Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Speaks again. . . He should stop that. . .

I just spent lunch trying not to choke on my food while they played the Obama speech to the GOP on the TV. . . .
This guy is really clueless isn't he.
He starts by telling them that he wants a GOP that will stick to their ideals, then says we need to work together.  I think that he totally misses the point that they don't back his bail outs and Health Care bill because they ARE sticking to their ideals.
He then goes on to push how the people sent all of them to DC to work together.
It took him a year to figure this out?  Is it just me or is it a bit strange that he loses his super majority and now he is all about working with the Republicans. . . .
Throw this on top of the failed first year State of the Union address and I think we are seeing a lame duck already.  He came into DC full of the "We Won, Deal With IT" attitude, and got nothing done worth talking about unless you think doubling the deficit was worth it.  Humility does not work on him.  He has never had to work a day in his life and he doesn't seem to like doing it now.  All we get is more and more campaign speeches hoping to push up his ratings.
I guess it could work. . . . I know my opinion of him is better when he is talking – I figure the more time he spends out of DC on campaign speeches the last time he is in DC screwing up the country.
I just hope the 2010 elections go the way they look now.   A massive loss for the Democrats would at least limit the further damage this fool can do to the country in his last years in office.  I think it is becoming a safe bet that he will be a one term president.  Jimmy Carter should be proud, he has a clone.  Too bad he is just as bad as POTUS too. . . . we needed the upgraded model with IQ – of course you could say that about all the incumbents in DC right now.  Maybe they learned something from the Scott Brown win, but I doubt it.  We need to replace every incumbent and start over. . .  .

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