Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boston wants to licence Knives

So here we go again.  Boston wants to take away your knife - why?  Well because taking away your gun has made the city so much safer. . . for the thugs.. .

No idea what these fools are doing now.  We only have to look at the UK and their gun and knife laws to see this won't work.  In the UK they outlawed guns - violent crime went up.  They outlawed knives. . . crime still up.  They prosecute the victim if they try to defend themselves. . . Crime going up. . .

Anyone else see a trend here??

You know, it is almost like they don't care about you or me or any other law abiding folks, they care about the criminals.  That and CONTROL.

Folks all of this is about control of our lives, and has nothing to do with guns or knives.  they want us disarmed, they want us to be sheep, and to quietly do whatever they tell us.  This is how freedom ends, this is how the USA will end if we let them get away with it.

If you live in Boston call or write the city council and tell the to quit playing games and actually do something about crime, like hire more cops, or push for actual punishment for criminals.  This is the end result of the Massachusetts revolving door on our prisons.  No punishment for the criminal, and more rules for the law abiding folks.

This is the end result of one party (Democrat) rule in our state.  Hope you are all happy and your chains rest lightly on you.  Me, I can't wait to move out of here for I fear this state is lost.  It sure as hell is no safe place to raise a family. . ..

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