Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years Later

So, 10 years have gone by since the 9/11 attacks. . . . not sure what to say to that.

I know lots of folks are putting up tributes and talking about the heros of the day and such, so I won’t go there.

What I will do is tell you what has been on my mind. First I expect another attack. I don’t see this as an if, but a when. They will do it. May not be as big but they will do it. Be ready.

Second, I remember the kids. I was at work the day of the attacks and felt like I was living something out of a Tom Clancy novel as we watched it unfold. I didn’t notice that one of my department folks had gone home. . . . his brother who also worked at the company had been on flt 11. . . . .

It took a few days for the news to get around the company once it had been confirmed. See he was supposed to have gone to LA that Sunday but stayed home to catch his kids soccer game and grabbed the first flight out the next day. . . . 9/11/01. Fate I guess.

A month or so later there was a memorial service for him once they realized there would be no body found. The whole company went. I met his wife and kids, probably 8-10 years old at the time. Old enough to know dad was not coming back, but probably not old enough to understand why he was killed. Their family was from the Middle East, (not Saudi) so in some ways their own folks did this to them. . . .

Now every anniversary of the attacks the first think that hits me is how old the kids are now, and I wonder how they are doing. I left that company years ago and have no idea. By now they may be in college, or at least high school. I pray they are doing well.

My memories of the attack are only a few. We were scared, I left work in Boston as soon as we got the OK, I wanted to be out of the city not knowing what was next. Then a week or more with no airplanes in the sky. When you work in Boston and there are not airplanes in the sky it is a really weird feeling. You don’t hear them, you don’t see them. It is just wrong..

I always was a gun rights person and a believer in our Constitution and this just enforced that. I watched the sheep rush to give up our rights in the name of safety and I watched the government run out of control to “protect” us. . . Most of which I don’t think would pass Constitutional testing but we let them do it. And in doing so we let the terrorist win. With ever right we give up, every liberty we let them take away, ever extra power over us we give them we lose a bit more and they win. Yes we have damaged Al Qaeda but they are still here, and they have friends. Life goes on, and the fight is still going on unfortunately. . . .

So folks watch yourself around this anniversary. Hug your loved ones, thank the vets, and be ready for whatever they have planned next.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boston wants to licence Knives

So here we go again.  Boston wants to take away your knife - why?  Well because taking away your gun has made the city so much safer. . . for the thugs.. .

No idea what these fools are doing now.  We only have to look at the UK and their gun and knife laws to see this won't work.  In the UK they outlawed guns - violent crime went up.  They outlawed knives. . . crime still up.  They prosecute the victim if they try to defend themselves. . . Crime going up. . .

Anyone else see a trend here??

You know, it is almost like they don't care about you or me or any other law abiding folks, they care about the criminals.  That and CONTROL.

Folks all of this is about control of our lives, and has nothing to do with guns or knives.  they want us disarmed, they want us to be sheep, and to quietly do whatever they tell us.  This is how freedom ends, this is how the USA will end if we let them get away with it.

If you live in Boston call or write the city council and tell the to quit playing games and actually do something about crime, like hire more cops, or push for actual punishment for criminals.  This is the end result of the Massachusetts revolving door on our prisons.  No punishment for the criminal, and more rules for the law abiding folks.

This is the end result of one party (Democrat) rule in our state.  Hope you are all happy and your chains rest lightly on you.  Me, I can't wait to move out of here for I fear this state is lost.  It sure as hell is no safe place to raise a family. . ..

Monday, September 5, 2011

Union Thugs for Obama

"Everybody here has a vote," Hoffa said. "Keep the eye on the prize. Let's take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong."

And they say we are the ones calling for violence. . . Sounds like union thugs being union thugs and trying to force their way on us.

Keep this in mind folks, they are the ones who are intolerant, they are the ones calling for violence, and they are the ones that want to rule.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guns go Mainstream

It was great to see on tv this morning. . .

While looking for something to watch on TV our cable has a channel called Verses which is part of NBC Sports.

They had two great shows on, one on Three Gun Challenges and the sport in general.  Lots of good info and a look at the shooting sports.  It was followed by a Guns and Gear show that went over guns, and gear such things like laser practice stuff and holsters, sights . . .

Both shows were good, and it was GREAT to see them on TV.  I think this shows we are winning the hearts and minds.  Guns are becoming normal again. . .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Save that DVD

Folks if you have damaged DVDs (or a 4 yr old like me) then you need to fix them.

For a few weeks now I have been playing with the latest attempt by us to fix the kids DVD collection instead of having to buy new ones over and over.  I got one of the JFJ Easy Pro disk fixing systems and I have to say after a bit of practice it works GREAT!

So far I have saved at least one Wii game, and a half dozen or more DVDs.

Now the system costs a bit, I think we paid $120 for it on Amazon and a bit more for new supplies (sanding disks and such) but I still think it was worth it.  For about $150 I have saved at least that in DVDs.  Some of which I can't buy any more (Disney specials for example)

I have got to give them two thumbs up and recommend them if you need to fix a CD or DVD.  And for the record, no I have not received anything from JFJ for this review. . . .

This is GREAT!

Borepatch hit one out of the park today in my book, go give it a read. . .

This is one of the best explanations of work relations I have yet to see. . .