the law on my side.

Watch your backs out there folks, we have some real sick folks out on the intertubes this week. . . . .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

They don't get it

I am seeing emails from Obama and the Dems and Day by Day is right, they don't get it.  Obama is now saying how he will work even harder to pass his agenda. . . and Health Care.

Fool.  Scott Brown ran on stopping health care and he won!  He had support from all over the country to do it.

November is going to be ugly for them I think.

Add to that the arrogance they have.  Had Ted Kennedy not been so full of himself he would have set up his replacement when he got sick.  He could have picked a date to step down, set up the special election with the state, and hand picked his replacement who I bet would have won in MA. . . .  but no, they lost it all because of the arrogance of the party. . . .

Going to be an interesting year.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Off to DC

Looks like Scott will get his seat soon in DC.  Glad to see that some of the Dems have not totally lost it and they realize that to play games with his appointment will do more harm than good.

Soon he will get in there and we will start to get this insanity under control again. .  .

Glad that we have a two party government!  Things always seem to go south when one party has too much power. . .

One Year Ago

Obama has been in office for one year.
I don't think I could have ever seen this. . .  going from such a low point a year ago to such a high point with Brown getting in and messing up Obama's plans to screw us.
This is a great day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Scott heard round the world

OK, just got back in town. I voted absentee and my guy won!


That is strike three for Obama. . .. he cannot bring the Dems a win any more. Sounds like serious buyer’s remorse to me.

And don’t let them fool you. This was nothing more than a referendum on Obama and the way the Dems are running things. This should be real interesting to see the effect it has on the Dems in DC. I think we can see where things will be going in November!

Thanks Scott, the people have their seat back!

Going to bed and hoping that it is not just a dream!

Brown Needs EVERY vote!

Brown Supporters you have got to VOTE TODAY!

Reports from Boston tell of ACORN and friends already at the polls pushing folks around to vote for Martha. You can be sure they will cook the books in Boston as much as they can.

If you want real change, if you love your country and it’s two party system, if you are against socialism and big government takeover of our lives then get out and VOTE!

We stand at a historic point in time. Massachusetts can actually turn the tide of socialism and help our country take a huge step back in the right direction. Every Brown vote is needed. Every vote counts! If you don’t want Martha to take your money, and run your healthcare then VOTE!

Get out there folks, it is going to be close. Ignore the Boston Globe and their BS. They are doing what they can to suppress the Brown vote by making it look like he won already. The day is young, much can change. . . . . Go Vote, it is not over until they count the last vote!

Go Scott Brown! Vote Brown and take back America for the People!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown

OK, folks this is it.
Polls this morning from Suffolk University (if I got the name right) on the radio are predicting Scott Brown to win, most likely by double digits.
Lets not let him down by thnking this is done already

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ram that Healthcare Through

Read it HERE

Sounds like word has gotten out that the Obama rally in Boston failed. They could not fill the joint and it only holds about 3K people.

So the next plan is to ram Healthcare through Congress before he can get installed if he wins.

Folks, we need this to be a BIG win! Get out and vote on Tuesday so that he wins in a landslide. We can’t give them any excuse to delay certification and putting him into the Senate. Every day we miss they will try to get the Senate to accept the pork filled House bill just so they can pass it.

They see the people don’t want this and they hate us. They will force this on us if they can. It would cost them in November but they don’t care, by then the damage will have been done.

This is the new, open government they promised us. Dead of night deals and bills rammed through when they think the people will stop them. They have become our enemy. They have forgotten who they represent. Time we reminded them. Vote Brown on Tuesday, vote out a Dem in November.

Obama in Boston

Martha is really in trouble. . . .

Obama came to Boston to save her today. . . . at the Northeaster Arena they can hold about 3K people. . . estimates from the news are 2K to 2.5K showed up. . . . no problems getting a seat for Marthas rally I guess.

Meanwhile Scott is getting them all fired up in Worcester MA.  You also see folks on the side of the roads waving BROWN signs.

We can win this, We can send Scott to DC, YES WE CAN!  Get out and VOTE for BROWN Tuesday!

Heath Care Tax

Here is a link to CNN on how they will tax us to pay for the Obama health care.

Note the Unions are getting out of it . . . . .

We will pay but Obama is taking care of his friends. . . .

Are we turning Conservitive?

Here is a very intersting look at things from Amercian Thinker. .  . go give it a read

Are we turning Conservitive?

Massachusetts Senate Race

We are down to the wire here in Massachusetts on our special Senate vote. The polls that count show Scot Brown in the lead. Folks, we need to make sure EVERY Brown support gets out and votes on Tuesday.

Martha Coakly and the Democrats are up to their usual games. They know if the people win this one that they take back Congress. They cannot get their socialist agenda passed if the people take back congress! Brown will be that 41st vote against the takeover of Healthcare, the Banks, our way of life!

Martha is pulling out all the stops. . . They are bringing Obama in today to try to sell voters on his false “Hope and Change” or more likely Hype and Change. Remember, he has not delivered on any of his promises. . . Where is the transparency? Where are the 3 days to review bills before they are voted on? Where is the end to corruption?

She is also going with the negative ads because she has nothing positive to say about herself. So she goes negative in her ads so she can distract the voters from her record. What is her record? Lets see:

  • She is against people protecting themselves – she brought a Dad up on charges for hitting a guy molesting his kid in a supermarket bathroom. She let the molester get away.
  • She has had all sorts of problems finding any corruption on Beacon Hill. Seems everyone there is clean as far as she can tell. The FBI has regularly busted our reps on Beacon Hill for corruption. Why can’t she find them?
  • She helped rail road theAmirault (edit for spelling) family and keep them in prison when numerous panels and Judges said the trial was rigged and the facts did not support their guilt. She could not face being wrong about anything and worked to keep them in jail. She can’t see her own mistakes.
  • She helped the Catholic Church cover up the Pedophile priest issues for years as a local District Attorney. She helped them continue to hide this problem for years. . . . how many children did that effect?
  • She now puts out ads saying Brown is in lock step with the DC Republicans . . . but she is the one that went to DC to get donations from HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANYS at a special fund raising event run by the Dems. I wonder who she owes her vote to now?
  • She has spent most of this election calling it Ted Kennedy’s seat and expecting that as a Dem she will get it no questions asked. Funning how they now call it the peoples seat after they got called on it. The Senate seat in question does not belong to anyone but the PEOPLE of Massachusetts!
  • She and Gov. Patrick have seen the polls so now they are trying to get Scott Brown listed as ineligible due to his military service – if you can’t beat him then disqualify him right? How dare someone stand up to the Democrats!
  • Her own ad folks can’t spell Massachusetts. . . .

I could go on but what is the point? She is not who we want in the Senate. The people all over this state are showing that loud and clear! I have seen far more Brown signs on the road than Coakly. I have seen homemade signs out there for Brown. The people want Brown.

We need Brown to win this in a landslide folks because the state has one more trick up their sleeve to defeat the people’s vote. They are now threatening to hold off certification of this vote until after they pass the Health Care bill. This is real. We need to make sure there is no question who the people want in the Senate and we need him in there ASAP! Lets make sure that if they delay Scott’s certification that the WHOLE USA can see what they are doing and why! Let the country know in no uncertain terms that the Democrats are in a power grab and that they don’t care about the will of the people! Make any delay in getting Brown certified cost them dearly in November.

Vote SCOTT BROWN! Lets win this one BIG folks!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brown has got to win this!

Quote from Bill Clinton

 “I thought Massachusetts knew more about American history than anybody else, and understood the Boston Tea Party was a revolt against abuse of power, not against government itself.”

Well now Bill let me tell ya all a bit about us here in Massachusetts (that is how you spell it Martha). . .

We are where it all began over two hundred years ago. Ya see there was this guy over in England that was the King and he was really arrogant, just like Obama and the Dems in Congress. Well, we got sick of being stepped on and ignored by the powers that be.

They kept raising our taxes, limiting who we could do business with, and telling us what to do and how to do it – kinda like this health care you are trying to force on us. We didn’t want it so we all got together and kicked the bums out of our country and put in place our own government.

Now that government is in danger because a bunch of liberals have taken us for a ride. They are spending like drunken sailors but instead of their money they are spending ours, and our kids, and our grand kids.
Then their leader went all over the world apologizing for us being American and kissing our enemies asses. Seems he does not like us either. Hell, we are not even sure where he was born and he won’t tell us. . . wonder why he is hiding it if it is not an issue. . . so do a lot of other folks too. . . .

And to finish us  it off they are taking over our banking industry and giving our auto industry to the unions to pay the debt they own them for their vote. . . .

So Bill, we do know history, we know your part in it too. Your party had done it’s level best to weaken and bad mouth our country and folks have finally had enough. You know what? This is a great country! Sorry you don‘t see that. We don’t need your kind going all over the world saying we are dirt and should not take care of ourselves and apologizing for breathing for us. We have come to the aid of the rest of the world time and again. We have rebuilt them after wars and disasters. America is a great country with a great people, and they are re-discovering that.

This is the problem for you, Obama and Martha. . . . we are getting our pride back and we don’t need you anymore. We are done being your whipping boy. Get out of our way and let us fix the mess you and yours got us into. This is what happens with children play government and ignore reality. . . .It is time for you children to go back to your liberal fantasy world full of pink fuzzy bunnies and unicorns that fart rainbows. Go back and let the adults run things now and make the hard decisions that we need to so we can fix this mess.  Socialism has never worked anywhere EVER. . .

So yes Bill we know history, that is why we are going to stop you and we do that by voting Scott Brown into the US Senate!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Everything You Need to Know about Martha

You want to know who Matha Coakly is and if you should vote for her?

It will tell you all you need to knwo about how Martha treats the little people when they get in her way to fame.

She is not someone who should have any power over anyone else.  She sure as hell should not be in the US Senaate!

Scott Brown is winning

And the Democrats know it.  Not ones to keep things legit they have started to try and use his being a member of the National Guard as an excuse to say he is ineligible to run. . . .
You can get the facts on his web site or over at Marooned -
To me this sounds like someone has seen a poll that says Martha is done, stick a fork in her. . . it is over. . . . . I hope they are right!  But we can't sit back and wait on this. . .  Go Brown, Get out the vote!  Make sure you are there Tuesday to tell them what you think of Obama and what the Dems are doing to our country!
GO SCOTT - Get out and vote for Brown on Tuesday!!!


I have to admit at the beginning of this special election I was going to vote for Joe Kennedy.  I like what he stands for and I figured he had about as much of a chance of beating the Democrats in Massachusetts as anyone else, slim and none.  The Dems have a strangle hold on this state that they keep with the help of Unions and corruption – but I repeat myself.

Anyway as the race has developed I woke up and can see that Scott Brown has a very good chance of winning this.  If all the folks that say they back him actually go vote he should win big – even with the Dem ballot box stuffing.

What bothers me now is the emails I keep getting from the Carla Howell and the Small Government movement in this state.  I understand that Brown is not a libertarian like Joe Kennedy is.  I also would like a true small L libertarian in the Senate.  Unlike them I can see that this is not the time.

 We need to look long term here folks.  This is an election that we never thought we would see in MA.  We have a very poor Dem candidate that has screwed up bad.  The people are pissed at the Dems and they are in charge in DC so a vote for any other party is a vote against them.  The people want CHANGE and they have not delivered.  The problem is a vote for a third party is still a vote for Martha at this point.  We do not have a strong enough third party to win this.  Scott Brown can win this.

I for one would rather have a good guy like Scott get in there than vote for the "ideal" guy and get Martha in the Senate.  It is time to look beyond your personal needs and see what the country needs like a true patriot.  This country needs Massachusetts to vote the Dems out of this seat.  This is critical to stopping Obama and his plans against our country.  At this point the only way to do that is to get Scott Brown in there. 

So I have seen the light!  Scott is what the country needs, and he can win.  I could not sleep with myself if I did anything that would help Martha and Obama keep on track to socializing this country.  So I have put the needs of the country before my selfish wants.  I would love my perfect candidate to get in. .  . It will never happen because the perfect candidate does not exist – mine or yours. 

GO SCOTT GO!  This country is depending on your getting in there and stopping  Obamancare and his plans. 

VOTE for our future, Vote SCOTT BROWN!

Great News! Now go and VOTE on Tuesday

Brown is actually ahead in the polls, and a legit one too!  The poll info -

The poll, conducted Monday through Wednesday, surveyed 500 registered likely voters who knew the date of Tuesday’s election. It shows Brown leading all regions of the state except Suffolk County. 

You can read the whole article HERE   Now the lead is abouit 4 points which is in the margin of error but this is BIG folks! (Thanks to Bruce at No Looking Backwards for the tip)

Anyway now the question is will the Brown camp keep up the momentum, what will Coakly do to try to win it back, and will the state play games with the election so that Brown is delayed getting to DC for the vote.  The state had threatened to delay the certification of the vote so that their Dem lap dog can vote on the health care crap instead of Brown.

I think this will be HUGE in what it says about November.  It also shows that one of the Bluest states around is losing faith in the liberal god Obama.  We are currently showing about 51% of the folks here don't want the government health care.  Keep in mind this is one of the only if not the only state to have a similar plan.  We have the plan now and we don't want it. . . . that should tell the rest of the country something but DC won't listen.  61% realize we can't afford to pay for it - again a painful lesson learned from doing it here in MA. . .

This poll also shows that Martha and her negative ads don't seem to be working.  The poll is from Mon to Wen of this week. . . She has been pushing negative adds over that time frame, and she was the first one to go negative.  I wonder if Obama will come in and try to save her. . . It hasn't worked yet for the folks he backed. . . I think it may hurt more than help to be tied to Obama but we will see.  Time is running out and she is desperate.  She acts like she is owed this seat and us voters are getting in the way. . . The thugs are out pounding on reporters, the unions are paying folks to go hold signs, the ads are getting ugly.  She is running scared.  Hell, even comments on articles in the Boston Globe are against her. . .

I think folks are sick of more same as usual BS from DC when they voted for change.  They didn't get it and they know it.  They can also see the massive power grab for DC that most of the bail out and health care will provide.  It is not about us any more, it is about power in DC and control of us.  Folks are sick of it.

I for one hope this is the start of the end of the liberal hippie movement.  They have run this country into the dirt with their lies and BS.  It is time we went back to a real two party system!


I wonder what Martha will do if she goes down in history as the one that lost the "Kennedy" seat back to the people of Massachusetts . . . Maybe we can get rid of her as AG too.  Then she can go learn how to spell Massachusetts. . . .

This is history folks, be part of it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am sitting here watching TV on Haiti and all I can think is I wish I could go there and help dig. Then I think about all the things that they need down there and my first thought is “where are the US Marines?”
Think about it. You send down a carrier group and a few of the amphibious assaut ships full of Sea Bees and they could do much to fix things. The Navy and Maries could bring:
  • Clean water
  • Hospital beds
  • Heavy equipment and folks to run it
  • Helicopters to move stuff
  • Ospreys to move stuff
  • LCACs that can get stuff ashore without ports, just need a beach to land on.

This is the time for us to step up and be seen and be counted. We have what is needed, they are close to us, and we should do what is right. We should also make sure the world can see that we do while the UN talks. We can do much more than anyone else, let them know it by showing them!

Obama and Coakly

OK, it is official, they are in panic mode. . .  got my email from Obama with a link to a film I can't access from work.  He wants me to be a good little Obot and vote for Martha. . . .
Now the big question, does it help or hurt her that Obama is in this now.  Will folks see it as desperation?  Will they see a vote for Martha is a vote for Obama and will that help or hurt?
Time will tell. . . .

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Martha Coakly

Good Ol Martha is already calling on the old Democrat victim card to get elected. Just last night one of her thugs knocked down a reported that wanted to know why she was having dinner with a bunch of health care lobbyists.

Martha and the Dems keep telling us that this great socialization of our healthcare is all in the name of giving us more affordable health care and taking control of our health back from the insurance companies.

OK, if you buy that then please tell me why she was at a fund raiser with a whole bunch of HEALTH INSURNCE companies. . . . . who will she really be in DC to work for? Us or them?? Will she really put us first when they paid to get her there? Ya, I didn’t think so either.

And to top off this nice trip to DC, as has been previously reported her thugs are roughing up reporters that want to ask questions. Seems she does not want to make any comments about her visit, or how there are no more Taliban in Afghanistan. . . Of course, if they are all gone, who is shooting at and killing our troops. . . . and she says she is qualified in foreign affairs. . . . um – seems not so much Martha.

How can we expect to fix this country if we put someone in office that has no respect for us, the law, or any understanding of what is going on in the two wars we are involved in. It seems that all she can understand is what she thinks is due to her. Our votes are just in the way of her getting there. That and the imaginary Republicans stalking her. . . she told us about them. Can you say paranoid???

On the good side of things the race is a dead heat, which is why she has quickly gone negative in her attach adds and keeps trying to tell everyone that Scott Brown is really George Bush all over again. Seems like most Dems that she cannot get past Bush to see who she is actually running against.

Good News for MA

Great News from the front of the MA Election:
Go Read.  This is the second source for this story. . .  if it is true, Martha may be in for quite a wake up on Tuesday night. . .

The fall of Martha

Well there is a good report HERE on the debate between Scott Brown and Martha Coakly.  Not the TV part, but the folks outside supporting them.

I find it very telling that the Martha folks are all union and paid to be there holding signs while the Brown folks are just citizens and everyday folks that came to support him.  Further proof of the polls that this is a very close race.  I bet Martha's folks are seeing polls that she will lose this and have pulled out the Union Thugs guns to push folks to her side.

All I can say is with the way Scott is pulling in cash and the support I am hearing I think we have a real good chance of seeing a Republican elected in MA to the Senate!  This could change the whole game folks!

Stay tuned

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brown Wins in the Boston Globe

It has got to hurt poor Martha when even the Boston Globe readers say he won the last debate 75% to her 19%. . . . .
She is not ready for prime time folks, and now that the voters have heard from her they know it. . .

Monday, January 11, 2010

Assault Weapon Bans,. . .NOT

Say Uncle has a quick link to THIS site for those who want an AR platform in CA where the law says you can't because it is an assault rifle (AW).

I won't even start on the fact that what the law calls an AW is not an AW, never was and never will be . . .. it just looks like one and scares the sheep.

To show how useless this law is this person has gone and made a rifle that will fire the same stuff the AR-15 shoots, uses the same barrel, and upper, but is legal in CA.  It is all about looks folks.  Nothing to do with facts or reality.  All he did was remove the cosmetic stuff the sheep don't like and he now has his AR-15 it just looks a little different.

Another win for the good guys. . .

Double Standard alive and well in DC

 I was going to get into this but JayG has beat me to it. . .  Go Read

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let the Dem attack machine get going. . .

Over at No Looking Backwards it looks like the MA Senate race is now a dead heat, Brown is actually up by 1 point. . .

Martha can't deal with this and she won't come out and say anything that can be used against her so I expect to see the news folks and the papers to ramp up the BS machine to try to convince folks they want more of the same Democrat BS and not to change to Brown for Senate.

Will it work? We will see but I don't think it will work as well as it has in years past. Sure MA is a blue state but the majority of voters are actually independent. This independent vote is currently shifting to the right as they get sickened by the BS out of the state house and out of DC. I just hope folks can deal with reality and stick to voting out the Dems that have spent us into debt our kids won't be able to pay off.

The Dems talk about how much Bush ran up the debt, then Obama came along and did him one better. I hope the voters are not a dumb as the Dems think. Go Scott GO!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

That's my Boy!

We were at the Dentists today for the kids to get their braces checked. . . While sitting in the waiting room with my son (2 yr old) he started to mess with the toys there. He had some blocks, a bunch of beads on the wires to push around a plastic Barney and a play kitchen set they had there.

He eventually got to the kitchen set. . . In particular he was playing with the pretend microwave. Well, it keeps him quite I thought as my wife looks at me and said - "He usually ends up nuking Barney"

Now that is my son!

The fix is in. . .

It has gotten out that if Scott Brown wins the election on the 19th that the state of Massachusetts will bypass the will of the people for Obama. There is more details in the attached article but in a nutshell when we needed a new house rep, she was installed two days after the election. . .. for Scott they are saying it will take weeks to certify the election and install him.

Why? They want to make sure he does not get to vote on Healthcare.  They ignore the fact that this is a key issue as to why he will win if he does. . . that the people want him to vote NO!

Read about it HERE

This is the disgusting play that we are us to here in MA. Our vote means nothing when the Liberals think they know better than we do. They just ignore it as long as possible or totally if they can get away with it.
Folks, this state has got to wake up and vote these hacks out of office. This is not what the founders of this country had in mind for elections. The vote is the will of the people! Those in office should not be able to ignore it so easily.

I am at the point of total disgust with the liberals and their power plays. I hope the rest of the USA is watching this and remembers it for the midterm elections. Watch MA folks, this is Obama light. Deval Patrick is just like Obama and plays the same games. This is what is going on in DC in the back rooms. It will be going on all over DC if they win this year. . . .We have got to vote them out NOW while we still can take this country back! If not, I hate to think what will happen.

Lynn MA

The Democrats are at it again in MA. . . .

In the City of Lynn a Republican has defeated the two term Democrat for mayor of the city in a WRITE IN champagne. She even put in a records request 10 days before taking office. . . .

The Democrat answer? They wiped all the computers, and the written records of the mail, and city contracts and such are now missing. . . . she got an empty office.

They are investigating but don’t expect Martha to do much. This could be a state crime they say. . . . Wow? Ya think??

Why is it that the first thought I had was “HE was a Dem in MA, wonder what they are hiding???”

Friday, January 8, 2010

Get off your ass

I have got to get moving again.  I can't tell you how long it has been since I worked on one of my models.  I have a stack of them in the closet waiting to be buit.

My son has put a dampener on them though since he is 2 and gets into everything.  I have got to find a way to get back into it without him getting into it. . . . .

I still have a WWII Mosquito that I have to finish before I get on to the next one. . . so much to do, so little time, or should I say so laze a blogger. . . .

More Mass Coruption

For those of you that thought the interim Senator from MA one Paul Kirk would actually do what he promised and stay out of the Senate Race - sorry, no go.

He is showing himself to be another Democrat who can’t keep a promise no matter what.

We’ll just mark this down as another reason to vote for Scott Brown and keep crooked Martha out of the Senate. . . .

You can read abou tit HERE

I love how he has no problem with what he did. . . . see lying to voters just comes natural to them.

More Good News in MA

California wants a bail out from the rest of us. . . .
Martha Coakly is starting to send out the Desperate Robo Calls Got this from No Looking Backwards who got it from HERE - a copy of the call :

I received this e-mail from a Massachusetts resident and businesswoman (and I verified her identity through publicly available sources), regarding a phone call she received last night:

I got an odd call last night that presented as a survey on the Kennedy election. I was willing to participate in the survey but was left with a bad feeling when it was over. Today I am hoping to let a few people know. I saw your blog.

They identified themselves as McGrath [sic - see below] from Denver but I was unable to find anything on Google. The questions were obnoxious; for example: "would knowing that hate groups support Scott Brown change you opinion of him?".

She is starting to see that she may loose this folks. . . .

I think it would be interesting if we had this call go out -

"Would knowing that Martha Coakly helped hide the Pedophile Catholic Priests change your opinion of her?"
"Would knowing that Martha Coakly would not support a Dad protecting his child from a molester and actually spoke against him change your opinion of her?"
"Would knowing that Martha Coakly supports the massive spending and new taxes involved in the massive Government run health care plan now before Congress change your opinion of her?"
"Would knowing she was soft on dealing with corruption in the MA state house and the Big Dig change your opinion of her?'

Maybe Martha should not throw stones. Scott Brown cannot control who backs him. . . . Martha has total control on who she helped. . . .

California Bail Out

That on is easy – NO WAY.

You liberal asses have run the state into the ground. Why should I pay any tax money to you when I get nothing back for it? You want to give away everything in your hippie paradise? You pay for it.

If you want me to give you money for the bail out I would but it has conditions –
1 – Close your Mexican border and kick out ALL the illegal’s – no questions asked
2 – Cut welfare to the bone – no more hacks on the state dole. If they are able to work at all they are off the money train.
3 – Cut state payrolls to the bone – no more family members on the rolls
4 – You have to start to respect the Constitution – that means the 2ed Amendment too.
5 – Cut taxes on people and business so they can afford to live in CA

That is it. Easy – be responsible adults.

Too bad I know you can’t do it.

Snow. . .

Again. . . it is snowing again. . .  .
I want my golbal warming damn it!  I was promissed palm trees in Boston by now. . . .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Whale Wars. . ..

From CNN

Personally I am surprised it took this long. I watched this show once and the "good guys" are Green Peace ass holes who go messing with the Japan whaling fleet and looking for trouble.  Then like any good hippie when they get it they cry about it.

If anyone else did this to any other industry they would be considered pirates or such and be delt with accordingly. 

Why is it these folks seem to think it is ok to cause trouble for everyone else, no matter what they are doing and if it is legal or not?  Yet when the inevitable happens they get all sad faced and blame the folks they were attacking for being hit. . . . .

You mess with the bull folks and you will get the horns. .  .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In MA? Never

Interesting story HERE

Seems the local Sheriff in New Bedford MA was charging inmates $5 a day rent to help pay for the jail. Then the courts ruled against it and ended that. . . .

Now he is pushing the legislature to pass a law so that the Sheriffs of MA can charge reasonable fees for things at jail. It seems the court ruled that since the legislature did not give them the ability to charge fees then they can’t. So he is pushing the legislature to do just that and get some fees out of the inmates.

It would make the state on the order of $10 million a year according to the Sheriff. . . and we all know how well off the state is – hell ya we don’t need that money. . . .

Please, bring back the chain gang. Why not? Prison should not be fun, it should be legal and that is it. Make it a place that folks DON’T want to go.

I hope he pulls it off. . . ..

Chris Dodd and Dakota's Byron Dorgan are OUT

The story is HERE

This is probably some of the best news for this country in ages!

With the fall of Dodd and Dorgan the Dems have a VERY big chance at loosing their super majority in the Senate. This is HUGE. It will be the end of Obama turning us into a third rate socialist country.

What is probably the best news of all this is what is really means. The Dems can’t hold office . . .Obama has take the country in a direction the majority don’t want to go. He has done so much damage to the Democrat brand that these two have retired from the fight instead of taking the hit and losing an election. Their egos can’t take the loss so this way they can say it was by choice, not vote that they left.

In election after election we are seeing that ties to Obama are costing the Dems votes and more importantly seats in Congress. With some help Massachusetts may actually vote in its first Republican Senator in YEARS! One of the bluest of blue states and they may lose the seat to the Republicans. As it stands now among likely voters there is only a two point difference in a poll with a 4 point margin of error.

Obama and the Dems should be scared. Maybe they will see the writing on the wall in time to stop this health care mess.

And if you do think folks are backing Obama’s crap, then tell me why Ford, who took no government bailout actually did better in sales in the latest data released where as GM and Chrysler who took the bailout lost ground. I have heard more than one person tell me they won’t buy from either of them since they took the money. . . .

It is going to be an interesting year folks. . . .

Martha Martha. . . .

Wow, even the Boston Globe is starting to sound off against Martha Coakly and her underhanded attempt to get a win in this election. . .

Read it HERE

Martha, keep it up!  I hope you blow this big time.  We have a real chance at a new start in this state, one where we get rid of the Democrats for real elected officials that care about us.

And the best news is that not only is Scott Brown within 9 points of Martha among voters, but she is within 2 points when they asked Likely Voters. . .  and the poll had a margin of error of 4 points. . . .

To show how panicked the Democrats are they have Ted Kennedy's widow out there now backing Martha. . . . . Guess it is a good thing they can't dig up Ted to go stump for her. . . . . and the Kennedys didn't like her for jumping the gun in starting her run before Ted had kicked off. . . .

We can do this folks, we can get a Republican elected in MA. . .. now that is hope and change I can deal with!

Another Dem bites the dust

Chris Dodd is the next Dem to decide that retirement is the better part of valor since he knows he can't win in 2010.  So he is going out as retiring so that he can say it was his choice.
There seems to be a growing number of Democrats that are starting to see the writing on the wall for this upcoming election.  They have screwed up so bad, and gone so far left that they know they won't get back in. 
Now all we have to do is prevent the scorched earth policy from being used until we get rid of them. . . .

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How do we get Martha Coakly to talk?

The latest Rasmussen Reports puts the race for the open Senate seat in Massachusetts down to a 9 point spread, with Martha leading.

Now Martha is using the normal old Ted Kennedy method of campaigning – she is staying away from the media and not talking much. . .

Why you ask?

Simple – she knows that as a liberal demarcate (a socialist) that her innate superiority to us common folk is not understood by the common folk. For some strange reason we don’t want the big government running our lives like she does. So, best to keep quiet and let the sheep just vote for the person with a D after their name like good little MA Droids. . .

Scott Brown on the other hand is a guy that wants a small conservative government with lower taxes and more freedom for the people, like the Founding Fathers wanted. He is the guy to vote for if you want change in DC. Lower taxes, more jobs, and a person that responds to his voters, not your usual DC scum. . . . He will help stop Obama from socializing America!

And that leads to the problems. We have about two weeks to get Martha to talk so the actual voters can see what she is. They need to see the REAL Martha -

 The one that let Catholic Pedophile Priests off with special deals with the church
  • The one that wanted to prosecute a dad that hit a pedophile that groped his kid in a supermarket bathroom – she then let the pedophile off on bail and he since disipeared
  • The Martha that is part of the MA business as usual political machine – High taxes, corruption, big government. . . . more of the same crap Obama has been pushing for a year now without doing any good fixing a damn thing.
So, how do we do it folks? For a special election where voter turnout is low, how do we defeat the Socialist agenda and get a conservative into that Senate seat? The Republican national party has given up on us. They should be pumping cash in to Scott Browns campaign to help defeat the Democrats here but they aren’t. So it is up to us. If we want to take our state back from the Socialist, then we need to show up and VOTE them out on the 19th folks!


Newark Airport.

Once again the great Government TSA has shown that it can't do the job.  One of the busiest airports in the USA has a terminal shut down because of a security problem.

Seems someone just walked in the out door and past all the screeners and was not stopped.  Has to re-screen everyone in the terminal. . . .

Can you say "Incompetent"?  I knew you could.

And to tell you all you need to know about the government concern over this failure - they are not sure if there will be any disciplinary actions. . . .

Yup, sounds like they take this security stuff real serious like to me. . . . .

Monday, January 4, 2010

State Senator Anthony D. Galluccio

I never thought I would see the day. . . . A MA judge actually put this State Senator Drunk Driver in jail for breaking his probation. . . .

Only in MA can a State Senator think he can get away with this. . . usually does too. Just three days after getting put under house arrest he failed a breathalyzer test. Twice. . . Blamed it on his teath whitening strips. . . .
Ya, even a MA judge could not go for that one. . . .
wow - got a year in jail. He will probably be out in a month but it’s the thought that counts. Every now and again the Justice System almost works in this state.


For those of you who like NCIS and guns you will like this one. . . .

Was watching the rerun of the first show for this year, when they save Ziva and Gibbs make this great shot to take out the bad guy right after Tony reminds him his boss is a sniper. . . .

Gibbs takes the shot and I comment how I love that shot, great part of the show. . .

My 14 yr old daughter says "Me too, great shot!"

Now that is my girl!!

Bloomberg joke of the day


CNN is pushing the Dem BS again.  Gotta love this one.  Bloomberg is going to shake up NYC now. . . .

Read the comments, you will see how foolish the believers are.  You would think it was this commies first term.

Sorry folks, Nothing will change in NYC except Bloomberg will get more power.  He is on his THIRD TERM folks, he won't shake anything up except in a power grab.  For him to make any changes now would be to admit he screwed up and we all know that won't happen.

Nice thought though.

If you all really wanted a shake up you should have voted someone NEW into office. . .. What a novel idea eh folks??  Maybe the NY liberals are really as dumb as they act. . . . Nice of CNN to cover for them yet again.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Newark Terminal in Lock Down

From CNN

Oh ya, all the new security is working great Obama. . . . and in the comments the left is trying to blame Bush even though he has been out of office for about a year now. . . . way to go left. . . .

In short some guy just walked through the terminal exit instead of going through screening and they can't find him and didn't stop him. . . . . how dumb does security have to be to let this happen. . . .

The TSA makes me feel sooo safe. . . .

Christmas Bomber

Now that we have had some time to see what is going on with the Bomber from the Christmas attack lets take a look at what we have. . . .

1 - a President and Head of Homeland Security that don't have a clue

2 - Day one of the attack, we are told the system worked. . . .. Really? When the guy's own father called us to report him and he still got a bomb and got onto a plane and would have successfully blown it up if he was not an IDIOT and the system WORKED???? Talk about lack of connection to reality. . . .

3 - a day or so later Obama is saying things went wrong and Homeboy Security is saying things did not work and we have a problem with the system. . . . What a change in stance on that one. I bet folks got whiplash from it. . . .

4 - a few more days an Homeboy Security is now silent and Obama is saying things are really messed up and the way the system was set up is wrong (otherwise known as " this is Bushes Fault" but I can't say that).

Now he wants a full investigation of things and what went wrong. . .

Tell you what Obama, that is an easy one. You have been spending your first year in office weakening our country.

You have put Navy Seals up on charges for roughing up a terrorist.
You have traveled the world saying it is all our fault and apologizing for us
You have bowed to foreign leaders
You have taken months to decide if we need to send more troops to the war zones when the commanders on the ground need them
You have ignored the troops on the ground under fire and their commanders
You have shown weakness and inability to make the hard call at every turn

That is the problem Obama, you, You are the problem. I can't wait to vote you out in 2012.


Now they admit Al Qaeda was involved in the attack and the Yemen embassy has been closed. Obama is now calling Terrorism a threat. . . .. WOW he finally is waking up. I still don't think he gets it though.

What a fool. . . .

And our head of Homeland Security will not be held accountable for this mess. . . news is her job is safe.  Why not?  Hate to have to put someone competent in there. . .


Well, a new year and a new start. I will try my best to get more blogging done this year folks. Lord knows we will have a lot to blog about with the elections coming up. This will be the year that we either save the good old USA or we hit the point of no return on our way to a third rate county. If we don't stop the growth of big government, the continued influx of ILLEGAL aliens, and the continued growth of government programs, giveaways and taxes then we are done.

This is it folks. We got Obama in the White house, and he has no clue what to do with a job that actually expects that he will show up to work every day. He has spent more time on vacation than any POTUS I can remember and it is only year one of his mess. He makes Carter look good.

His polls are dropping like a rock, to the point where the Dems have nothing else to do but claim that the polls of VOTERS are some kind of plot to make him look bad and hurt his administration. Yep, that is what they are reduced to, calling names and seeing plots. The reality is that he is failing, the Independent voters that put him in office have seen the error of their choices and now have turned against him. More and more people disagree with what he is doing and where he is leading the country.

All that is left is 2010. Conservatives and Americans must take back Congress in this election! We need to stop the insane spending of this administration that is going to doom not only us, but also our kids and grand kids. He is spending away our country's future and getting nothing for it. The bills will have to be paid someday.

To make this worse we are under attack again from Al Qaeda. Our head of Homeland Security is a former Governor with one of the WORST records on keeping our borders safe of any of the border governors. She had 4K a night coming over the boarder and did nothing about it. Now we expect her to keep the whole US safe? Who are we kidding. Just look at the Christmas bomber to see the answer to that one but that is another post. . . .

Anyway, we have much to do this year, and much depends on the outcome. All I can say is may God Bless the USA!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blogger Dinner tonight!

Can't wait to see all the folks at the blogger dinner tonight. Wish I had the time and cash for the shoot beforehand but to tell the truth I don't want to have my guns in the car while eating. If I went and rented a gun at the range I probably would end up wanting to buy it and that would not be good either. . . . = )

Anyway, should be a great time, have not seen most of the folks since the summer blogger shoot!

Now if I can just find out how much snow we are supposed to get and when it will stop I will be all set. . . ..

I hope dinner can get me re energized to blog more. Work has been real busy but fun -but leaves little time to blog.